Woolf McDreamy is the Escort for District 5.
Woolf McDreamy Lunaii

Woolf McDreamy


Woolf is one of the older Escorts. He is solf spoken and is quiet most of the time. Woolf doesn't glamorize the Hunger Games knowing his District doesn't really like seeing their children and friends die. Woolf is very smart because he originally because he was from District 5. Woolf informs his tributes with whatever infomation they may need to survive and encourages them to do so. When he is not with his tributes Woolf can often been seen with Crumble. Woolf has scars on the left side of his face and is blind on that side. He says he was attack by a monsterous "Beast" that appears at every District. He however was one of the lucky ones that survived.


  • Woolf was named after a male meerkat fromt he Kung Fu Mob and his sister McDreamy who became the dominant female of the Ewoks.
  • Like all the Escorts for the Revive the Dead Games, Woolf was named after a living meerkat, however it is not his first name but his last name McDreamy. The meerkat Woolf disappared in early 2010.