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       Hello my name is Rilan Pristan. I'm 16 years old. I won the 60th Games when I was 15. Life ever since has been terrible for me. I remember when my district partner Aaron Whitehead was eaten by Titus. (Let's say this is the games Titus was in.) I was right there when it happened. I ran away as soon as I could so Titus wouldn't see me. I was hoping that a miracle would happen, that Titus would die off. The Gamemakers were sick of Titus eating everyone  , so they sent an avalanche which crushed him. That was the miracle for me. I actually wished for a second miracle, which was I'd win the games myself. I was real surprised when it came true.

    I will write more later if you like it. :D Tell me if you like it in the comments.

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