aka Olivia

  • I live in Sagittarian Sector, Rukbat's third Planet (Pern) Southern Weyr.
  • I was born on January 31
  • My occupation is Harper
  • I am in need of a new gender.
  • FastFoodKnight

    Sloan Gardner

    March 20, 2014 by FastFoodKnight

    Name: Sloan Gardner

    Age: 12

    Gender: Female

    District: 13

    Appearance: (picture included)

    Personality: Head strong and fierce. Sloan is quick to trust others, but just as quick at deciding you aren't worth her time. Though she is from district 13 she acts more like a girl from district 2. She is a chatter box and is just as likely to talk you to death as put a sword through your chest. She is full of energy and seems to have more than enough of it to spare. Sloan is also fairly bright for a girl her age, but she trusts people a little too easily as well, so one might call her naive.

    History: Sloan's mother and father originally came from district 2; but when he father was assigned the position of head peace keeper for district 13 the entire family moved.…

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  • FastFoodKnight

    Aiden McFinnegan

    March 20, 2014 by FastFoodKnight

    Name: Aiden McFinnegan

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    District: 3

    Appearance: (Picture Included)

    Personality: Aiden is very un-trusting of people as such it take him a while to trust anyone, but he knows that is necessary for him to make allies in the games. He tends to be very quiet, never having too much to say. Though he is not shy. Aiden simply chooses not to talk to people unless necessary. Over the years Aiden has learned to keep his temper in check because yelling doesn't solve anything. He is also very responsible and knows how to ration his supplies. Aiden is extremely intelligent and can adapt quickly in difficult situations. He's kind, loyal, and fair towards those he deems worthy.

    History: Aiden's mother (Tara McFinnegan) passed away 4 days after Ai…

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