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    Panem Map 2

    March 15, 2013 by District10male

    Yah yeah you don't have to tell me how much I suck at Paint program, but here it is. A few things are different, like I moved District 6 to the top of an oil reserve and put 9 in the dustbowl. Bye

    Large Districts: Capitol, 2, 7, 9, 11

    Medium: 1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 13

    Small: 3, 8, 12

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  • District10male

    Hi i just thought I'd write my ideas for quarter quells here so I don't forget them. If anyone wants to use them tell me and then you can :)

    • In reminder that the chance of winning against the Capitol is so slim, there will be four games this year. The first three will end when 8 tributes are still alive in each one, and the fourth game will have the still living tributes in it until 1 is left.
    • in reminder that the punishment of the districts that the punishment of the districts is for every generation and not just people in the 12-18 range, children from 5-11 will be reaped
    • in remider of the people who fought for the district's side must be punished, elderly veterans will be picked for the games.
    • In reminder that even the people who win agains…
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    October 13, 2012 by District10male


    I just thought I would make a list of all my tributes so if you want to know them then here they are!!!

    PS these are the ones with names and personalities so not every single tribute from my games are in there.

    • = somebody else's games

    • Aconite (99th Hunger Games)
    • Nightshade (101st Hunger Games)*
    • Belly (155th)
    • Brokenbone (155th)

    • Badgerface (155th)
    • Burpr (155th)

    • Ambej (155)
    • Ajex (155)


    • Fued (155)

    • Smalleye (155)
    • Asphalt (2nd 625th)*


    • Jayden (155)
    • Tnaira (101)*

    • Clint (126th, 175th)
    • Wolfface (155th, 175th)
    • Bluestar (155, Revive the Dead Games)*

    • Deertail (155)
    • Starfall (74th)*
    • Frankie (Revive the Dead Games)*
    • Aviv (technicly 234th)

    • Rafflessia (101)*
    • Tigerstripe (155)

    • Rechov (101)*
    • Telav (Revive)*

    • Leyya(155; revive)

    • Alexis Zaine (Shate; The Capitol Games)
    • Cyr…

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