• Aniju Aura

    Lost Gods

    August 9, 2014 by Aniju Aura

    In the time when the land, sea and winds lay flat and sat still, she came bored and longed for company. With her own body she shaped mountains and hills, waves and currents and breeze and swirls. She was vague and left the lands undefined. She molded new forms and gave them a conscious from various materials she gathered from her own body. She crafted the first from shiny materials, foam from the sea, sparkles from the wind and silver from the earth. Next She took the shadows she cast over the land to form another. From her own eyes she crafted from light a new life form. From her wings she plucked his own feathers to create the most beautiful of them all and mixed it a little bit of breeze. She crafted several most and to each her poured …

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  • Aniju Aura

    Art Gallery

    October 6, 2012 by Aniju Aura

    Art by Aniju Aura.

    Please don't use my art on other wikias without my permission.

    Picture of Aniju's Tributes.

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  • Aniju Aura

    Things to Remember

    October 1, 2012 by Aniju Aura

    This blog is for me and to help me remember what I need to do. Some future stuff will be on there like future Tributes.

    Draw Logan, Lucifer and Enili

    Draw Alonzo, Ella and Clarabella

    Draw Cecil, Buttercup, Utopia and Panxto --- Done!

    Draw Mitch, Orinoco and Gazebo

    Draw Dante (Ragular form and toxic form)

    Draw Aniju

    Draw Demonclaw

    Draw Lucifer and Jenna

    Make lunaii for Logan,draw him looking at his ID with lunaii on it, have him say "This looks nothing like me!"

    See if you can make lunaii for all your character. Probaby won't be able to make Dante properly or even Utopia or Cecil.

    Tributes for future Hunger Games who don't yet have a profile.

    Name: She-Ra Bourne

    Age: 18 Gender: Female

    District: 1

    History: She-Ra trained to be a Career for the Hunger Game…

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  • Aniju Aura

    Plan on making a multi-writer Fan-Fiction when more people join. It will be the 32th Hunger Games mentioned in The 54 Hunger Games by Sprinkle and her brother Scythe. It is the Game that their uncle Bruno competed in and sadly died. It will be a little like role playing, each contributer will be able to edit this story and add their part in relating to their characters.

    If you wish to join please send me(Aniju Aura) a message or comment below and fill this out. We'll start out with 3 characters per person.

    Name: Give your character's full name (Last names be nice)

    Gender: Male or Female

    Age: Age of your character (12 to 18 like usual)

    Weapon: Whatever they specialize in

    District: Where they are from

    District 1 Male: Open

    District 1 Female: Open


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