Tnaira Eid-Sanchez is District 8 Female Tribute for the The 101st Hunger Games.


Name: Tnaira Eid-Sanchez

Age: 17

Weapon(s): Mace, brute strength

Appearance: Dark skin, hair in lots of braids, brown eyes, large for her age (from all the physical labor)

Personality: Aggressive and won't give up without a fight, but really funny and nice if you get to know her.

History: Tnaira doesn't follow rules. She's supposed to work at the thread factory but she never goes. She skipped school a lot when her parents could afford it. She's always going to the Peacekeeper office for stealing. Two of her four sisters where chosen for the games, one for the 99th games when she was only twelve. She wants to avenge her sisters now that she was reaped.

Relations: Two sister in two different games.

Strengths: Big and Strong, fast-thinking, never gives up ever.

Weakness: Can't swim, doesnt think before she kills, is loud and abnocious sometimes

Token: hair clip

Creator: District10male