The Dead Games is a Fan-Fiction written by Aniju Aura.
Dead Games

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The Dead are coming back for you Panem!

This is a little fan-fiction I thought up and was waiting for one of my Tributes to survives. Truns out to be Logan Hawkeye winner of the 100th Games. :3 Boy surprised me. However unexpectedly another one of my Tributes survived and won a game, Enili McGee, whom I told her to kill herself and let Jenna win. Oh well, she won and since she had more of an empoison for some reason so she will be appearing in this story a little later. All my Tributes dead or alive will be featured as well as some of their follow Game competitors. Who’s Tribute will be seen? What will happen when the dead take vengeance on the nation? What a giant demonic cat! Will I be able to finish this?

We will see! I will post them up as I write them. May be long and I may be biting more off than I can chew but Hell why not?

If you have a dead tribute that you want to be seen in this story go ahead and tell me! I will see if I can fit them in. Just tell me Their name, District, what game they were in(With maybe a link please) and how they died. Your dead tribute then can tell Logan or Enili what to do to seek vengeance for them against Panem. Please note I can only use Tributes before the 100th Games for Logan and anyone before the 121st Games for Enili.

Whoa! I will do my best but I have dyslexia so I may spell things wrong and the N on my computer is dying. Sorry. Oh I never read the book, so I may get some things wrong but it's a fan-fiction so it's all good. Please note that during the events of the 74th Games Katniss and Peetra killed themselves with the nightlock or whatever so there was no victor during that Game. District 13 returned to living with the Capitol but have more freedom than other Districts. Cananda territory does not belong to Panem and no one really knows who the President is because Snow was killed. Details unknown. And everyone can sing!

I been posting more info on the story here instead of the Blog on the Hunger Games Wiki, because I'm mean like that! :P


So the Dead Games is about the deceased Tributes of past games are coming back and communicating with the surviving Tributes of their Games such as Logan and Enili. These two were chosen because they had more emotional ties with their Tributes and were not competing with bloodlust in their hearts. Both Logan and Enili contention with their follow competitors allows the Dead to past over into their dreams and eve pull them to the other side. The Dead cannot find peace with their wounds still gaping and blood gushing out, they want vengeance and closure so this leaves the still living Logan and Enili to save everyone from the dead’s wrath but doing the dead’s bidding.


List of characters featured in the Dead Games.

The HuntedEdit

People with the misfortune of still being alive

Logan Hawkeye --- Born in District 13, he and his younger brother moved to District 5 after their parents died. Logan was reaped into the 100th Hunger Games and survived by forming an Alliance. He grew very close to another Tribute named Clarabella because she reminded him of Mitch, around the same age. Logan survived by pure luck and won along with Zanna, Marine and Drajdah.

Enili McGee --- Enili lived in an abusive family in District 7. She was quiet good at using a bow and arrows but not much else. She was timid and shy at first but she came out of her shell when she made friends with several Tributes after she was repeaped into the 121st Games. She formed an Alliance with almost anyone which included James, Jacob and Serelle, later Lucifer, May and Logan and finally Jenna. Alex was in her Alliance but she was heart broken when he left them to join the Careers and ultimatly killed Serella.

(Other People's Tributes)

Camilla Averson --- Camila was District's 5 female Tribute for the 90th Games and the victor. She is seen sometimes with Logan. (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Marine Hier --- District 8 Younger Female Tribute for the 100th Games, one of the Victors. (Belongs to Thena.airice14 )

Drajdah Wallace --- District 9 Younger Male Tribute for the 100thGames, one of the Victors. (Belongs to Dabigd247365)

Zanna Vinland --- District 10 Older Female Tribute for the 100th Games, one of the Victors. (Belongs to District12-Tributes)

The FallenEdit

People with the luck of being dead most living in District 0.

Aniju Aura --- Albino Lady

Demonclaw --- Overlord of District 0

(Aniju Aura's Tributes)

Silks Cullbert --- District 8 Male Tribute for the 88th Games

Alonzo Mourning --- Distrist 10 Male Tribute for the 90th Games

Clarabella Keen --- District 6 Female Tribute for the 100th Games

Ella Flashman --- District 3 Female Tribute for the First Alliance Games (Dubbed the 95th Games)

Lucifer Fingal --- District 13 Male Tribute for the 121st Games

(Other People's Tributes)

Landon Granger --- District 4 Older Male Tribute for the 100th Games, killed by Melissa's axe. He's seen briefly with Clarabella. (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Elena Horisson --- District 4 Older Famele Tribute for the 100th Games, Sacrificed herself, (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Luke Torres --- Capitol's Male Tribute, partnered with Ella during the First Alliance Games, he is seen with Ella alot. Killed by Kallum Briget. (Belongs to Katy)

Drake Dust --- District 12 Male Tribute for the First Allaince Games, seen with Ella alot. (Belongs to Nate777)

Aldo Gambetti --- District 2 Male Tribute for the 121st Games, killed by Enili. He is seen with Alex alot (Belongs to Dagbid247365)

Demetria Callitor --- Distrit 2 Female Tribute for the 121st Games, killed by Loga Blue with an arrow (Belongs to Readwritelivenikki)

Logan Blue --- District 4 Male Tribute for the 121st Games killed by Jenna Everett witha dart (Belongs to Nate777)

Alex Fillie --- District 5 Male Tribute for the 121st Games killed by Lucifer (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Maybelle "May" Carmen ---- District 5 Female Tribute for the 121st Games (Belongs to Readwritelivenikki)

Serelle Calter --- District 6 Female Tribuet for the 212st Games killed by Alex (Belongs to Thena.airice14)

Luke Searer --- District 7 Male Tribute for the 121st Games killed by Jenna Everett with a dart (Belongs to Thena.airice14)

James Will --- District 10 Male Tribute for the 121st Games killed by Alice Marsop with an arrow to the knee, I mean head! (Belongs to JWW)

Jacob Dawson --- District 11 Male Tribute for the 121st Games killed by Royce Deneath with an axe (Belongs to Dagbid247365)

Jenna Everett --- District 13 Female Tribute or the 121st Games killed by Enili (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Louis "Lou" Welder --- District 2 Male Tribute for the 200th, Games shot in neck by Forsythia Aljiscic (District 8 Female) (Belongs to Jsm13athome)

Cleo Welch ---- District 8 Female for the 200th Games, choked to death by a scarf by Forsythia Aljiscic, resurrected and received a gunshot in the head Ian Wix (District 4 Male) (Belongs to Jsm13athome)

Rachel Golden ---- District 3 Female for the 106th Games, fell into acid pool (Belongs to Jsm13athome)

Malecai Gerama --- District 2 Male Tribute for the 90th Games, killed by snucks and Camila (Belonsg to Icanhasnofriends)

Aria Velinose --- District 3 Female Tribute for the 90th Games, seen with Alonzo a lot (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Amira George --- District 10 Female Tribute for the 90th Games, killed by Malecai's Axe (Belongs to Hungry4more)

Rani Cooper --- District 11 Female Tribute for th 90th Games killed by Malecai (Belongs to Hungry4more)

Malecai Gerama ---- District 2 Male Tribute for th 90th Games, killed by Camilla (Belongs to Icanhasnofriends)

Ayaan Hlupe --- District 11 Male Tribute for the 90th Games (Belongs to Thena.airice14)

Misty Korna --- District 2 Older Female Tribute for the 100th Games (Belongs to unknown)

Justinain Bemus --- District 2 Younger Male Tribute for the 100th Games (Belongs to unknown)

Adrianna Thorn --- District 3 Older Female Tribute for the 100th Games (Belongs to unknown)

The PlaguedEdit

People who are still suffering

Mitch Hawkeye --- Logan's younger brother

Moe McGee --- Enili's younger brother

Flo Mourning ---- Alonzo's older sister

Theo Welch --- District 8 Male Tribute for the 200th Games, Cleo's twin brother (Belongs to Jsm13athome)

Camilla Averson --- Distrist 5 Female Tribute for the 90th Games (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Marine Hier --- District 8 Younger Female Tribute for the 100th Games (Belongs to unknown)

Drajdah Wallace --- District 9 Younger Male Tribute for the 100th Games (Belongs to Dagbid247365)

Zanna Vinland --- District 10 Older Female Tribute for the 100th Games (Belongs to unknown)

The ScarifiesEdit

People Currenlty Part taking in a Game, faith yet decided

Cecil Van Helsing --- District 12 Male Tribute for the Second Alliance Games

Buttercup Keen --- District 2 Female Tribute for the Second Alliance Games

Other CharactersEdit

Other people that appeare from time to time.

Flower Mourning --- Alonzo's deceased mother (Mentioned Only)

Zaphod Mourning --- Alonzo's deseased mother (Mentioned Only)

Connor Embreall --- District 9 Older Male Tribute for the 100th Games (Mentioned Only)

Chapter 1: Dark DreamsEdit

Chapter 1 followed Logan Hawkeye after the 100th Games.

Day I: The Victory TourEdit

The Victors’ Tour as it was called this time because of the four Victors this year, started like usually and Logan looked forward to it. He had always wanted to see the other Districts. After the Games had ended, Logan and his little brother Mitch went to live in the Victor’s Village in District 5. Their aunt and uncle’s family didn’t get to come live with them since they were not impediment family. The Victor’s Village was nice but kind of boring. Mitch enjoyed playing in the huge houses with the other Victor’s children but there was little to do for Logan. There was no one in the village around his age so he spent his time with his Mentor. His Mentor had helped him get over the trauma of the Games. At first it was weird being on the outside, Logan was still on high alert as if someone would jump out and try to kill him. It was something his mentor said would take a while to turn off. Besides hanging out with his Mentor, Logan also had been writing to the three other Victors of his Game. He was looking forward to see them again. During the time in-between the ending of 100th Games and the Victory Tour Logan been having strange dreams but he assumed it was a part of recovering from the aftermath of the Hunger Games. He didn’t have time to worry about that.

He and his brother Mitch were sitting in the main room of the mansion they were given. Mitch was eating something that Logan hadn’t tried yet.

Mitch: If I ever have kids, I think I’ll name one Pasta.

Logan: That’s a nice name.

Mitch: What was your dream about this time?

Logan: Um it started like usually with the same dark place, like it was the night but not empty. Oh like being in a cave. There was dust or mist nothing different. Then I could see figures, people standing in the distance all around me.

Mitch: Did they do anything different this time or only stood there mumbling?

Logan: No, they just stood there like always and all talked at the same time. I couldn’t understand any of them. I think this is because of the crowds at the Capitol when during my game. I felt alone yet I was surrounded by people.

Mitch: You had Camilla, Nicholas and Henna with you.

Logan: Yeah but we weren’t really friends. Camilla and I went to school together but we didn’t really talk much.

Mitch: I remember Nicholas; I used to play with his cousin. Sometimes he would play with us too.

Logan took a sip from his cup and thought. He hardly knew his fellow District Tributes and that made him feel bad. None of the others from his District Camilla, Nicholas or Henna had joined his alliance; he frankly didn’t know what happen to them. If there was anyone he missed it was the people in his Alliance especially Clarabella. She was a delight and reminded Logan of his brother the whole time they were in the Arena. The other three Victors, Zanna, Marine and Drajdah, Logan hardly had any contract with. In fact this would be the first time he would be seeing them again since they won the Games and were interviewed. Logan always felt bad for abandoning Marine, who was in his Alliance, at the end.

Logan: I kind of don’t want to go to the Victors Tour now.

Mitch: Why not? You get to see the other Districts! Remember how excited everyone was after you won your Game? The Capitol loved you.

Logan: But I don’t love the Capitol. I signed their Autographs and took their photos, I put on a smile for the boys and girls, but…

Mitch: You won us this house.

Logan: I killed Adrianna…

Mitch: She killed Brynn. Wasn’t he in your Alliance? You were just avenging him.

Logan: I didn’t like Brynn too much at the time and I feel bad for feeling that way. He was a good person. But vengeance is a stupid thing. It hurts for a long time after.

Mitch: You can apologize to Adrianna’s family, but killing people in the Arena is expected Logan. It doesn’t count as murder.

Logan: I think I’ll visit Adrianna and Brynn graves when I am in their Districts and apologize to them. I have nothing to say to their families. I don’t need their families’ forgiveness; I need Adrianna and Brynn’s.

Mitch: You’ll get to see Zanna, Marine and Drajdah again.

Logan sighed.

Logan: The people who are still living are going to be harder to face than those who are dead.

Mitch frown knowing nothing he could say or go could make his brother feel better. A few days later Logan went on the Victors’ Tours leaving Mitch behind alone in the house.

The Victors Tour wasn’t so bad. Zanna, Marine and Drajdah were with Logan the whole time and doing this thing with others made it a little easier. Logan would get to see all the Districts including 13, his birth District. Sadly he would have to go through the other Districts before reaching home. This meant seeing the families and homes of those he competed with. Marine was excited to show Logan her District however that had to wait too. First up was The Capitol.

Logan didn’t sleep well that night. He had that same dream again but this time the shadowy figures grew a little closer, their eyes glowed ghostly white. Logan felt his body behind bounded by vines made of black smoke. As he stood there unable to move he became aware of something behind him unseen.

He was awakening by Zanna telling him to get ready because their escorts would be coming to tell them to get ready. She wasn’t very fond of the Escorts and their bossy ways and neither was Logan. He was grateful that Zanna had awakened him from his bad dream but he didn’t tell her about it. Logan got ready and ate breakfast with the others. The Capitol was the same as last time Logan was there. People with crazy hair colors and weird accents yet Logan ready enjoyed it. He thought their weird hair color was cool and he enjoyed the food. It was like the food he and Mitch now enjoyed back in the mansion. The Capitol wanted each of them to give a speech. Logan just went up there and winged it.

Logan: Um, hello people of the Capitol. Colorful people! You how did you do your hair like that?

Random Guy: Me?

Logan: Yeah you! I want hair like you!

Random Guy: Oh well it’s a long process I am sure your escort could help you with that!

Logan: Fantastic! When I first came to the Capitol I was like looked at all the beautiful people! Their faces made me feel less afraid to be part taking in the Games!

Crowd: Awwww….

Logan: So when the Games started I remembered that all those pretty people would be watching me so I wanted to show you how kind the other Districts can be. I allied with the little people; they were cute and needed to be protected. (Logan paused for a moment remembering Clarabella and the others.) I know the Capitol have children too… You would want someone to protect them too if they took part in the Hunger Games. Well I am sure you all saw how selfless Elena was when she saved Marine. I hope you sponsor the underdogs more because they are really nice people, most Careers aren’t very nice and you don’t want them to live and make more mean people. There needs to be more nice people in the other Districts like the Capitol people.

Logan felt stupid for lying through his teeth about how nice the Capitol people were but he knew how to give the crowd what they wanted to hear. The crowd of Capitol people cheered him on pleased that he had said the Capitol was nice. Logan looked at the crowd, at people’s noses because he knew that made it look like he was looking them in the eyes without him actually having to do so. He didn’t want them to see how much pain he really was in. He kept in together and continued.

Logan: Maybe one day we won’t need a Hunger Games because everyone will be as nice as the Capitol people but for now we should at least keep our children out of it. Don’t want to corrupt them. They should all be just as colorful, nice and charming as you people. Thank you for allowing me to come and visit your lovely city!

The cheer roared for Logan as he stepped down so Drajdah could do his little speech. Logan knew the Capitol didn’t get what he meant when he said “We should at least keep our children out of it.”

Night I: The DreamerEdit

Logan was back in that dark place again. He was surrounded by shadowy figures he knew were people but he couldn’t see them clearly. Logan was cold as if it was winter. He decided he wasn’t going to hang around this time. He saw some come of structure through the fog and decided to head there. Logan walked away from the figures. He was aware that the figures were following him but they kept their distance. The shadowy people seemed to be heading there as well; clearly they knew something Logan didn’t. It turned out to be two to three story homes and it was crawling with more of the shadow people. As Logan drew closer he became aware that some of the shadowy people were still following him. They were getting closer, bolder. Soon one jumped on top off him. Logan was forced to the floor as a few others jumped on top of him. Their bodies were cold as ice and they screamed, jumped off but soon coming back. Logan pushed himself up, they were surprisingly light. Before he could get up another person jumped on him. It was someone he recognized.

Logan: Jett? Jett Mantis?

Jett: Hi Logan!

Logan: Get off Jett.

Jett: Aw okay…

The boy looked sad but jumped off and frolicked away into the fog. Logan noticed that Jett was bleeding. Before he could call to the boy, Logan was tackled by another person. She looked different, her face was burned but Logan had no doubt. It was Elena Horisson!

Logan: Elena! Stop it! You’re hurting me!

Elena ignored Logan’s pleases. He had no choice but to force himself up, knocking another person out of the way, he carried her on his back. Elena bit Logan on the neck and he reacted without thinking, he hit her in the face with his hand. Elena started to lose her grip. Logan turned himself and backed into a wall forcing Elena to fall off.

Logan: I’m sorry… Elena… I’m sorry…

Elena: What? Hey do I know you?

Logan was about to respond when he was pushed aside by something massive. He fell to the floor with a roar ringing in his ear. He saw Elena’s face frozen in fear. He could hear her pleading with someone as he tried to get up but he was held down.

Logan: Ah! I want to wake up!

Elena: I’m sorry! I know we aren’t supposed to talk to them!

Logan: Elena help! It’s me Logan!

Elena: I can’t!

Logan: Please wake me!

“Then wake up Logan!”

Logan’s eye slung open. His vision blurred and he saw someone standing over him.

Day II: The First DistrictEdit

Marine: Logan! We’re in District 1! Wake up!

Logan: Oh Marine?

Marine: Did you have a bad dream?

Logan: Huh?

Marine: You were talking in your sleep. You said Elena.

Logan: Oh yeah had a dream with Elena in it.

Marine: Was she alright?

Logan: Yeah. She was fine. Come on let’s go see District 1.

District 1 was nice, in Zanna’s opinion nicer than the Capitol probably because there were less people and at least this District competed in the Hunger Games. She still though her District was the best. She didn’t like how there were no animals. Sandra Taint, Logan’s escort wanted him to brush his hair and take a shower. Logan thought his hair was fine but she had to brush it aside. As soon as he went outside Logan shook his head so his hair returned to its usually self. Sandra gave Logan a look.

Logan: What? I fly flew in my face. I had to get it away.

Sandra just huffed with disapproval. Logan continued as usually. He really didn’t know the people from District 1; they were Norman Jacobe, Jennifer Vanle, Chase Amos and Emerald Silvers. Their families were all sad yet Logan felt more bad for Chase and Emerald’s families since they were so young.

Logan: Stupid Capitol why didn’t I tell them off when I had the chance.

Zanna: Because they were watching you… Logan: Yeah, they could have had my brother but instead they reaped Nicholas. Won’t get him now. He lives in the Victor’s Village.

Zanna: Who less lives with you there? District 10’s Victor’s Village is lonely.

Logan: Oh Camilla from the 90 Games. My mentors died. Camilla’s family is nice though. It’s just me and my brother Mitch who live there. They wouldn’t let me take my cousins. I’m from District 13 originally.

Zanna: You moved Districts?

Logan: Yeah, weird I know but since the last President died, they don’t care if you move, as long as you have as good reason.

Zanna: Why did you move?

Logan: My parents died. Mom was bitten by a black adder and dad died of old age. So it was just me and Mitch.

Zanna: I’m sorry…

Logan smiled contently.

Logan: It’s okay… They didn’t have to watch me go through the Hunger Games. You parents were probably beside themselves with grief but you came back.

Zanna: Leon, Serena and Georgey didn’t come back…

Logan: Yeah…I'm sorry... I had a dream with Jett in it…

After their speeches which Logan thought up on the top of his head again, he decided he wanted to visit the four fallen tribute’s graves. He was not yet able to visit Camilla, Hannah and Nicholas’s graves at his own District. He needed more time, however this probably would be the only time he would be in District 1 so he had too. At the Grave Yard which was very nice, Logan found each of their resting places. He recited each of their names out loud. It felt better to do so.

Logan: Norman, Jennifer, Chase, Emerald…

Night II: Night FightEdit

Logan heard his name but this time more clearly. He sat up and looked around. Everything had gotten dark and cold. What happen? How did it get dark so fast? Logan stood up. Wait he had seen this place before. This was where his Nightmares too place, the Arena, but this wasn’t his Arena. It was a mixture of many Arenas he had seen in the past. Logan heard his name again and turned to see Norman the boy from District 1. Logan was confused but almost expected it. Then another face appeared. It was Nicholas from his own District.

Logan: Little Nickie!

Nicholas: Logan help! He’s chasing me!

Norman: Get back here kid and let me kill you!

Logan: Nicholas!

Nicholas leaped into the air and somehow defied gravity. He seemed to move in slow motion. Logan mumbled slowly “You can’t do that…” before Nicholas’ small body slammed into Logan. He managed to catch the boy, almost losing his balance. Nicholas’s body was cold as ice, Logan could feel it through his clothes. Norman came over.

Nicholas: Logan I missed you! Why didn’t you come here to live with us!

Logan: What’s going on?

Nicholas: He stabbed me!

Logan: How could you!

Norman: Nicholas won’t die for some reason. I’ve stabbed him several times.

Logan felt angry at Norman. How could he stab a child? Then again that happen all the time in The 100th Games. Nah he was from District 1, what did Logan expect. Norman was trained to kill and that’s all he knew. It was a good thing he was dead. Then Logan looked at Nicholas than back to Norman. Both of them were dead. How was he having this conversation with them?

Norman: Wait? You are in my Game! And you are not a child! I can kill you!

Logan: But the Game ended already…

Norman: Than why am I still here?

Logan: I don’t know? I’m dreaming again aren’t I?

Norman: Stop trying to trick me! This must be some kind of trap! I kill you know!

Norman lunged at Logan but he was too slow even though Logan was still holding Nicholas. Logan jumped out of the way. Norman had a bloodlust look in his eyes! Logan had no choice but to flee. He dare not put Nicholas down. Norman had gone insane, who knows what he will do!

Nicholas: Put me down!

Logan: No!

Nicholas: I’m slowing you down! You have to put me down!

Logan: No! Not Again!

Norman must have picked up a stick because one flew past Logan’s head. Norman had good aim. This felt like being in the Arena again! Logan noticed other people running around the area. He wasn’t sure who they were but they were chasing each other and throwing things like he had seen in the Games. Logan ducked behind some kind of ruined wall and saw a door leading into a tower made of stones. Logan dashed inside and closed the door. He leaned against the door hoping his body weight would prevent Norman from gaining access. Logan clung to Nicholas.

Nicholas: (Whispering) You need to put me down.

Logan: No…

Nicholas: I will be okay.

Logan heard someone outside. He pulled Nicholas close to himself even if he was icy cold. There was a window above them but it was too high for anyone to look in. Logan hoped Norman wouldn’t find them. Then he heard someone scream and a thump, sounded like someone felt off the tower. The sound was God awful. Nicholas covered his ears.

Malecai: Ha I got one!

Norma: Hey you see a guy come running past here? He was carrying a kid!

Malecai: No! Come on I saw a girl run this way!

Logan heard the two run off with Malecai saying “Hey weren’t that brat that has been following you around?” Logan waited about a minute or two before moving. He wanted to be sure they were gone. He didn’t want to make a sound in case they would hear him. Career people were weird like that. Logan finally put Nicholas down and climbed over to the window. There was a block underneath it allowing people on the inside to see out but people on the outside couldn’t see it. Logan looked outside and saw someone lying on the ground. Blood surrounded their body. Logan looked away. He climbed back into the building.

Logan: We need to get out of here…

Nicholas: Okay.

Logan slowly opened the door and looked out. He tried not to look but his eye couldn’t help but go to the dead body. Logan slightly recognized the girl but he didn’t know where. He tried to shield Nicholas from seeing the body. Logan looked around the corner to see if the coast was clear but he saw three or four people running around with weapons. That way wasn’t safe. He turned back hoping to find another way around maybe through the tower when he heard a moan. His eye went back to the body and he was shock to see that person get up.

Rani: He killed me again…

Nicholas: He lives!

Logan: What the?

Rani got up dust herself off and wiped the blood from her face. Logan then recognized him. This girl had taken part in one of the previous Hunger Games, Logan was trying to place which one when Rani noticed them. She seemed startled at first.

Rani: A ghost!

Logan was about to speak when he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. He turned quickly and saw Norman and he had teamed up wsith Malecai and two new guys! Logan remembered these two better. It was a guy named Gunner Pann and Malik Payne from the 95th Hunger Games or the First Alliance Games.

Logan: Crap!

Malecai: Why is he glowing?

Norman: The Gamemaker made out jackets glow!

Malecai: But his whole body is glowing, not just his jacket!

Gunner: Let’s kill some people!

Malik: But there is a kid?

Gunner: Killed the glowing one and the other one!

Logan: Run Nicholas!

Nicholas ran and Logan was forced to run away from him. He looked back and saw that no one had gone after the boy. They were not interested in the child but Logan and Rani. Surprisingly Rani had followed Logan, not because she wanted to but because she had no other direction to go. Logan disappeared into the ruins, Rani didn’t follow him. Norman and Gunner followed Logan while Malik ran after Rani. Malecai had disappeared. Logan climbed up some stairs and push a barrow that was at the top down to right a slow his pursuers. Logan came to the top of the building. From above Malecai tackled Logan to the ground. Malecai didn’t have any weapons but he tried pushing Logan. He had fallen on his stomach so that didn’t anything. Malecai tied to strangle Logan next but Logan put his arm up in-between Malecai’s and his own neck. Norman and Gunner came out of the door and joined in kicking

Logan till Gunnger stepped back.

Gunner: What’s happening to him?

Logan’s body was glowing and this time he could see it. Some kind of glowing smoke or mist or something was coming off his body. Malecai let go of Logan and his three attackers back away. Logan felt weak.

Norman: This has to be some kind of trick the Gamemakers are doing.

Malecai: I’ve never seen this before!

Alonzo: Get back all of you!

Logan tried to get up but he couldn’t. He crawled forward when he heard someone walk up to him. It wasn’t his attackers but someone he didn’t known, someone new. Someone wearing black clothing different from the Tribute uniform. All the people he had seen had been wearing the usually uniform Tributes are forced to wear during the Hunger Games. This guy had one some other kind of outfit slightly armored.

Alonzo: Got back to your Games. Leave this one to me. No killing the children.

Malecai, Norman and Gunner didn’t what they were instructed and left. Logan started to feel a little better and the glow around him began to seep back into his body. Alonzo kneeled over to inspect him. Logan was above to sit up. He saw Rani watched from the corner of his eye.

Logan: Where’s Nicholas?

Alonzo: I will find him but you need to go back to your world.

Logan: Not without Nicholas…

Alonzo: He has to stay here. Rani, go get Nicholas!

Rani left to find the boy as Alonzo put his hands over Logan’s eyes.

Alonzo: Go to sleep…

Logan woke when he felt Zanna shaking him. He was still in the Grave Yard and had fallen alspee. Zanna said everyone had been looking for him. It was time to go and head to District 2. Logan's body hurt but he got up. He felt flowers on all the District 1 people's Graves including Norman.

To Be Conitued...