Sprinkle is the District 9 female Tribute for the The 54 Hunger Games.


Sprinkle is a caring loving person especially towards her own brother. She is devoted, deterimine and a still stubborn at times.


Sprinkle has long wavy brown hair and amber eyes. She is average height around 5'4''. She is also 16 years old when her story takes place.

Hunger GamesEdit

Sprinkle was reaped into the The 54 Hunger Games along with her older brother Scythe.


  • Sprinkle is wasn't named after a meerkat but she'll have one in the Starlings Mob. She was named the cupcakes toppings.
  • She was placed in District 9 because of the movie featuring an alian race called "Prawns" living in Districts in South Africa.
  • She was placed in the 54th Games because of the author's favorite meerkat's ID Code was 54.


The 54 Hunger Games