Ryon Hier is District 8 Male Tribute for The 101st Hunger Games.


Ryon and his cousin Marine wer every close. Ever since she was reaped, Ryon became very nervous and twitchy around others. Even after Marine won and returned home, Ryon conitued to gave nightmares about her in the arena.

Hunger GamesEdit

Ryon was reaped into the 101st Hunger Games.


Name: Ryon Hier

Age: 13

Gender: Male

District: 8

Weapon(s): anything he can get his hands on!

Appearance: Sandy blonde hair, light blue eyes, slight tan, usually a worried look on his face!

Personality: Nervous, very kind hearted, shy

Relations: Marine Hier, cousin, Victor of the 100th games

Strengths: Sneaky, knowing how to keep warm, knows many horrors of the games

Weakness: Low stamina, not very good swimmer, plants

Token: The starfish clip of Marines.

Creator: Thena.airice14


  • Ryon Hier is related to Marine Hier, one of the Victors of the 100th Hunger Games.