Revive The Dead Game is the third installment for The Dead Games series written my Aniju Aura.

I'm using this page more as a reminder for myself about things in the Games. Here's a link to the actual story Revive the Dead Games.


Revive the Dead Games takes place several years after the 225th Hunger Games and the Vengence Games and follows two characters Slyder and Gerald. In this Hunger Game, several deceased Tributes were brought back to life, experimented on in District 14 and released into the Arena to be obsticales for the new tributes in the 250th Hunger Games. The Dead are using the DeathTone's Orginization's ability to revive tributes as a way to return to the World of the Living to seek revenge on the Capitol.


New TributesEdit

A list of newly reapped tributes.

Capitol Male: Smick Trinket (Nhtomanhawks22)

Age: 16

District: Capitol

Appearance: Blond hair, white skin, green eyes

History: His mother is Effie Trinket and he is an only child. Effie wants him to volunteer because she and her husband think he is worthless and he was to prove to them that he is worth something. Smick is also gay. He came out at age 14 and his repuation and his life went down the tiolet. He is trying to get it back now.Smick is also a genuis. He is extremely skilled with mines and could blow up the entire arena. If he dosen't volunteer, they will disown him. If we wins, they will accept him and he will maybe accpeted at school.

Personality: Friendly, sweet, shy and nice

Weapon: Mines and a knife

Weakness: Not very strong

Strength: fast, sneaky, smart and plant identification

Family: Only child and mother (Effie) and father (Amerigo)

Token: A picture of his parents to remind him to stay alive

Alliances: Not the Careers or anyone that comes off wrong to him

Capitol Female: Oona Jaina Cree (Thena.airice14)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Sullen, keeps herself to herself, intimidating

Appearance: lunaii

History: Oona hasn't known her parents- she is adopted. Her adoptive parents told her that they weren't her biological parents at a young age, for fear of her finding out in a way that they didn't want her to. Oona likes to be by herself. She has only one true friend, called Josef.

Weapon: Knife, and anything else she picks up in training.

Strength: Oona isn't seen as a weak competitor, as she can be quite intimidating. She also is surprisingly fast and good at not being seen.

Weakness: She isn't great at plants, nor is she if heights come into things- she doesn't like to climb trees or rock faces too high.

Token: Her necklace

District 1 Male: Jake Lehouk (CrazytrainWTF)

name:jake lehouk



district 1 like a bawss

appearence:light brown hair green eyes

personality:occasionally rude tries to act cool

weapon:throwing knives


weakness:hiding and reflexes

token:locket of his moms hair

bloodbath strategy: clove style

District 1 Female: Chloe Madison (Theman77)

Name: Chloe Madison

District: 1

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Backstory: She is lives in D1, and enjoys the hunger games.

Weapons: hand-to-hand combat, bow and arrow, throwing axes

Strengths: Imtimadtaion, being a career

Weaknesses: She is very attached to Noah, she can't use a spear or sword

Apearance: Long blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty, strong

Personality: Intimidating, mean, rude, sassy, nice to some careers

Bloodbath strategy: Get to the careers

Allies: my other tributes.

District 2 Male: Konlok Vice (AxedFox)

Name: Konlok Vice

District: 2

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Generally nice to others, can be very agressive and quite violent when approached.

Appearance: Konlok has shining, ghostly blonde hair that falls below his ears, glistening bronze skin, eyes shaded a bright beige, and a muscular and strong figure.

Weapon: KnivesStrenghs: Climbing, Killing and Running.

Weakness: Easily distracted, lost in his thoughts.

Token: Broken knife blade.

District 2 Female: Ivory Kranium (AxedFox)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Ivory is very rude and stubborn. She's very seductive, and will lure anyone into her traps.

Appearance: Long, blond, coruscating curls that cascade all the way down to her hips. Gleaming tan skin, ocean blue eyes, and a thin figure. She's well fed.

Weapon: Axes, Swords.

Strenght: Tricking boys into thinking she likes them, and whilst she is hooking up with them she'll plunge a knife into their back. Running, Climbing.

Weakness: Swimming.

Token: No token.

District 3 Female: Selene Davae  (.:~*Golden Viper*~:.) 

Name: Selene Davae

District: 3

Gender: F

Age: 15

Personality: Nice, Shy

Backstory: She was abanded and had to scavage for food. She use her scavaging skills to her everyday life so she was particulary good in traps. She was caught trying to steal some food and the peacekeepers locked her up at age 13. She waited and waited but she never forgot her skills. She was let go only to be reaped.

Appearance: Pink long hair and blue eyes

Weapons: Traps, Daggers

Skills: Traps, Keen eyesight, Camofluage

Weaknesses: Physical, Swimming, Climbing

Strategy: Run to the forest

Alliance(s): None

District 3 Male: Aiden McFinnegan (FastFoodKnight)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

District: 3

Appearance: (picture included)

Personality: He's very un-trusting of people. It takes a while for him to earn a person's trust, but he knows that is necessary for him to make allies at the games. He tends to be very quiet, never having too much to say. Though he is not shy. Aiden simply chooses not to talk to people unless necessary.Over the years Aiden has learned to keep his temper in check because yelling doesn't solve anything. He is also very responsible and knows how to ration his supplies. Aiden is extremely intelligent and can adapt quickly in difficult situations. He's kind, loyal, and fair towards those he deems worthy.

History: Aiden's mother (Tara McFinnegan) past away 4 days after Aiden's 17th birthday, leaving behind Aiden and her 8 month old daughter Kira. Aiden has been taking care of Kira by himself for the better part of a year when he is chosen during the reaping (kira has been left with a friend of his mother's for the duration of the hunger games). In addition to taking care of his younger sister (and his mother when she was still alive) Aiden works as an engineer. Before his mother passed, Aiden spent most of his free time taking apart and rebuilding the various machines that littered his home. He was also fond of anything he could do out-doors (running, jumping, climbing, etc).

Reaction to the reaping: Initially Aiden is shocked, having only 25 slips bearing his name... the odds truly were in his favor. He doesn't show any outward emotion until he must say good bye to his friends and family. Even then he only cry's when he holds Kira in his arms for the last time.

Token from district: One of his sisters blue hair ribbons.

Strengths: He is very good with his hands (especially with electronics), He is quick on his feet, a fast runner, good climber, great with long distance weapons, and good with snares and traps

Weaknesses: He has no sense of direction, he can not swim, he isn't very stealthy (makes about as much noise as an injured elk) he is not a morning person (slow to rise) and he isn't very good with hand to hand combat.

Fears: Large pools of water (deep water), snakes.

Choice of Weapon: Sling shot, bow and arrow, anything electronic.

District 4 Female: Naomi "Nao" Eribach (~PopTart~)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Curious, paranoid a bit, remebers almost everything. Provoked easily and doesn't think before she speaks. Not a good liar.

Appearance: The Lunaii will be up soon

History: Naomi was born into a wealthy family on the coast of District 4, like most families of District 4. One day, a man was murdered across the street. Naomi was really close to him, and she wanted to know the whole story. She went into the house, making sure no one saw her enter, as it was a crime scene, and brought a couple of tools with her. She eventually found out that his wife had killed him with Capitol technology she had taken from the Peacekeepers. She then showed everyonethe evidence she had. The woman who had murdered her husband charged at Naomi, but Peacekeepers took her away to a prison in the Capitol. The Peacekeepers asked her how she found out how he died. Scared as hell, knowing she'd be punished for thieving, she lied. The Peacekeepers didn't believe her, but let her go. They have a constant eye on her, and Naomi is constantly on lookout for them.

Weapon: Spear, Sword

Strenght: Figuring things out, Hunting

Weakness: Has a bad sense of sound, Can't swim (which is weird for someone from 4), is afraid of Peacekeepers

Token: A piece of ribbon

Other: She hates young kids (anyone 13 and below)

District 4 Male: Sandy Shipwreck (Prezziesnow9704:)!) Age: 14

Gender: Male


Appearance: Sandy coloured hair, fairly big build, strong, bright blue piercing eyes.

History: Sandy lived in District 4 and trained to become a Career Tribute for the Hunger Games. His parents were killed by sharks. Weapon: Trident, knives, spears Strenghts: Swimming, trident throwing, fighting With a trident, quite a fast runner and is good at charming people

Weaknesses: Sharks Token: None

District 5 Female: Lakota Feah (.:~*Golden Viper*~:.)  

Gender: F

Age: 12

Personality: Shy, Scared

Backstory: Lakota was born in the mountains. The Capitol began bombing the mountains and Lakota and her family moved to the Plains. While they were walking the Capitol set up traps capturing Lakota's family and killing them before her own eyes. They took Lakota captive and tortured her. Then they sent her to the Hunger Games with the hopes that she will die.

Appearance: Black hair with green streaks and grey eyes

Weapons (up to three): Knives, Fire, Daggers

Skills: Plants, Fire, Healing

Weaknesses: Swimming, Climbing, Camofluage

Strategy: Run to the forest

Alliance(s): None

District 5 Male: Chase Pansworth

Age: 14

District: 5

Gender: Male

Strengths: Very smart, fast, hiding, strategies and tree climbing

Weaknesses: paranoid, not confident, not very strong

Weapon: Stealth, blowgun, slingshot and a knife

Personality: nice, smart, helpful

Strategy: Since he is fast, he will grab something on the outskirts of the bloodbath and run off to find water. Make distance between him and all the other tributes and hunt for animals.

History: Chase had a pretty rough life. His parents were one of the wealthier families in district 5 and a lot of people were jealous. His older brother was a victor so his family did not have to work. One night, a crazy man broke into the house and slit his parents throats in their sleep. Chase and his older brother heard their last screams and immediately woke up to kill the attacker. The attacker was about to throw a knife at Chase's heart. His older brother jumped in front of the knife and was killed instantly. Chase then fought the attacker off and stabbed him into he chest. He was placed into foster care and hated it. He had to go to school and did very well in it. The foster care was mean and beat Chase and his foster brothers and sisters down everyday. Chase wanted to stab them like he did to the attacker but didn't. He thinks about volunteering and dying in the Games and thinks about winning. He rules that out immediately and knows he will die in the Games. But if he were to get reaped with his low confidence, he will die trying.

Appearence: pale skin, intense blue eyes, 5'6, jet black ruffled hair down to his shoulders.

Token: sorry, nothing

District 6 Female: Paola Fernand (ViniciusDeAssis1999)

Age: 18

Gender: female

Personality: Paola is nice and caregiving, as usual on the market area. Outside her area, she is very quiet and likes to stay by herself. She has few friends who are not living on the market area, so she is really anti-social.

Appearance: (lunaii)

History: Paola never met with her parents since when she was three years old, because they abandoned her on the toughest area of her district. There are some dangerous gangs, people using drugs and girls getting pregnancy early. She did not know what to do, and an old lady adopted her as a daughter. The old lady was really nice to Paola, but Paola always knew that the old lady would die early. When Paola was just eleven years old, her adoptive mother died due natural causes, and Paola went crazy. She run away off her old house and moved herself to a house next to the fruits market. She begun to steal some fruits during the first three years, but some years after, she turned into a friend of the salesmans and saleswomans of the market. During the reaping day, early on the morning, the market begun to burn itself. All the fruits were gone and Paula helped an old man to survive the fire. She got really depressed and she was reaped. Double sadness in just one day.

Weapon: He is very good with a club, but can work with a baton too.

Strenght: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Physical Strenght

Weakness: Swimming, Mutts or any type of big animal

Token: None

District 6 Male: Asper Dell

Age: 16

District: 6

Gender: Male

Weapons: Mace and Blowgun

Strengths: He is great with most weapons, having great strength and amazing accuracy. But he prefers an axe and blowgun. He is a great climber, and runner. Distance and stanima.

Weaknesses: He is very un-descisive. Hating to be left to make descisions. He isnt a good swimmer, having never really tried. Also he hates to be around others, and makes really bad descisions when with others.

Fears: Vertigo

Token: His silk scarf

Allies: No one

Backstory: He was a very jolly kid, who went through life not caring about anything. Since he had no brothers or sisters, he didnt need to deal with the games until he turned 12. He survived his first few reapings, and gained a couple of great friends. Only when he was 15 did it finally hit him, as his girlfriend was reaped. She entered the games, and luckily she won. He thought she would come home and they would live together and grow old but sadly she stayed in the capitol, and was forced to sleep with rich men, This tore him a part and left his distraught. So distraught that he kicked the guy in the face who volunteered when he was reaped, meaning he entered the games.

Personality: He is a very kind and caring person, loves to be with friends. He is very intelligent, loves thinking of stratagies. He is very attentive, and recognises even the smallest flaws.

Height: 6'1

Bloodbath Strategy: He will try to fight for the stuff, but it depends on the strength of this years careers, he may just run.

Games Strategy: He will keep moving, maybe find a group of trees and control that area. Make tributes fear coming near him, and never leave it.

District 7 Female: Selena Kyle (Prezziesnow9704:!)

Age: 17

Weapon: Whip

Skills: Stealing, Stealth, Flexibility, Expert in hand-to-Hand combat, Sneak attacks, Deceit, Manipulation.

Strategy: Go it alone or with someone she can truely trust. Steal from the Careers whenever she wants since shes a master Thief.

Weakness: Insecurity

Token: Cat ears

Apperance: Long blonde hair. Blue eyes. Dresses smartly where ever she goes.

District 7 Male: Rowan Winter (TheMysteriousGeek)

Age: 17

Apperance: Brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin

Skills: Deception, killing, Manipulating, Stealth, Hiding

Weakness: Hated by everyone in seven, except the mayor.

Arena Strategy: Deceive and manipulating all the tributes to hate each other then hide in the Arena and kill tributes and animals.

History: He is a spy pretending to be a beggar, but most people know. He also tries to steal money of people in his district and is the excecutioner

Personality: Deceptive, Manipulative


Token: His outfit?

District 8 Female: Reeba Alyce Graver (Thena.airice14)

District: 8

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Personality: Very reserved, easily intimidated, lacks any self esteem

Appearance:Lunaii (yeah, its not pretty!)

History: Reeba has been abused by her drunken dad since she was 2, when he had a deadly mix of drugs and alcohol, and he killed his wife, Reeba's mother. She is blind in one eye due to a particularly lethal punch, has scars and bruising everywhere, and ill fitting clothes as her dad does not earn any money and she barely has enough material to make her own garments.

Weapon: Blade of some sort, then probably just a bit of self defense.

Strength: Hiding- became especially good at this when her dad was at his worst, and keeping a sufficient body temperature, due to being a resident of 8. Reeba is also quite used to hunger.

Weakness: She looks vulnerable, and is very weak. She is thin, always hungry and has no muscle

Token: No, she has no possessions

District 8 Male: Xavier Thread (TheMysteriousGeek)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: Dark, Reckless.

Apperance: Grey eyes, Blond hair, Pale skin.

History: Is an assasin for District 13, even though killing peple is wrong. His parents are allies to the capitol and his siter died in the games.

Skills: Traps, Killing

Weakness: No sence of right and wrong.

Arena Strategy: KILL KILL KILL

Family: Mum, Dad

Token: None

District 9 Female: Quinoa Soal

Age: 16

District: 9

Gender: Female

Weapons: Scythe and Kama

Strengths: She is very strong, amazing strength and great with hefty weapons. Also an amazing swimmer, both speed and stanima. She can also run decentley well.

Weaknesses: She isnt the best climber, or at leading. She prefers to rest in the background. She also has no use with weapons such as bows or throwing knives due to her appaling accuracy.

Fears: Arachnophobia

Token: The egg white (Yes this matters) headband. (In the Photo)

Allies: Anyone, even careers.

Backstory: She hated to fight as a kid, never liking to be hated so she was always the kid that wanted both sides to win, meaning usually no one hated her. Despite this she loved to be the centre of attention, when ever there was any event in district 9 she was at the centre. She actually trained for the games, not as she was going to volunteer but just incase. So if she was reaped she would still have a chance. Her mother was actually a victor, having won the games using a mix of her sexual appeal and her fighting skills. Quinoa hoped if she was ever reaped she would do the same. Finally when she was 16 she was reaped, and didnt mind entering the games.

Personality: She is very cocky, loves to be the centre of attention. Despite this she hates to cause others pain, and despite appearing ditsy she is actually very intelligent. If not strategic.

Height: 5'3

Bloodbath Strategy: If she is allying with the careers she will go into the mouth of the cornucopia, and if she isnt she will flee.

Games Strategy: If she is with the careers, she will stay with the careers till the end, but if she isnt she will avoid other tributes, while resting at pools.

District 9 Male: Craig Albert Corios (Ougi-Kun)

District: 9

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: agressive, arrogant, self-confident, cruel, brute, sardistic, he loves to see people in pain, wants to kill, cunning, seems to be nice, but will kill someone when he gets the chance, loves slow death, he wants to torture the tributes before he kills them, psycho, does not care what the others thinks


History: Craig lives with his parents in the richest part of the district and his parents has enough money for everything. So he everything he wants but he thinks that he life is boring, because there is no action. One day a thief stole money from him and he run after him. He could catch him and Craig beat him to death. He heard the screaming and saw the pain in his face. Craig like that. He wanted more, so he search kids and beat them until they are full of blood. Nobody from the district wanted to stop him because they are afraid that he will kiill them. His parents tried to kill him but they could not so they accepted their fate and tried to survive. He said that he wants to be reaped, so he can kill many tributes.

Weapon: Spear, Knife

Strenght: Strength, Climbing, Running

Weakness: Plants, Swimming

Token: a nail of a victim

Other: hates little children, has no friends,

District 10 Female: Grace Pearson (Crazytrainwtf)

Gender: female

Age: 13

Personality:soft and calm for everything...

History:after her dad died in the war against the capital she was the meanest person in her district and after the war she completetly switched personalities



Weakness:over confident and swimming

Bloodbath:grab a back maybe a weapon and run

District 10 Male: Frankie Moorland (District10male)

Age: 18

Gender: male

Personality: Easy going, roughish, carefree, light-hearted and a little dumb

Appearance: He has cracked, reddish skin and tuscan red eyes. His hair is brownish blondish. Lunaii soon

History: He was in the middle of a family of 4. He didn't do very good at school cuz he would get in trouble and he had dyslexia so that was hard for him. But he always was intregued into horses and would spend lots of time with them volenteering at the Horse Farm in 10. He droped out of high schoolto work with them but his dad wasnt that happy. He would be the horses stall cleaner. He would sneak them out though so he could ride them and got good. He had lots of nephews including one named Kovu

Weapon: Pitchforks work well for him but he can just hit anyone with something he made

Strenght: He is great at brute strength and remembering

Weakness: He is a smoker so he can't run too well or do things with stamina. Also has copd and dyslexia

Token: horseshoe

Other: He's really nice and could have a small alliance but not a career or a big one.

District 11 Female: Skye Silverguard (Annamisasa)

Age: 13

District: 11

Personality: A shy girl who rarely smile. She likes being alone and dosen't say that much. Because of that people usually underestimate her. People think that she's a daydreamer but she's actually very observant. She is very intelligent and always calculate everything. She has a tendensy to underestimate herself just like others use to underistimate her, she is very insecure. She also tends to overthink problems to make sure she got all perspectives and motives and possible plans figured out however she can make quick decesions if she has to. She used to care a lot for her looks but when she got the scar the turned from the outgoing and kinda selfish girl to the quiet and shy but very kind girl. She is the oppersit of a "hot-head" and will rather just say nothing than fight back when yelled at. She has turned quite humble since the abusement began.

Backstory: She lived a perfect life...well until she turned 10. Her big sister, Diana (21-years-old), moved away to get her own house. It was weird for her parents, they always imagined Skye and Diana would keep on living in their house. It also hit Skye really hard as she was always close to her sister, Diana was more like a parent for her than a sister. And then, sometime after, Skye's mother got sick with cancer, and died shortly after. Skye's life was falling apart, as she only had her father, whom she had never been close with. Skye's father didn't cope much better with it. He began to drink and then abuse Skye physically, beating her almost every day. She lived with the pain for until she turned 13. But one day it went too far. She broke a gold picture frame that had a picture of her mother by accident. Her father, already drunk and mad, smacked her face into the wall and pressed her face upwards against the walls but none of them saw the three nails stuck in the wall. Skye's face was pressed against the three nails causing three extremely deep wounds on from her hairline to her chin. The next she walked to school but when the teachers asked she said that she had fallen on asfalt ground. Even after that, she still tried to protect her father and didn't blame him. The teachers didn't believe it of course and called the peacekeepers. The same night her father was hitting her the peacekeepers came busting in through the door and saw him hit Skye. They arrested them and Skye was moved to live with her sister. Her sister didn't have job but she hunted in the forrest to get food and money. From that point on her sister trained Skye and Skye helped her hunt and eventually learned how to make traps, shoot with bow and recornise berries. After the abusement Skye have gotten closed of and quiet but she really is a kind girl when you get to know her. She has just been through a lot.

Apperance: Skye is beautiful. Well, she was. She was one of the those girls that people would think would grow up to be a model. But it changed when she got that scar. Skye is a tiny bit taller than most 13-year-olds, standing 5'2. She doesn't have very many muscels and looks weak but not frail. She's pretty thin, but not skinny. Skye has long blonde, almost white hair that goes all the way to her weistline. Her eyes are darkgreen like a healthy forest. She would look beautiful. But her scar hinders that. An ugly scar created of three lines, streching from her hairline, all the way down to her jaw. They go through eyesbrows and over eyelits, making it look very brutal. People used to call Skye "beautiful". Now, they just look away from her, saddened.

Height: 5'2

Weapon: While being in the forest, her sister has taught her how to handle a couple of weapons. Skye first thought she was bad with weapons, as she didn't see herself as a fighter however after a while of training and trying around with different weapons she found two weapons that she was good with. The first one was the bow and arrow. Skye's lack of strength would not matter, only her accuracy and agility to shoot. After Skye's sister gave her a bow she quickly mastered it. She was born to shoot with a bow. Skye also had a second weapon she could use. An awl. A bow and arrow were good to hunt with, but if Skye didn't make a deathly shot, she would have to finish the animal off with a melee weapon, but most weapons was to heavy for Skye. However Skye tried an awl and found out that the little needle like weapon was great to use. Like the bow, she didn't need strength, just accuracy and agility.

Strength: Skye has always been an agile girl. Quick on her feet, and never seeming to trip. She would need that, to quickly get away from her father and up to her room, when she sensed that he was in a bad mood. Her agility is what makes up for her all size and weak body. Cause of all the time she used in the forest, The skills she masters the most is climbing. Skye would always be the one doing the climbing when her sister and her was out in the forest. Climbing made her feel free. A new person. At first she would only climb trees but her skill has developted and she can now climb pretty much anything. Her last skill is traps. Sometimes, Skye would prefer to rather be paticient than chasing an animal with a bow, and so her trapping-skills was needed.

Weakness: Skye has never had a lot of strength. Her light weight made it so that she didn't need a lot of muscels when she would climb, so her muscels never really got to grow a lot, and her small physical apparance didn't help either. Because of that, she's quite easily beaten in hand-to-hand combat, cause, again, she never really had many muscels. Also she's quite insecure and would always doubt herself, and although she can svim, she's not very good at it.

Fears: After what happened in her past, with her father giving ther that scar, she now gets terrified if anyone touches her face, the only exceptions was Skye's sister. Also Skye really hates arguments, and she is often scared if someone will force her into. Also, cause of the physical abuse, Skye has a rational fear of being hit. She has tried to forget the memories of her father hitting her, but will be almost forced to remember it if she feels that pain again.

Interviews: Shy and sweet, humble, impressed by Capitol, smart in her own way, a little nervous about the interview

Bloodplan strategy/ strategy for the games: Take stuff within 5 meters and run to woods for cover before any of the careers reaches the cornucopia

Token: she got an arrow head shaped in wood in a string she wears around her neck. It used to belong to her mother and then to her sister.

Alliance: She's kinda shy and won't ally unless asked. She is a good people analyser and won't ally with just anyone. She is more likely to join with an older female tribute that reminds her of her sister.

District 11 Male: Conner Machado (ViniciusDeAssis1999)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Conner is nice and sweet, but he is a popular boy though. He can't talk with the girls, but he is really shy and anti-social with them.

History: Conner was living a somewhat okay life, on a normal house in the center of the

district. His mother was working at the school as a janitor, and his father (Tarle, 37 years old) was a lumberjack that worked on the forest part of Conner's district. His father teached him how to work with axes, and Conner learned how to discover what plants and insects are edible or no. His mother died when he was eight years old, because of a cancer on the stomach. Tarle went mad, and he spent a long time ignoring Conner. When Conner was thirteen years old, he and his father were in the forest, cutting some high trees to sell to the Peacekeepers of the district. By mistake, Conner ripped his father's arm off and his father started to bleed a lot. Conner took him to a hospital, and some doctors healed his father. Tarle left Conner on the house and he moved himself to a lumberjacks' center and Conner started to work alone on the forest. He started to gain money and he started to live by himself.

Weapon: Axes (throwing and non-throwing)

Strenght: Tree Climbing, Strenght

Weakness: Swimming, Trustworthy

Token: None

Other: Alliance: A duo; Height: 6'0

District 12 Female: Slyder Crescendo (Aniju Aura)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5'7

Appearance: brown hair with a pink streak and blue eyes

Weapon: Cross-bow or anything she can throw

Strengths: Slyder knowns a lot about plants and animals, she can climb trees, but she is not the best at it as District 11 people are, she also knowns how to track.

Weaknesses: Slyder had the bad habit of sayin what's she thinking so sometimes that gets her into trouble, she is short temptured which can cause her to become un forcused.

Fears: Thunder or any sound that is like it, like the Canons.

Interview Angle: Be smart and say a few joys, seem friendly and like she knowns what she is doing

Bloodbath Strategy: Punch the closest person to her, unless it is an ally, grab something, maybe kiss the cloest guy to her and run like hell!

Token: A red bandana that belonged to her brother Dexter

Alliance: Anyone, perferable allying with another group of none careers, then joining the Careers and acting as a spy for her allies. Maybe someone from District 11 so they can use to birds to comunicate to each other.

District 12 Male: Telav (Tell-ahv) Tibaabi

District: 12

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Personality: Cocky, friendly, slightly mean

Appearance: He has pale skin and (natural) bleach-blond hair. He has dark green eyes. Lunaii soon

History: He is a descenent of Rechov from your games :) He lives in the seam, but still has enough money to be well off in his district. He has lots of friends at school and stuff, but he was always a little different somehow

Weapon: Bow and arrow or a slingshot.

Strenght: Aim, tackling, intimidating. Also good at tackling

Weakness: Knows nothing of plants or shelter-building, or anything really about living wild

Token: Small stuffed bunny

District 13 Female: Sloan Gardner (FastFoodKnight)

Age: 12

Gender: Female ...

District: 13

Appearance: (picture included)

Personality: Head strong and fierce. Sloan is quick to trust others, but just as quick at deciding you aren't worth her time. Though she is from district 13 she acts more like a girl from district 2. She is a chatter box and is just as likely to talk you to death as put a sword through your chest. She is full of energy and seems to have more than enough of it to spare. Sloan is also fairly bright for a girl her age, but she trusts people a little too easily as well, so one might call her naive.

History: Sloan's mother and father originally came from district 2; but when he father was assigned the position of head peace keeper for district 13 the entire family moved. Sloan was raised mostly by her mother, and was taught life from the view of a district 2 resident. She was taught that the hunger games are a proud tradition and the act of participating is a great honor to ones family. She was taught to hold a weapon by the age of 4 and could wield most blades by 7. She doesn't have many friends, but doesn't mind (she spends most of her time training for the hunger games anyway). Sloan never really embraced District 13 as her home, having started in district 2 as she did. She was never poor or wanting for much and never felt the angry sting of hunger before the games.

Reaction to the reaping: Ecstatic! She volunteers before anyone can be called. The members of district 13 are caught off guard by her over zealous reaction to the reaping and as such do not show her much care.

Token from district: A simple silver ring with a sapphire (her mothers engagement ring)

Strengths: She is proficient with most blades (excluding the long sword, broad sword, and claymore), doesn't tire easily, very fast, and very quite.

Weaknesses: Doesn't know plants as well as she should, she can't make a trap/snare/ or her own weapons. Trusts people too quickly (but is also likely to back-stab), have never been in the woods before.

Fears: Large dogs

Choice of Weapon: Any blade (excluding the long sword, broad sword, and claymore), preferably daggers/ stiletto's/short sword.

District 13 Male: Thomas Adrian Parker (Theman77)

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Personality: Thomas loves the Capitol. He is completly devoted to them, and is hostile towards most tributes that don't like them. His opinions will change as he sees how evil they are. I'll allow you to decide when this happens.

Appearance: He has multi-colored hair, to show his devotion to the colorful Capitol lifestyle.

History: He saw how amazing the Capitol was and TBC

Weapon: I need one primary weapon and any secondary weapons TBC

Strenght: What this character is good at TBC

Weakness: What this character is not good at or a fear TBC

Token: a lucky charm? TBC

Other: Anything else not mentioned above that is important to the character TBC

Revived TributesEdit

A list of revived tributes.

Capitol Male: Fabio Batone  (~PopTart~)


Gender: Male









Capitol Female: Ivi Cade  (.:~*Golden Viper*~:.)

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height: 5"9

History/Backstory: She was born in District 11. Her parents raised enough money to bring the whole family to the Capitol. However a fire happened in their house and the whole family was killed except Ivi. Ivi was able to go to the Capitol. She didn't have a job so she lived in the poor side of the Capitol. Then she was offered a job in the Hunger Games as a gamemaker. She was a gamemaker for 2 years.  She helped make this year hunger games. After the reapings of the Capitol tributes she switched places with the Capitol female so she can save the poor 12yr old girl.

Personality: Nice, Funny

Weapon: Knowledge of the Hunger Games Arena, Stealth

Strength: Knives, Stealth, Running

Weakness: Swimming, Climbing

Allies: None

Bloodbath Strategy: Go run to the forest

Token: Game maker pin.

Power: Ivi was from the Captiol before she was killed her her Hunger Game. Kine allowed Snotbubble to experiment on her and fitted her with wires in her body. A computer chip was place in Ivi's head, this gives her the ability to control the Arena's mechanics. Ivi can link up to any computer.

District 1 Male: Emerald Yacht (Nhtomanhawks22)

Age: 17

Personality: Nice, funny, charming, rebellious

Backstory: Emerald's family LOVES the Games. After every reaping they have a party at their house. Everybody in the district goes and it is the most popular party in the district. They hold the party because they have the best and biggest house in the district. While everyone is downstairs having fun, Emerald is up in his room. He hates the Games and is never volunteering, for a reason. President Snow and his family are friends but what is family dosen't know is that President Snow prostitutes him. If Emerald is in the Games he will get a million sponsors but if he wins he knows what his future beholds.

Appearence: 6'3, blond hair, blue eyes, tan skin, buff

Weapon: Spear, throwing knives

Strengths: Smart, running, strong

Weaknesses: Climbing trees, killing younger tributes

Interview angle: Charming, desirable, needs

Token: A district 1 seal picture

Alliance: Careers

Power: Emerald was from District 1 before he was killed in his Hunger Games. Emerald was revived and given the power to create crystals from the elements around him into an armors layer of skin.

District 1 Female: Jackie Devilin  (Theman77)

Power: Jackie was District 1 Female Tribute for the Vengence Games. Kine gave Jackie the power to produce poison in her bloodstream and her body creates quills that she can shoot from her arms.

District 2 Male: Axel Golden (Nhtomanhawks22)

Age: 16

Personality: Funny, mean, manipulative, arrogant

Backstory: Axel LOVES the Games. He has been training since age 2 and all his 6 brothers and sisters have won the Games. His family thinks he that he dosen't have to live up to their prophesy and volunteer. They said if you win great if you lose then we will be sad but we know you tried. He goes to Career Academy every die and his parents have to pay extra for him to stay after hours with the other rich citizens. He has gotten very good and has trained in almost every single area. But he gets frequent migranes and it hurts him. He takes pills alot and they only help a little bit though.

Appearence: 6'4, brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin

Weapon: Axe, sword

Strengths: Fast, strong, smart

Weaknesses: Arrogant. Frequent migranes

Interview angle: Intimidating, tough

Token: A fake mini little ax to remind him of home

Alliance: Careers

Poawer: Alex was from District 2 and was revived after his Game. He was given the ability to become invisible. Kine was trying to acheive Aniju's ability to become invisible however Axel only takes on the colors around him.

District 2 Female: Geneive Terrion (Prezziesnow9704:)!)

Gender: Female

Personality: Snide and nasty

History: Before she was reaped into her games she trained as much as she possibly could because she beleived if you mastered every weapon/ form of survival there was no wy that she could lose. She wasa reaped into her games and she joined the careers with her District partner and the D1 and D4 tributes. She made the 3rd kill of the bloodbath but the D4 male was killed by another tribute. This shocked him because he had the highest odds of winning. Then she started to lose her nerve when her district partner went kinda crazy. She was about to leave the careers and go find someone else to ally with but sh was attacked by ant/beetle like mutts that ate her from the inside out.

Weapon: Mace

Strengths: Good at throwing weapons,crossbows, bows, climbing running, hunting killing.

Weakness's: Cocky, gets a bit panicky sometimes and starts to lose her nerve.

Token: she lost it in her games.

Games: The Sponsio Games

Death: Eaten from the inside out by mutts

Power: Kine worked with the ants and allowed Geneive to control them.

District 3 Male: Gin Tonic (Aniju Aura)

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Personality: Timid, shy, cunning, intellangent, friendly

Appearance: Orange hair and green eyes

History: Gin lived his whole life in Distirct 3 and like most people from District3, he enjoyed any form of technology.His parents diedfrom disease leaving himand hid older brother Carlos. Ginw as Reaped into the Second Alliance Games, he was partners with Marko. After the Game he was revived and his knowladge was enhanced by Kine and his scienists.

Weapon: Blowgun and slings hsot

Strenghts: His knowladge of mechanical objects and his size

Weaknesses: He is weak, timid and shy

Token: His red bandana

Power: Technolagy

District 3 Female: Available

District 4 Male: Pirate Mast (Prezziesnow9704:)!)

Age: 12.

Gender: Male

Personality: Nasty,Arrogant,Abusive,Intimidating

History:Pirate was a creepy little boy before he was reapd. He was one of those little boys that just had a look about them that made you stay clear of him. He volunteered to go ino the games in the place of an 18 year old because he wanted to show panem that he was the best they had. When he entered the arena it was made for hime. It was just a plain of water. Him and his district partner were the first to the cornucopia, which was at the bottom of the ocean, ready to defend with the modified weapons. He was abputr to make the first kill of the games when a tribute from 11 stabbed him in the back. He died. But thanks to his mentor picking the correct box on a magic square it brought him back to life. He was able to go back to his fellow careers and started to argue with them because they didn't provide him with proper backup at the bloodbath. But then due to the magic square, another tribute was able to pick whatever weapon they wanted and chose to drop a missle on all of the careers, wiping them all out at the same time.

Weapon: Anything he can get his hands on

Strenghts: Intimidating,Abusive,Bully,

Weakness: When people where nice to him

Token: he didnt have one to start with

Hunger Game: Necterines Quell

Death: Stabbed underwater/Hit by a missle

Power: Kine turned him into a shark boy hybrid. Pirate can not leave the water for long so he needs to hang around a water source.

District 4 Female: Melony Yanis

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Reserved. She is smart, easy going and enjoys joking around; however long years of punishment for just those traits has taught her to hide her emotions.

History: Melony is the youngest daughter (of 4 daughters) to her (strict) parents Sibel and Cassie. She and the rest of her family are all fishermen by trade, but she was best at making the fishing gear. She is the only member of her family to be reaped. During her hunger games she refused the help of the careers and teamed up with a boy from district 3 instead.

Weapon: Net and Club combination.

Strenghts: Building tools, strong, very athletic, and sneaky

Weakness: she is very short (5"2), can't use long range weapons, allergic to most wild/field flowers

Token: A dragon shaped ring

Hunger Game: (which ever one works for you)

Death: Decapitated by district 2 male

Power: Telekinesis

District 5 Male: Pamline Falcone (The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo)

Age: 16

Gender: Male


History: Pamline was lost in the woods as a kid. With his little sister. He was found by a old couple, who raised him and his sister, But sadly, when he was 13 and his sister was 12, his sister was reaped. She was completely flattened and died in the bloodbath. This infuriated Pamline, and he went slightly mad over his sisters death, and volunteered when he was 16 so that he could take his revenge.

Weapon: Mace and Axe

Strenghts: He is strong. Very strong. He is amazing with heavy weapons, and great in close combat. He is strong and powerful. FInally, he is also good at survival and knows how to fend for himself

Weakness: he is very clumsy, and kinda overpowered. He is not that fast either, and not at all stealthy. He is slow and quite confused naturally.

Token: None

Hunger Game:!_Part_3!#Alliances

Death: Smashed over the head with a hammer

Power: Beserk is what Kine calls his power. Palime goes into a strange mood where he becomes evern stronger than he normal is. However this drains him quickly and he loses the ability to recongize friend from foe. Thus Pamline has an inplanted ship that paralyses him when he gets too out of control.  

District 5 Female: Petra Liit (The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo)

District: 5

Age: 16 I think, not 100% sure.

Gender: Female

Personality: Rough. Petra is a brutal minded girl, who is determined and overall focused. She will not get disrupted, and is very strategic and intelligent.

History: She was born as a twin, her twin was called Simion Liit. Sadly he was reaped in a special games as a 5 year old, and actually did ok. In the end, the Capitol got scared and decided to stop the kids killing eachother, and took out Simion and 5 others. Though sadly, Simion was never the same. As they grew up he was an empty shell and had no personality, but Petra stayed with him. But sadly, she was also reaped. And the worse thing for her, was that her brother did not even shed a tear.

Weapon: Axe

Strenghts: She is strong. Amazingly so. She is great with close ranger weapons, and is also very reliable. She can handle herself, and knows how to survive. And is also an amazing climber.

Weeknesses: Her overpower. She is quite overbearing, and can try and take the lead to much. And just fails. She is also not a good swimmer, and is terrible with long ranged weapons.

Token: Her silver locket with her brothers image

Hunger Game: 106th by DrewLovesKuinn

Death: Stabbed by a knife

Power: TBC

District 6 Male: Available

District 6 Female: Serelle Calter (Thena.airice14)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Calm, caring, patient. (She has twin siblings, Carma and Tran, who are 2 so try her patience often!)

History: Serelle lived in the richer part of 6 with her twin siblings, father and mother. Her parents were all for equality, and so made her take tessarae to be equal with most of the other candidates. During the games, Serelle survived the bloodbath and found her way to the control room. She then met up with Enili McGee, a previously organised alliance. Day 3, she sustained a wound to her leg, but she was given medicine for it. In the afternoon of Day 5 however, Serelle was stabbed by Aldo Gambetti in the chest and died.

Weapon: Bow and arrow

Strenghts: Likeability, and ability to stay hidden

Weakness: Wasn't great in a fight

Token: Her necklace

Hunger Game: 121st Games

Death: Stabbed in chest by a sword (Aldo Gambetti)

Power: When she was revived she was given the power of electrocution. She can also drew out energy from near by mechanical opjects, irritating Gin sometimes. Serelle also helps works as the energy source for some of the building in the Arena, setting off traps.

District 7 Male: Cornelius Richards

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: Quiet, shy, timid.

History: Cornelius is the only child of his parents (who died in a fire when he was 3) he is now raised by his grandfather. As a child he was often sickly, which caused him to grow into a feeble and weak teenager. He was always too weak to work cutting trees and making lumber, so he worked as a 'house wife'.

Weapon: none (he is not proficient in any one type of weapon)

Strenghts: good with traps and puzzles, can cook anything edible, basic survival skills.

Weakness: weak, slow, prone to illness

Token: Grandfathers favorite flannel over-shirt

Hunger Game: (whichever one works

Death: Bludgeoned to death.during the opening cornucopia blood bath

Power: can become intangible for.short periods of time

District 7 Female: Henna Mason (AxedFox)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Hanna was a constructive, cheerful girl who loved nature and the outdoors. Hanna would never have a frown on her face, and she would never have got angry at someone.

History: Hanna lived a happy life in District 7 with her brothers, sisters and cousins, until her happy life was burnt to a crisp when she was reaped. Although on the inside she felt like bursting out in tears, she still managed to keep that beautiful smile on her face. During her games, she was trying to find her cousin Beech, but once she saw his face in the sky, she knew there was no way that he could be brought back to life. Hanna was so close to winning, when a boy named Berke pierced her chest with a spear.

Weapon: Axe

Strenghts: Sprinting, Climbing, Plant knowledge.

Weakness: Swimming, Fighting.

Token: Her read beanie with a red flower attatched to it.

Hunger Game: 56th Hunger Games

Death: 4th out of 24 - Spear to the chest.

Power: TBC

District 8 Male: Available

District 8 Female: Cleo Welch  (~PopTart~)

Age: 13

District: 8

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy, Timid, Unless she's just talking with Theo

History: Cleo lives in a small house with her brother, Theo, and mother. Their mother has been unemployed for a long time, and her father ran away when she was young. Her grandmother was relocated to District 6 because she had skills in engineering.

Weapons: Throwing Knives

Strengths: Using Cammouflage, Hunting

Weaknesses: Technology Use, Making Alliances

Power: To Be Decided...

District 9 Male: Bluestar Ngome (District10male)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Serious and hard-working, but sort of friendly (in his own way) if you get to know him.

History: Bluestar lived in the factory part of 9 with his dad on the bottom floor of an apartment. His BF wolfface was reaped with him for the 155th games. They made an alliance with the tributes from 3 and 13 and enemies with the careers. He saw his first star in the arena and that his his best moment.

Weapon: Throwing stars

Strenghs: Climbing and courage. He also has been swimming ever since he was a baby.

Weaknesses: Has hypoglycemia which causes his blood sugar to drop at random times. Also he is gone a little crazy after being traunamautized by his games and separation with Wolfface

HG: 155th

Death: At the end of the games all the tribute's supplies came to life and started to attack the remaining 3 tributes. He put a man-eating backpack over Brockenbone (1)'s head which killed him, but still he bled to death faster than wolfface and got 2nd place. The last thing he saw was the stars.

Power: TBC

District 9 Female: Oreale Gae (.:~*Golden Viper*~:.)

Gender: Female


Personality: Shy, Silent

Backstory: Oreale was born in district 9. Her mother and father partcipated in a uprising. The Capitol got her mom and dad and tortured them. Then they got her whole family and made them into Avoxs including Oreale. They killed her family in front of her mom and dad except for Oreale. They throwed Oreale into the Hunger Games so the parents can watch her die.

Appearance: Oreale has bright magenta hair and blue eyes

Weapons (up to three): Knives, Daggers, Axes

Skills: Healing, Tracking, Climbing

Weaknesses: Swimming, Physical. Mutts

Strategy: Run to the forest

Alliance(s): None

Power: Oreale was revived with the ability to fly. Her arms were morphed into wings.

District 10 Male: Robin Slide (ViniciusDeAssis1999)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Robin was always a sweet and nice boy, who liked to love everybody who mets with him on the street.

History: Before his Games, he never worked, because his mother was the mayor of the district. Although, his father was a cowboy and worked a lot on farms on the poor parts of the district. For his whole life, Robin never touched an animal or any type of wild specie. But one day, his mother was murdered by many rebels on the district. Robin ran away to the house of his father, on a large farm. During his first years, Robin never played with the animals and he spent all his childhood inside the house, never on the animals area. But one day, some thieves invaded the farm when his father went hunt on the forest. The thieves found Robin hidden on a closet and one of them pointed a gun in his direction. Surprising him, a cow invaded the house and knocked the thief to the ground. All the other thieves ran away from his house and Robin started to pay attention at his animals. On the reaping day, he was taking care of her cow, but she died due natural causes and he got really depressed. The only exit was volunteering for the Hunger Games. During his Games, he always kept with his district partner Ella at his side. During the final day, he was suffocated and died spelling Olla's name to the victors.

Weapon: Sword

Strenghts: Tree Climbing, Speed, Controlling Animals

Weakness: Too trustworthy, Heavy Weapons

Token: None

Hunger Game:

Death: Suffocated in dust

Power: Robin almost won his Game till he was drowned in dust. When his body was dug up, his body cavity was filled with sand. Kine worked with this, infusing Robin to the sand because he was revived. Robin now can contral sand, dust or any form of soil. 

District 10 Female: Isis Hathora (ViniciusDeAssis1999)

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Personality: Isis was a kind and determined girl, and she was strong and auto-confident. She loves take care of any specie of animals.

History: Isis was born from a young mother, that recused her as a daughter. Then, Isis started to live with her young father, which is most generous than her mother. He started to be the main actor in the district's auditorium and Isis became rich as her father. All in Isis' life turned very good, but one day, her father was killed by several fans of his main enemy. Isis went crazy and the only place she thought was the big forest of her district. She left all her things at her old home, and she went directly to the forest. There, she found some rabbits playing on the lake and she started to take care of them for some minutes, but one day, they all got killed by some hunters and she killed the hunters with traps and snares. Then, all the animals that live in the forest started to like Isis. But one year before the reaping, she found a poor and injuried cow alone in the forest and she helped it, giving some medicine using the plants from the forest. Isis gave the cow's name as Sophia, to remind her of her great father, who was called Sopho. On the Games, she spent most of the time alone and hidden.

Weapon: Knife

Strenghts: Tree Climbing, Plants Identification

Weakness: Physical Strenght, Swimming

Token: A photo of her cow, Sophia.

Hunger Game:!

Death: Stabbed with a sword by a career (I have no idea what she will do as power)

Power: Isis was Revived by Kine and he attached some tentacle like vines to her arms and roots to her feet. He commetted that he wasn't to make a Spriggan. He also revived Isis' cow Sophia but armored her in scales and attached larger horns

District 11 Male: Available

District 11 Female: Jayy Sparrow (TheMysteriousGeek)

Age: 15

Skills: Can convert any animal to her side by mimicking their sounds can master anything, Bow and arrows.

Weakness: Loves Luke and Robin (but the latter only like a brother.)

Strategy: Hide with the animals- use the snakes to bite people

Personality: Clever funny cautious

History: Lives in District 11 and has been able to enchant any animal from a young age. Trained by a victor because of her talent.

Apperance: Green and brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin.

Family: Mum, Dad, Robin.

Token: A locket with the picture of all of her family and pets

Power: Jay was revived after she was shot to death by arrows in her Hunger Games. Kine played on her natural ability to speak to animals, but infusing her DNA with that of that minic octapus. Now Jay's body has tenticals draping from her body and has the ability to morph into other people and minic voices.

District 12 Male: Available

District 12 Female: Holly Edwardson (TheMysteriousGeek)


Skills: Cooking, animals, plants.

Weakness: Can't/won't fight

Arena strategy: Cook animals and plants. Live wild!

History: Normal child. Has 6 siblings and 1 parent. The other one died in an explosion. She looks after the family.

Family: Six siblings, mum

Personality: Happy, Carefree

Apperance: Red hair,Green eyes, Pale skin.

Token: A Drum

Power: To Be Decided...

District 13 Male: Gerald Durrell was District 13 Male Tribute for the Vengence Games. He was killed by an arrow to the head and a knive to the chest. Gerald was given a gift and experimented on so he could control his TB, now a more refined version known as GTB. Gerald can unlock the intensity of his powers by removing the arrow from his head or the knive from his chect or both to fully unlock his powers, however this makes him extremely weak and sick afterwards. (Aniju Aura)

District 13 Female: Leeya Gongzhou

Age: She was 14 at the time of death

Gender: Female

Personality: Very talkative, slightly rude, sassy and great at making friends

History: In 13, she was adopted by a nice family. She had lots of friends at school because of her talkative nature. She was training to become a silversmith with the graphite and diamonds from 13's mines and market them in the Capitol when she got older. But she was reaped for the 155th games. There she made an alliance with Bluestar, Wolfface, Ajex, and Ambej.

Weapon: Bagh Nakh, a clawlike weapon

Strenghts: hiding, beating people up (despite her size), kicking and biting

Weakness: She's very cocky and sarcastic, and has a short temper.

Token: metal bracelet with a small blue bead on it.

Hunger Game: 155th games on your wiki

Death: Her ally ajex made a mine trap, but it ended up killing her, Ajex, Ambej, and 3 careers in a huge explosion. She fell to the bottom of the lake, and now she has a cut on her arm where a fish ate.

Escorts and MentorsEdit

List fo Escorts

Capitol Escort --- Ernesto Swift (Sparrow) He was in his split personality Sparrow

District 1 Escort --- Ricou Ilanga

District 2 Escort --- Crumble Jimpson

District 3 Escort --- Moliere Rednose

District 4 Escort --- Mumbulu Njovu

District 5 Escort --- Woolf McDreamy

District 6 Escort --- Kiboko Njovu

District 7 Escort ---- Kaluha Nequoia

District 8 Escort ---- Jan Kriple

District 9 Escort ---- Arcee Lebowski

District 10 Escort ---- Loredo Mentawai

District 11 Escort ---- Pitio McGee

District 12 Escort ---- Eigg Hudson

District 13 Escort ---- Shallot Mauer


Capitol: (If I don't get a Capitol as I know they hardly win, The Mentor will be Ernesto)





District 1:





District 2:





District 3:





District 4:





District 5: Amalfi Crescent

Age: 39

Gender: Female

Game: 234th Hunger Games

Creator: Thena.airice14

District 6:





District 7:





District 8:





District 9:





District 10:





District 11:





District 12:





District 13:







The Arena

The Arena is a futuristic city fill with tall buildings made of metal, wires, pipes, tubes and glass. It is always dark in the Arena and in the sky, the Gamemakers and Scientist head carters can be seen at all times. A tall tower simply known as The Pillar stands at the center which houses a giant artufical sun. Constent music can be heard over the loudspeakers. A large clock shaped like a moon is the only form of time in the Arena, other than clocks found inside the building, however none fo these have correct time. A sun or a moon will rise on the face of the clock to show AM or PM. To west there is a large Gothic Church topped with bells and to the south is the only park called South Park complete with a small forest and lake. There are three Domed Buildings each containing a different theme, the first is an Amusment Park, the second is a Museum and the last is a Coliseum where a deadly surpise awaits. Tributes will have to find food and resources inside the buildings but they will also find other surpirses some good and some bad.


I need to write down who gets which point of veiw for the Reapings.

Capital - District 13 Thomas Andrew Parker Theman77)

District 1 - District 12 Slyder Crescendo (Aniju Aura)

District 2 - District 11 Conner Machado (ViniciusDeAssis1999)

District 3 - District 10 Grace Pearson (CrazytrainWFT)

District 4 - District 9 Quinoa Soal (The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo)

District 5 - District 8 Xavier Thread (The MysteriousGeek)

District 6 - District 7 Selena Kay (Prezziesnow9704:)!)

District 7 - District 6 Asper Dell (The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo)

District 8 - District 5 Lakota Feah (.:~*Golden Viper*~:.)

District 9 - District 4 Naomi Eribach (~PopTart~)

District 10 - District 3 Aiden McFinnegan (FastFoodKnight)

District 11 - District 2 Pending (AxedFox)

District 12 - District 1 Pending

District 13 - Capitol Smick  Tricket (Nhtomahawks22)

The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo got to go twice. Ivory or Konlok will get a Point of Veiw pending on who is more interesting to write as. Either CrazytrainWTF or Theman77 will get another POV pendinging on who's character is more interesting.


Pre- Chariot Rides

Reeba, Frankie, Ivory and Smick Point of Veiws for pre Chariot Rides.

Chariot Rides

Capitol --- Smick and Oona dressed in colorful outfits made of silks and feathered beaded with jewels. Smick has on a torquoise and magenta suit with a ring of feathers. Precious gems drapped from his head and around his neck. He has one a crowd. Oona has one a dress of the same colors with jewels haning from her weist, neck and head.

District 1 --- Jake and Chloe dress in an Indian atire 

District 2 --- Konlok and Ivory dressed as viking like warriors

District 3 --- Aiden and Selene dress in steampunk outfits. Aiden dressed in a suit with a top hat complete with a gear.

District 4 --- Noami and Pirate dressed in blue and silver outfits, the bottum parts fabric like scales

District 5 --- Chase and Latoka dressed in black and blue with neon lights lining the seams of their outfits.

District 6 --- Asper and Paola dressed in silver and gold

District 7 --- Rowan and Selena dress in orange and green. Selena has on a an orange dress that fades into green leaves at the buttom.

District 8 --- Xavier and Reeba dress in victorian style outfits that are maroon and pearol white. Ernesto put a lot of make-up on Reeba's face to cover her scars.

District 9 --- Quiona dress in old countrey fashion. Ouiona has pigtails and a red and white dress.  

District 10 --- Frankie and Grace dress in animal fur like outfits. Frankie has a bison like head-dress while Grace has feathers in her hair.

District 11 --- Conner dress in green and silver outfits wit colors of green leaves. Girl dress in a pink thress with purple leaves at the buttom, lines with silver. Fruit in her hair.

District 12 --- Telav and Slyder dress in black and silver outfits both carrying pickaxe.

District 13 --- Thomas and Sloan dress in black armor like suits trim with neon green. Ernesto originally put gas mask on their head.

Chariot Rides Point fo Vewis

Telav Tibaabi of District 12

Selena Kyle of District 7

Sandy Shipwreck of District 4

Jake Lehouk of District 1

Before Chariot RidesEdit

Reeba Alyce Graver of District 8

So we arrived at the Capitol finally. I don't think I could spend another second on the train with Xavier. He made it perfectly clear he doesn't like me. I spend the past few hours listening to ways he is going to kill me. Well I least I know now what to look out for. Our Escort Jan led us to the building we would be calling home before we die in the Arena. A few other Districts had arrived already however we were not the last. My room had to be right next to Xavier's so I'll be keeping my door locked.

After settling down in my new living arrangments, which was better than at home other than the fact that I had to still worry about someone hurting me, I decided to go talk to my Mentor Ayleta Hier. She is really old and one of our few District 8 Victors. She was kept alive all these years by being hook to this machine till recently. The new scientist some how did this new experiment on her that revived her body a few years back. She now appeared to be in her 60's, which with our mechine is like the new 30's. I don't know what they did but it worked. Ayleta knew a lot about the Hunger Games, she has seen many so I trust her advice.

"Since you have nevery few fighting skills," Ayleta went on. "Focus on survival instead. Let the other tributes killeach other off. Try and find a place with good resources and stay put. Avoid the other tributes and keep a low profile. That be the best way for you to win."

"What about Xavier?" I asked.

"He would be one of the other tributes you should avoid."

"Yeah I know," Xavier said he wouldn't kill me till we got into the Arena. I hope he keeps his promise. I want to enjoy my last three days alive. Ayleta was very smart. I think I will take her advice.

Frankie Moorland of District 10

I couldn't sit still in my room but they weren't letting us into the Training Room till everyone was here. I had to wait till it wasmy turn to be prepped and head off to the the Stylist who was Ernesto the Escort for the Capitol. Right now he was busy with the tributes from District 2. I could see other people were arriving when I looked out the window. I don't know how many people were here but I hope everyone would get here soon. Waiting was driving me crazy.

There was a lot of food in my room, like on the train, but I didn't want any. Now that I have all the food in the world I don't want it. I can't eat. My Mentor had disappared after we got off the train. Maybe they would let me see the horses for the chariot ride. When we were busy being Reaped, they picked up the horses for the charito rides from my District. I heard the horses in the train. I think they took Blossom, a paint horse. I recongized the sound she made.

My thoughts were interupted when I heard something going on outside my room. I opened my door and a neon green hair guy was dragging a some sort of machinary outside my room. I didn't want to ask because he was kind of weird look. He just smiled at me and some kind of glowing green fluid dripped out of his mount and nose. I just turned back into my room and closed the door. I decided to just watch TV and stay in my room. I was lucky enough to find a show about horses and friendship.

Ivory Kranium of District 2

So we were getting prepped for the Chariot rides. The Stylist who was the Escort for the Capitol was debating on what to do with my hair.

"We can cut it," he said to his assistant.

"You're not cuting my hair!"

"We can color it."

"You're not coloring my hair."

Ernesto flip my hair forward so it covered my face.

"You look like Cousin It," he laughed. "Oh wait I forget you don't know what they it... Well maybe I will dress you like Rapunzel."

"Doesn't our outfit have to reflect our District?" I asked.

"Oh yeah... District 2 is like the pets of the Capitol." I knew where he was going so glared at him. "Well I don't want to dress you like an animal soooo. Maybe I'll just drap you hair around you body and you'll just wear that."

God this guy couldn't get over my long hair. I wasn't going out there wearing nothing but my own hair even if he was joking. I looked over and saw Konlok giggling at me. Ernesto started to comb my hair and pin it up.

"I think I know what I should do for the both of you." He finally said with a smile.

I wasn't sure what he was going to do but as long as they left my hair alone.

Smick Trinket of the Capitol

Now that I sat waiting for the other Districts tributes to arrive and visit Ernesto and his stylist team. It was weird tht there was only one prep team this year. Ever since Billy Van Helsing became the President, the Hunger Games have been different. I think she liked wathcing people get killed or something, I don't know. I sat all dressed for the Chariot Rides after Ernesto was done with me and Oona. She sat beside me waiting too. We didn't really talk much. She was a grade above me so we didn't really know each other.

Our Escort Ernesto's was nice and his weirdness kept my mind off of the Hunger Games. I bet this was how the None Career Districts felt before entering the Games. At least I trained a litter so I stood some chance but still there were some scary people who would be going into the Hunger Games with me.

"Do you want to ally with the Careers," I asked Oona.

She just shrugged at me. I did not know if I was good enough for the Careers. I wasn't really good with any weapon particular but anyone could swing a sword or stab with a knife. I didn't know if Oona was good with any weapons either.

The boy from District 3 walked pasted me with a blue ribbon in his hands. I guess Ernesto was done with the Tributes from District 2. The guy from 3 was really tall compared to me. Now that I think about it most of the tributes looked young this year. I wished my parents waited till I was 18 to volunteer. Maybe I should have kept things to myself. The girl from 3 came into the room and joined her partner at Ernesto's station. Then I heard something loud fall and the doors bursted open. A guy with green hair wearing purple pushed a large machine of some kind into the room.

"What are you doing," Ernesto yelled at him.

"I am fixing the Broken Machine," the guy replaied with green goo come out of his mouth.

"Put that back where you found it Snotbubble!" Ernesto order. "You know the Broken Machine needs to remain broken!"

"Awe, okay..." The guy appropreatly called Snotbubble signed. "What are you doing? Can I help?!"

Before Ernesto could answer, Snotbubble dropped everything he was carrying, gears, wires, a toaster, tools, and some nuts and bolts, and dashed over to the prep area. He began to picked up everything ont he table, examining them before tossing them aside.

"Stop that!" Ernesto grabbed him from behind and picked him up lifting him away from the table. "You're getting you slim everywhere!"

Paola Fernand of District 6

I was waiting for my turn with the weird stylist named Ernesto. Then an even weirder guy called Snotbbuble came into the room and was causing trouble.

"Don't you have to work on the Arena," Ernesto asked him.

"Oh yeah, the Arena!" Snotbubble said excitedly as he dashed out of the room leaving all the stuff he brought in with him just laying on the ground. The guy from 3 went over and collected it, taking to his corner. I rubbed my arm. I had gotten burn when I helped a man out of a burning building in the martet place. My Escort Kiboko had bandagedme up a bit and told me once we got to the Capitol I could get some medicine for my burns. I hadn't received any yet.

While waiting for a turn with Ernesto or waiting for everyone to be done, there were things to occupy up, like a video game area, a TV, some books and magazines and food. The Careers had taken over the video games while the TV was occupied by the people from the Capitol, 5, 9 and 10. Latoka was trying to explain to Quinoa how the TV worked. Aiden was sitting in his conner taking the things Snotbbuble had left apart and then putting them back together. Asper was looked at a book about survival so I sat by myself.

I just wanted this all to be over but yet I didn't want to ever get to the actual Game. I probably should have been making friends and formed Alliances but I didn't feel like it at the moment. I knew I probably would die but I couldn't stand the waiting. My stomach felt like it was full of warm oil. Then my legs started to twitch and shake as if I were cold but I wasn't. I felt dizzy as if I woudl blackout and my heart started to beat real slow like it was going to stop. God what was wrong with me? I felt like I was dying. I didn't want to die. Not like this. All I wanted to do was lie down but I was scared to give in. What should I do? Should I tell someone? Who could I tell? Where was Asper and Kiboko. I couldn't see them because everything started to fade away into blackness from the corner of my eyes like I was being closed in. The last thing I saw was the wall and then the ceiling.

Chleo Madison of District 1

What was that? Oh God the girl from 6 just collapsed! Hilarious! Wait is she okay? Did she just die or something? How adre she? Before we even get to kill people in the Arena she goes and dies on us?! A crowd gathered around her. Ernesto pushed them out of the waywith his sheathed sword. Naomi was up front with him as he examined her. The Escort for 6 came into the room.

"Paola! What happen?! Is she okay?!"

"Yeah, I believe she just faithed from a panci attack," Ernesto told him calmly. "Just take her to her room and watch her."

"She probably be an easy kill then," Konlok said.

"Dude, how mean," Aiden from 3 snapped back.

Konlok just shrugged and went back to playing video games with Jake. Paola was taken to her room with Kiboko and Asper, her District partner, close behind. Well with that over everything returned to normal till it was the guy from District 8 turn to see Ernesto. He didn't want to wear whatever it was Ernesto wanted him to wear.Ernesto had to put a lot of make-up on Xavier's District partner Reeba to cover up her scars and bruises.

"I'm not wearing that!" Xavier yelled at the top of his lungs.

"You need to match Reeba. You only have to wear this for a night, a few hours. Then you can take it off."

"No don't touch me!" Xavier started to kick his legs out.

Enresto strapped him to the chair so he couldnt' move but that didn't stop Xavier from screaming and fighting.

"Fine I didn't want to do this but you left me no choice."

Ernesto placed large headphones over Xavier's ears. Within a few seconds Xavier calmed down and stopped moving. He just started at the ceiling. While Ernesto was finishing up with Xavier, District 11 arrived finally. The last District who hadn't shown up yet were Distrits 7, 12 and 13 because they were the fatherest from the Capitol. When Ernesto was finishing up with both Tributes from 8, Asper, who had returned to the room when it was 9's turn, started to complain about being dizzy. Great something is wrong with both of 6's. Ernesto stopped what he was doing and went over to him and checking him out.

"Vertigo," was all Asper said.

"Okay just sit here with your eyes closed. If you don't feel better soon they you should go back to your room."

Asper recovered after a while when the last three District 13, 12, and 7 arrived.

Skye Silverguard of District 11

I was nervous about my turn with the Stylist. Ernesto was going to have to touch my face and I didn't want him too. He was finishing up with District 8, after he took care of Asper from District 6. Ernesto was also a Doctor somehow. I was sitting with my partner Conner. It was awkward on the train with him. He was four years older than me. He was polite and kept his eyes off of my scars. We didn't talk much, thank god for Shallot. She talked most of the time and kept our minds off of the Hunger Games.

Ernesto called over the Tributes from Districrt 9. Quinoa and Craig went over to him and his crew. Quinoa wanted to keep her headbane on.

"I need to work with the color fo your hair. I love it!" Ernesto then turned to the boy. "You're not going to like what I plan on putting on you so I need to twick it a bit."

Ernesto didn't spend much time on the 9 people because he wasnted to keep their natural beauty. I guess he thought they were beautiful. I couldnt' help but wonder what he would think of me. Quinoa seemed to like the attention. She wanted Ernesto to put up her hair and style her nails and put lot so mack-up on her, so he changed his plans and did what she wanted a bit while sticking to his original idea. Then he started on the boy. The guy just sat there and said nothing.

"Sorry I have to dress you up and put make-up on your face," Ernesto apolagized. "But I have to so you'll get lots of sponsors, maybe from pretty girls... or boys, whatever you prefert."

He finished up with hte Tributes from District 9 and soon sent them on their way. Then he called over the Tributes from District 10. Frankie wanted to be a horse but Ernesto just looked at him.

"No Flutterskies and Pinkie Pies here boy," Ernesto said but I didn't get what he meant. "There be horses pulling your Chariot. I think the people would get confused if you looking just like them."

"Can I see the horses?" Frankie asked.

"Maybe after the Chariot Rides."

Ernesto cleaned them up and did their hair. Enresto seemed to really like stylish hair. He put feathers in Grace's hair and di her make-up. Then he finished up Frankie. It felt like it took forever but it was soon out turn. Conner took my hand and led me over to the Stylist Area. "Okay let's see what we have here" Ernesto stopped to look at us. "So what does your District do?"

"We collect fruists and nuts," Conner answered him.

"Okay, I think I will do fruit hats. Yes little one," Ernesto pointed to me. "Come here."

I sat on the chair and held still. The crew started doing things and worked on Conner a bit while Ernesto was doing something. He turned around with some hair combes and scissors in his hands. He started on my hair. He strimmed a few inches off and and combed it out. He didn't take too much off and just evened it out before he pinned my hair up. Then he stopped and looked at my face.

"You have pretty eyes. I want to bring those out."

"Please don't touch my face," I begged him.

"Yoo want me to make you look good for the Capitol people. You will need sponsors. You're wounds have healed over. They shouldn't hurt anymore. Don't worry I am a doctor."

"I don't anyone to touch my face."

"Did you see how pretty I made Reeba? I'll do the same for you." Ernesto poke me on the nose.

"Kay..." I agreed.

After first whenever Ernesto lifted his hands to my face, I flinched alittle. I could see my father's fist coming at me. Ernesto had nicer hands though. He told me to close my eyes and that helped a little and the make-up felt good on my face too but still I couldn't get the pain out of my head. Then Ernesto put some music one. It was music I never heard before. All instermental I think, sounded high-tech. Some how that made me feel btter.

Sloan Gardner of District 13

We finally arrived at the Captil just a few minutes before District 7 who was the last District to arrive. We had missed all the fun. The girl from 6 faithed and the guy from 8 fighting with the stylist. Thomas was too excited to be at the Capitol that it was sickening. He wouldn't stop talking about the Capitol all the way here. Marxxs, our Escort answered Thomas' stupid questions in one word sentances. God I just wanted to punch himbut Thomas kept moving around.

By the time we arrived the Stylist was working on the Tributes from District 12. When Ernesto was done and ready for us, I pushed Thomas out of the way. I was going first. Ernesto had us put on armored toxic waste suits for our chariot ride outfit. He also wanted toput gas masks on us but Thomas commented that it would cover our faces and sponsors wouldn't be able to seeus well.

"Well I was going for a Fallout looked but okay," Ernesto said.

"Fallout?" the girl from 4 questioned. She had been pocking around here and there and it was getting annoying.

"Oh yeah you guys don't know about video games." Ernesto replied to her. "Here I will do a little more on your make-up and you will be done."

I didn't think it was possible but Thomas was even more annoying than before. He talking about everthing Capitol related. He kept asking Ernesto about what it was like livining in the Capitol, about the clothes and outfits. God I just wanted to end him! When Ernesto was done with us, he started on Asper from 6 and later Paola went she recovered. Soon we were all done and ready for the Chariot Rides. I just wanted to be done with this all and get to the Games. We were hurried off to the chariots. Frankie from 10 stopped to say hello to a paint horse named Blossom who was pulling the chariot for 7. A peacekeeper shoved him along to his chariot.

Chariot RidesEdit

Telav Tibaabi of District 12

"It's a love night to have the Chariot Rides!" Kariros annouced. "We got a lovely parade prepared for you."

I was holding tightly to the Chariot handle bar. I have to admit I wasn't total okay with this. We weren't strapped in. Slyder thought it was cool but how ere we supposed to control the horses. I could heard the crowd cheering for the parade floats. The President wanted a bigger celebration that just chariot rides this year. She thought it was kind of boring and pointly if the Capitol people gather for like five minutes of chariots and a little speech by the President. There were fireworks which I though would spook the horses but they seemed pretty calm.

Beside us, there would be some floats for each of the Districts. They were eleabrate so I guess they built those before we were even reapped. I over heard Ernesto comment that we were supposed to ride on those but out of trudition the Tributes would ride on the chariots. There was also a marching band that came out before us and some dancers and balloons. It was the craziest celebration I have ever seen. Finally it was our turn and the horses started to move on their own once they hear a signal.

"I guess the horses will go on their own," Slyder said to me.

The Capitol started us off. Smick and Oona were dressed in colorful outfits made of silks and feathered beaded with jewels. Smick has on a torquoise and magenta suit with a ring of feathers. Precious gems drapped from his head and around his neck. He has one a crowd. Oona has one a dress of the same colors with jewels haning from her weist, neck and head. Kariros the announcer said they wer every modern. The Capitol chariot was pulled by white horses that had feather head dresses to match Smick and Oona's outfits.

Jake and Chloe from District 1 were dressed in what Kariors said "Indian atire." I don't know what that means. Chloe had on a long dress like robe that was red with a gold floral pattern. She had one lots of gold beans around her neck and head. Jake was dressed in a similar outfit but he had on some kind of clothe hat wrapped around his head. Their horses were a dark brown almost black with a gold chain and bells linking them to the chariot.

District 2 Tributes Konlok and Ivory dressed silver armor with animal like fur wrapped around them. Konlok had a bear head dress while Ivory had her hair tied in long pigtails with interwoven flowers and ribbon. She had on a helmet with two silver horns. Their horses were big brown horses with white socks and a white blaze on their face. There were two shield on the sides of the chariots.

Selena Kyle of District 7

Our chariot started to roll but we were still had to wait for the other Districts before us to run through. Kariros the pink hair announcer was reading off the designs made all by Ernesto and his team. I was happy he didn't make us tree this year.

District 3's chariot came out pulled by grey horses with white spots. Aiden and Selene were dressed in "steampunk" outfits. Aiden was wearing in a suit with a top hat complete with a gear. He had one some chains and little nik naks like watchest, gears and other machanical things. Ernesto even gave him a monical for his eye. Selene, who's name was very close to mine, was in a black and red dress. The lower part looked like it was made from metal bars, making her look a little like a machanical spider. She had on a bird cage veil that was black. A belt made of chains and gears hung around her weist.

Noami and Sandy were dressed in blue and silver outfits, the bottum parts fabric was like scales of a fish. A crowd of coral and shells toped Sandy's head while Noami had shells and pearls in her hair with sea star ear-rings. District4's chariot was pulled by sandy colored horses with pearls and shells in their manes. The chariot it's sell had giant shells around it so it matched the riders. The crowd cheered loudly for District four because they were Careers and most likely to win.

Chase and Latoka's chariot came out but the crowd was still cheering for District 4 so they were kind of over look at first. Both were dressed in sleek black and blue outfits with neon lights lining the seams of their outfits. The were actually glowing. "Now something out of a scene from Tron," Kariros said but I didn't know what he meant. Their horses were black with the rains glowing blue like the same color of Chase and Latoka's outfits. When the crowd finally notice them they were in awe by District 5.

Distict 6 was next, one more before us. Asper and Paola dressed in silver and gold and their outfits were very sleek like the were made of metal but I knew they were not. I saw them walking around before hand and up close they were made of fabric however from far away they looked real. Ernesto was a good designer I have to say. Their chariot was gold with black and white checker board like pattern I hear Ernesto say was like a taxi.

Finaly out chariot came into veiw. The horses just followed the chariot in front of them.

Sandy Shipwreck of District 4

Our horses came to a stop in their proper place. It seems they were trained to follow red colored lines on the ground. I wish we could have went a little longer. Riding this thing was fun and the crowd loved us! I turned to seeing the other chariots coming down the line starting with District 7.

Rowan and Selena were wearing in orange and green clothes. Selena has on a an orange dress that fades into green leaves at the buttom. She had leaves and flowers in her hair. Rowan, who looked like he wasn't confortable being on the chariot, was wearing a organe shirt with a birghter organge vast. There was a small collar or leaves around his neck and sleaves. Their paint horses had leaves and flowers in their manes.

After District 7 of course came District 8 which fashion was their thing! Xavier and Reeba dressed in "victorian style" outfits that were maroon and pearl white. Ernesto had to put a lot of make-up on Reeba's face to cover her scars and I remember Xavier through a fit when they were dressing him. He seemed to be out of it so Reeba had to hold him in place with one arm while holding herself. He had on a very nice vast that matched Reeba's big puffy dress. Their horses were chestnuts.

District 9 tributes were dressed in "old countrey fashion." Ouiona had pigtails and a red and white dress. Normally the Stylist went for somewthing grain colored or tied wheat to the Tributes but Ernesto didn't really do that. The guy who's name I forget was dress in the same colores but he had think sleeves that hung town. A floral parttern head dress was on their heads which kind of looked like wheat so I guess that is how their District's specialty was protrayed. Their horses were brown clydesdales which were common work horses in District 9.

District 10 were wearing animal fur like outfits, they weren't real animal fur though. Frankie had a bison like head-dress and had one leather vast. He had fathered around his arms with beans and bells. Their was some kind of markings on his vast and pants. Grace was wearing feathers in her hair and had on a flowing dress that was also made of leather over lapping. Their horses were organge and white with fathers in their hair.

Jake Lehouk of District 1

So we were waiting for the last few Districts to come down. District 11 was next. The guy was wearing a green and silver outfits with green leaves and fruit. He also had one a sash of fruits and nuts while the girl were in a pink dress with purple leaves at the buttom lines with silver. She had a fruit hat. Their horses swear yellow with black manes. It looned like the rodes around the horses were made of vines.

District 12's chariot came rolling down pulled by pure black horses. Telav and Slyder were in black and silver outfits and both were carrying pickaxe. Telav's outfit had a chain mess on the front while Slyder wore hers like a shirt. Both had one shoulder pads and silver and black boots. They looked though in their outfits but I bet I could take them once. Slyder began to swing her pickaxe around amost hitting her partner but he barely ducked out of the way. Hey they better not kill each other before I get a chance.

Finally the last District and it was those from 13. Both Thomas and Sloan were dressed in black armor like suits trim with neon green. Ernesto originally put gas mask on their head. Now these guys looked ever more thouther than District 13! I think the girl may be a Career but the guy well. Their horses were in armor as well and almost looked robatic! When their chariot came to a stop a couple fireworks shot into the air. It was time to hear from the President.

However she did not come out alone. Beside her stoo Kine, the Head Gamemaker. I guess he would give a little speech too. President Billy never gave long speeches. Really she was done after only speacking a few words about how it was an honnor to have such fine Tributes this year. Kind of sounded like the same speech she gave last year. I was right, after Billy, Kine took over. He said this years Games were have many new suprises and be very different from other Hunger Games. Crap what did I get myself into? There were some more fireworks to end the event and some plans that I have never seen before flew over head. Before knew it out horses charted us off back the stabble under the bulind we be living and training it.

Trainging Day 1Edit

Chase Pansworth District 6

Smick Trinket Capitol

Chleo Madison District 1

Slyder Crescendo District 12

Thomas Parker District 13

Day 1 of TrainingEdit

Chase Pansworth of District 5

"Wakie wakie Chase," Woolf whispered into my ear. "It's time to get up. It's time to get up. It's time to get up in the morning."

I really didn't want to get up. I spend most of the night playing video games that were in our room but I had to train for the Hunger Games. Woolf pulled the covers off of me. I groaned and rolled over. Wollf left me alone for a while to wake Lakota. I guess I slept for a while because when he came back it was fifteen minutes before training time. I hurried to get ready, putting on my training clothes, coming my hair and bushing my teeth. Woolf gave me an engery bar since I missed breakfast. I ate it on the way to the Training Room.

We were the last tributes there because I over slept. One of the scientist/ Gamemakers was there with Kine, the Head Scientist and Gamemaker. It was weird that Scientists were working as Gamemakers. Ernesto was there too. It seemed he had many jobs, Escort, Stylist and now a Trainer. Beside him, another person who looked fimiliar stood next to him. He had dark skin and wore a blue-black jacket with white goggles over his eyes. He also carried a sword like Ernesto. I guess he was going to train us too.

"Okay soon to be my new experiments!" Kine said, what did he mean by experiments? "Today we training so you don't die miserably in the Arena."

"I won't lose," Konlok said with a lot of confidence.

"That's nice boy. I will have everyone else train to kill you," Kines mirked back at Konlok. He just grunted. "Now the rest of you soon to be test subjects, I want to have you gusy do a litle test. To see what you are good at and have you train to advance those skills. I also want to find out what you suck horribly at, so I can point and laugh. Then have you train to at least not suck so much at those mkay?"

I didn't have a good feeling about this or Kine but I had to do the stupid tests. I wonder if this was what my brother had to do for his Hunger Game.

Smick Trinket of the Capitol

So since we were the Capitol Tributes, Oona and I were first to take the test. They had us go into another room where an obstacle course was set up. Lukcily for us, Kine didn't explain what was supposed to happen. Instead Ernesto told us we just had to go to each obstacle where some we be times for and do the task there as best as we could. Kine and a group of people wearing the same white coast were watching us off to the side. As we started doing the different tests, it became clear that some were normal, what you expect, while others were a bit odd. We had to throw things of different weights, then hit a target with different objects like knives, arrows and so on. Then we did a little comaflouge which I turned out not to be good at. They were were different containers with different scents in them. Some smelled good while others smelled like death. Wehad to identafy plants which I was better at then Oona but she proved to be faster than me. Well I was fast but she could run longer than me. Once we were done with the last few odd tests, one being we had to climb up a wall. Oona didn't complete this test but I did okay but Ernesto said it too me a little too long. I could hear the scientist including Kine giggling at me and Oona too. After that, when we were all tired, Ernesto had us put on padded vest and I could onlu guess what this was far.

"Oh my favorite part," Kine smiled from his set.

"Okay now all you two have to do it run though this obstacle course and not get hit by anything. Then fight Pantxo at the end there. Don't worry he has a padded wooden stick to serve as his sword. You can pick any weapon you like to fight him."

I wasn't sure how I was going to do that. Oona went first and although she was fast, she took a few hits with some arrows with suction cup ends and a few of the harmless darts. As long as she didn't have to run though a wave of projectiles she pribably survive fairly well. When she got to Pantxo, she picked up a small wooden knife. He easily disarmed her and she had to face him without a weapon. I would have cheered hr on but Ernesto said it might distract her. Pantxo tripped Oona with his wooden sword and kicked her out of the ring. I guess she lost. Next it was my turn to face the obstacle course. I was scared and it didn't help that the laughing of Kine and the others reminded me of my parents' disappointment.

Chloe Madison of District 1

The rest of us got to train with whatever we likes while waiting for our turn int he Testing Room. The Careers' group had take over the weapons basicly. We threw a few knives, darts and arrows at the targets for fun really while Konlok messing with the dummies. He had drew a face on one of them and called it Fred. Jake laughed and put some hair on Fred by using some of the supplies for camaflouge. Then the two Capitol Tributes came out of the Testing Room, Smick was holding his side and had a sick look in his eyes. Oona looked tired and had a bruise on her arm. This made me worry a bit but, then again they were from the Capitol and lived soft lives. Still I felt my stomach turn. I didnt' show how I felt and kept a brave face on. Ernesto saw his Tributes down to rest and gave them some kind of drink. He was their Escort. Then he called for District 1 Tributes to come. Jake and I went into the room.

Ernesto explain things to us and we did the different tests. Some were endurance test, some were for smarts and a few were physical tests. Some seems odd like they were just there to mess with us. I had to balance across a pole while balancing some books on my headwhile carrying with my arms held out heavy bags. I didn't make it across the pole, it was difficult! Jake did a little better but didn't make it across the pole either. Kine just laughed at us. He was starting to get on my nerves.

"Here you need to put this over your eyes and make your wake through this obstacle course," Enresto explained.

I knew what he meant, this was to see if we could navigate through a builting or forest or something without being able to see. Jake and I were blindfolded and sent into the maze. They were timing us so I knew I had to find my way out as fast as I could. I felt my way with my hands but walked into a dead end. I heard Jake behind me some where. I turned around but tripped over something.

"Oh wtahc where you are going," Kine said.

Well how could I with my eyes blindfolded?!

"Chloe, where are you," I heard Jake call for him sofly as if he didn't want the others to hear him.

"What?!" I yelled. I really didn't care if the others heard. I wanted out of this maze.

"Come to me voice," he said a little louder.


"Because if we work together we can maybe find the way out faster."

I didn't want his help but he wasn't stuck in a dead end and couldnt' find his way out. Even though I hated to admit it, I kind of needed his help to find my way back. I didn't heard him trip over anything either so he must have been doing something right. I listened as best as I could till I found him. He was on his hands and knees and was crawling around. I guess that would be better since he didn't have to worry about triping over things.

"Careful there is a hole right here." He told me.

I probably would have fell right into it if he didnt' warn me. Working together we were able to find our way out but it seemed to take us forever. Once out, I didn't want to do any more test but we had one last one and we had to fight Pantxo at the end. God really?

Slyder Crescendo District 12

So after our turn in the Testing Room which felt like ti took forever, I just wanted to get out after. Telav and I were extremely tired. District 13 was just heading in while we were recovering. We were given some kind of sweetfruity drink and our bruises were bandaged and fixed up.

"Do you think we did good?" I asked Telav.

"No," he panted. He took a hard beating from Panthxo because Telav just didn't know when to go down.

The Careers looked like they had a hard time as well but they were still hogging up the weapon area. I looked over and saw some alliances were forming. Asper was talking to Selena from 7, while his partner was by herself again. Then the girl from 9 and 10 came over to her. Maybe they wanted to form an allaince with her. I wondered if Telav and I would ally with or if I should try for someone else. I really didn't want to get attach to anyone in case they might die or I may have to kill them but I knew it would benifit me. I looked over at Xavier who weas bitching and moaning about something. Well I didn't want to risk my life with him, I would need someone less insane. The girl from 8 was sadly too weak. I didn't want to babysit anyone. The girl from 13 was not quite right. She was owning the place and was with the Careers before she was called in the Testing Room with Thomas. The Careers just accepted her into their little group.

Telav finished off the engery drink or whatever they gave up.

"You use a bow and arrow too?" he asked me.


"Want to pratice?"

"I guess so... Nothing else to do."

Luckily for us, the Gamemakers forsaw that the Careers would take over the good training area so they built a second one for the rest of us. It didn't have any many weapons but served it's purpose. I was good with a bow but I liked the crossbow because they were cool, I owned one at home. Telav and I shot off a few arrows before District 13 came out.

Thomas Adrian Parker District 13

I was so tired. I was hoping my first trip to the Capitol would be a better one. The Chariot rides were cool and all but training was horrible. We had time to rest for a few minutes while Kine's group went over the notes they took on us. Sloan did fairly well in here, better than me. Soon Kine came back out with Ernesto, Pantxo and the others. He had us gathered and sit on the ground if we couldn't stand. Hell I sat down. I was tired.

"Okay, so most of you guys suck," Kine said. "But we can fix that... once you die..."

"Focus on them now while they are alive," Ernesto whispered into Kine's earn.

"Fine, now we have your scores on these sheets so come and get them. Now the first one is umm Smick Tricket?Trinket? Like an object you own? What?"

The Capitol boy Smick went up and got his card. I hoped he did good because I was thinking about allying with him, since he was from the Capitol. The girl got her card but Kine didn't bother to read her name. He just handed it to her. It basicly went in order like that and I was the last one to get my card. I looked it over. So my strong points were "Good at Dying" it said right at the top and was ciurcle in red. Oh okay then... Other things I was good at "Looking Pretty" and "Has a Great Fashion Scenes." Well none of these really helped me out.

"Now Train and get better. I want a good Hunger Games this year... Why do they call it the Hunger Games. What does it have to do with being hungry?" Kine went on.

"Because they compete for food," Ernesto told him.

"But the good Districts always win and they have enough food so why bother giving someone something they already have? We should call these the Death Games, or Killing People Pointlessly for our own Amusment Games. Well it isn't really a Game."

"Okay Kine, don't get too into it," Konlok commented.

"I like you." Kine smiled rubbing Konlok's hair. "I hope you die."

Konlok's expression changed to somethign nagitive as Kine mumbled with a smile and he wanted to experiment with Konlok. Okay Kine was starting to really freak me out.

Konlok Vice of District 2

Kine rubbed my hair and smiled at me real innocently. If he liked me why did he want me to die? I don't know if I trust this guy. He was starting to freak me out. All these things we had to do seemed like he was just messing with us. WellI had to deal with him because he was the Head Scientist and the Gamemaker for this year's Hunger Games. Whatever...

Kine wondered off to go see what the other Tributes were doing. I looked at my sheet. I did pretty well in the Obstacle Course, me and Ivory had it down. I got a pretty high score. I was fast and good at climbing. I made it up that Climbing Wall. Ivory didn't but she did good with the Throwing Axes and Bow and Arrows. She did pretty well against Pantxo too, even if she didn't win. I had to admit he was difficult to fight, even I couldn't defeat him. If he was a Career, he would probably win the Hunger Games.

"Konlok," Ivory said into my ear. "We should gather the other Careers now."

"Oh yeah," I turned to the guys from District 1. "Jake, Chloe come."

"Hey don't boss me around," Chloe snapped.

"Okay, please come with us."

"That's better."

Ivory went over to the two from 4, Noami and Sandy. The six of us gathered around the Weapon Area. The other Tributes did fairly well in some areas and did poorly in others, however I noticed that we had similar marks. I guess it was because we all trained the same way.We stayed at the Weapon Area talking everything out and getting to now each other, we would be surviving together in the Arena. Jake picked up a knife and threw it at a target. It hit right in the bull's eye. I had to admit this kid was good.

"So the Careers own the Arena, we can't disappoint out Districts." I said.

"I won't disappointed," Chloe stated.

"We won't. The other Tributes are young and it looks like they didn't do so well in the Obstacle Course."

"So what's the Game plan?" Sandy asked.

"I think we should take over the Cornacopria and keep the other Tributes from the supplies," Ivory said. "They will come to us if they want food and weapons.

"And those who don't," Jake added. "We will got hunt down."

"Isn't that the same old plan the Careers always do every year," I pointed out. "Shouldn't we try something else?"

"It's tradition Konlok." Ivory stated.

"Haha, you guys think you have a chance at winning?" The girl from District 13 laughed. She jumped down from the Climbing Area above us. "When was the last time the Careers won?"

"Hey who do you think you are?" Chloe spat at Sloan.

"Listen, you guys just met and now have to kill all the other tributes to win the Hunger Games. If you haven't noticed, most of you guys are a lot younger than the average Career."

"You're the youngest Tribute in this Game," Noami snapped.

"Yeah and you guys won't take me seriously." Sloan turned in an instant throwing five stiletto at one target. They hit in a ron across the target near the middle.

"So what? Anyone can do that." that was Chloe.

Sloan swepted her foot under Chloe knocking her off balance. Chloe was taken off guard. Jake charged at Sloan, I guess because she attacked his District partner. Sloan slipped under him and using his weight against him, she psuhed him off his feet and sent him flying.

"Oh I say she's in," I said. "Well she impressed me. A 12 year old taking down both Tributes from District 1."

"What? she's just a kid!" Noami yelled with fury.

"Come at me bro!" Sloan challanged Noami and she took the bat.

Noami went for Sloan with her sword drawn. Sloan pulled out two stiletto and caught the sword in-between them. She twisted her hand which caused the sword to flip out of Noami's hand.

"Okay, I am with Konlok," Ivory backed me up. " She is in!"

"Kay, anyone who can take me down, I rather have as an ally," Jake said.

Chloe just smile but I could tell she was a little irratated that she got defeaded by a 12 year old. Sandy just nodded in agreement. Noami looked pissed off but she agreed to allow Sloan to just us. I had to abmit, Jake was right, better to have Sloan with us than against us. She was also right about us being a lot younger than most Careers in the past.

Day 2 of TrainingEdit

Selene Davae District 3

Thomas Parker District 13

Xavier Thread District 8

Naomi Eribach District 4

Selena Kyle District 7

Lakota Feah District 5

Connor Machado District 11

Selene Davae of District 3

The first day of Training was terrible for me. I wasn't feeling well before hand but after the obstacle course I had sharp pains in my stomach. I was forced to turn in early yesterday leaving Aiden to coninute training. I didn't care if Kine and his scienists though I was weak. I was in a lot of pain. My Escort Moliere had given me some medicine in a drink that knocked me out. I slept most of the day and only woke when Aiden returned from Training to eat dinner. I felt a lot better but when I woke today, I still wasn't feeling so well. I didn't want to go training but I knew I needed to or my chances at survival would decrease.

"Aiden, are you afriad to die?" I asked him while we were in the Training Area.

"Hell yeah," Aiden responded. "But there's nothing we can do about it."

That didn't make me feel better. We were in the camaflouge area because we didn't need to stand here. I was trying to show Aiden how to camaflouge himself but he wasn't understanding. All he wanted to do was take this metal glove like object made of metal and glass apart to see how it worked. He picked it up from Snottbubble the other day. It kind of looked like a metal glove.

"What do you think it is for?"

"Not sure but it must do something." Aiden examined the glove machine and touched the glass part on top. It light up slow with some symbols. "Oh it turned on."

"What does it do?"

Aiden just shrugged. He tapped on to one of the symbols. The screen changed to another one and music started to play from the guantlet. It surpised us but luckily it wasn't very loud. There had been quiet music in the background all day. I guess Kine thought it would help us train or something.

"What do you have there?" I heard someone from behind ask. It was Chase from 5.

"Don't know," was all Aiden said.

Chase sat down with Aiden and they just sat quietly examining the object. Chase thought it was used to comunication or was a source to the internet. He turned out to be right because Aiden tapped another one of the symblos on the sceen and it took them to the internet. We weren't allowed to access the internet in District 3 unless we had permission but really only the supervisors had that ability. Onces a guy in my class hacked into the computers at school but he got caught and taken away. I never saw him again.

"Here this symbol is a phone," Chase pointed. "It is some kind of comunication device."

Aiden tapped on the screen again and it changed to another one with a list of contacts. I started to think messing with this thing was a bad idea. Only the scientists had these and if we call one of them, well we might get in trouble. Before I could caution Aiden it tapped on one of the cantracts.A connection was made.

"What are you doing?" I tugged on Aiden's arm. "We could get caught."

"Crap! How do you turn it off. Cancel! Cancel!" Aiden tried to turn the machine off but didn't know how.

"Here try this..."

Chase cut off and we all frozen when we heard an "Hello?"

Thomas Adrian Parker of District 13

I was going to do it. I was going to ally with the guy from the Capitol, then we can talk about how great the Capitol is. No one would really understand but him right? Smick had gone over to the little group by the Camaflouge Area. I was about to go over there when the girl from 8 stopped me. She clung to my sleeve and hide behind me.

"Protect me from him," she whispered.

"From who?"

"Xavier, he is looking for me. He wants to use me for targat pratice."

Xavier? Did she mean her District partner? That stuck me odd that he would try and hurt his own District partner. Normally people from the same District avoided killing each other as it was viewed wrong by the veiwers. Even the Capitol didn't like it when people from the same District killed each other in the Hunger Games. It was like one of those things you didn't do in the Arena but it didn't mean you would die if you did kill your partner, it happen sometimes by accident. Well I couldn't just leave her though I wanted to join Smick. He had gone off and joined the small group made up of both Tributes from District 3 and the guy from 5.

"Why don't you stand up to him?" I told her but her eyes grew huge with fright.

"No, he'll kill me. He said he would. Ally with me? His family are allies to the Capitol, but he is from 13. It's not right."

"What?" I was from District 13 and I was an ally with the Capitol because they were so amazing. "Well maybe you deserve to die!"

"But I didn't do anything wrong."

"Well the Capitol wants you dead or you wouldn't be here in the Hunger Games. Get away from me you little scamp!"

I pushed Reeba away from me. I didn't want anything to do with her if she was just going to dis the Capitol like that, and my own District. When District 13 rejoined the Capitol and the other Districts, it was like the best thing ever. I was going to ally with the boy from the Capitol, I didn't need some low life from District 8 hanging around me. I stormed off as I heard Reeba run off.

"There you are," I heard Xavier said from somewhere behind me. "Get over here and put this apple on your head so I can hit it!"

Xavier Thread of District 8

Once Thomas left Reeba, I followed her to the Climbing Area and watched her climb up the rope net. I took the ends of the net in my hands and shook it.

"Come on Reebree, come play with me."

"Leave me alone," Reeda hissed at me. "I don't want to play with you!"

"Come on. I just want to play with my District partner..."

Reeda just stared at me with her frighten eyes not believing me. I shook the rope net a little harder untill Reeb lost her footing. I climbed up the rope a bit and reach up. Once I grabbed Reeba foot, she tried to kick me but she was too weak. I pulled her down without much affort. I drug her by the foot over to the Throwing Ares, she went kicking and scream the whole way there. I took her by the collar and stood her up in front of one of the targets.

"Stay here and keep this apple on your head," I commanded her in the nicest voice I would muster. "I am going to throw a knife at it and hit it. It'll be fun."

Reeba just whimpered but stayed where I left her. I walked over to the display table that had all kinds of things to throw, knives, needles, axes, everything you could think of even a spoon. I picked up a knife and looked at my reflection in it's shiny surface. This one will do.

"These are my friends, see how they glisten. See this one shine. How he smiles in the light, my friends. My faithful friends..." I heard Kine sing somewhere behind me. "At last my arm is complete again!"

I turned back over to throw the knife at Reeba, I mean, the apple on her head. Throw the knife at the apple on her head. Yes, yes, that was what I meant. She was standing frozen. I flipped the knife in my figures before I got read to throw it. Reeba flinched and shield her face with her arms.

"Don't move, or I might accidently hit you."

"Don't throw it at me..."

"I won't hit you, I promise." I smiled at her but I don't think it helped much to re-ensure her.

I forced Reeba to stand striaght and ballance the apple on her head. Then I went back behind the line and aimed. I told her not to move or I would hit her. She straighten up and held still. I smirked and threw the knife. It flipped several times in the air before hitting the side of the target inches from Reeba's head.

"Awe I missed," I smiled but did that on purpose.

"You did that on purpose..." Reeba whined.

"Hold still, I will try again."

I picked up another knife and aimed for the apple. Reeba held still, her eyes wide open on me. I got ready to throw the knife, Reeba stiffened up. Then just before I threw the knife I aimed and let it go from my fingers to the side of Reeba. She flinched and ducked for cover.

"Miss again, man I must be off my Game today. Hold on Ree..."

"No, no more!" Reeba begged.

"Again! Agian" Kine clapped excitedly above me. "Throw another!"

"Yeah and this time it the target!" Another scientist named Dylan added in.

I smiled and picked up another knife. Reeda instantly straighten back up, putting the apple on her head. She tried her best to hold still. I tossed the knife in my hands a few times before I got ready to throw it. This time I bluff and Reeba flinched again. I change directions in a split second and aimed at Reeba. I threw the knife and it flew, slamming into the targert behind Reeba, slicing through the side of her arm. She scream.

"You hit me!" Reeba whined in her little voice. "You promised you wouldn't hit me!"

"Ops sorry," I couldn't helped bup laugh. "One more time.

"No! Leave me alone! Don't hurt me!"

Reeba went to run but I threw another knife into her path. It hit the wall just inches in front of her, stopping her in her tracks. Reeba stood there for a few seconds before looking at me terrified. I motioned with my hand for her to get back in her spot and she obeyed. I picked up another knife. Reeba mouthed to me "Please don't hit me." I just grinned at her and she stood still like a statue. When I aimed she closed her eyes. This time I threw the knife and hit the apple right off her head, cutting it in half. Kine and Dylan started clapping and for some reason I really joyed to be pleasing them. I turned around and gave them a bow.

"I like this one!" Kine said to Dylan.

I felt a flush of pride rush from my stomach throughout my body. I had please Kine, and I had to keep pleasing him. He was in charge of the Hunger Games, so if I made him happy, he would love me and keep me alive. While I was turned around Reeba crawled off somethere. Now where did that little brat go?

Naomi Eribach of District 4

I spend the past five minutes watching Xavier torment his District partner Reeba. The other Careers just laughed at the whole sceen. Hell I stay away from Xavier during the Games. Lucky for me I have the other Careers to watch my back. I sat in the back of the Careers, kind of in the middle and kept looking around. There were no Peacekeepers, I hadn't see many since we arrived here. Instead there were these people in black who stood in the same place in the Trainign Room. Everyeone just ignored them, except Konlok and Jake had to tried to mess with them the first day we got here. Eventually they got bored when the guards didn't do anything. They only moved when Kine or one of the other scientist commanded them to do so. They were kind of like living statues. They still made me unconfortable.

"Hey what you think of the little 8 girl?" Konlok asked everyone.

"I say she is an easy target," Ivory stated the obvious.

"Yeah but it seems like her District partner wants to kill her," Jake pointed out. "Or at least mess with her till she kills herself."

"I think we should leave her alone for now," Sloan said in a firm voice. "Leave her to Xavier. Don't want to ruin his fun. He could be a big threat to us. He hasn't tried to join us."

"But he hasn't shown any sign that he wants to kill us," Sandy muttered.

"Yes, but these are the Hunger Games. He will have to kill us if he wants to win. So if he is not with us, he is against us."

"I have to agree with Sloan here," I spoke up. "Anyone who isn't in our allince is an enemy."

"True," Konlok said.

Everyone one of us knew our alliances wasn't stable, it was in a way won't be for long. We wouldn't kill each other till all the other tributes were dead in the Arean. Then we would turn on each other to win. There could only be one winner. However as long as there were other tributes to kill, we were an alliance. I am sure a few of us would get picked off by other Tributes as well.

"Xavier is a threat." Sloan went on. "However as long as Reeba still breathes, he will hunt her down and ignore us hopefully. So we should let her live, for now. She will be our escape goat."

"Then we should kill him," Ivory said. "All of us attacking me, we can take him."

"If we can find him in the Arena that is."

"If we keep Reeba alive," I said. "He'll hunt her down and kill the others, doing our job for us."

"I'm not lazy," Konlok protested.

"I want to kill some of the other tributes too," Chloe added. "As many as I can."

The other Careers didn't agree with me and dismissed the idea. Well I thought it was a good plan. Maybe I could get Xavier to work for me without him knowning it. If I kept Reeba alive, he would go after her instead of me. Xavier may kill some of the other tributes too, including the other Careers, if they were to try to kill Reeba. Then I would have less competition at the end of the Games, no more Careers, no one to turn on me. Still this was risky because I would be taking out my allies who could kill Xavier for me. Still in the Hunger Games, there was no real alliance. Everyone was an emeny.

Selena Kyle of District 7

I was with Apser from 6 planing our form of attack. We were sitting up on top of the Climbing Area. Both of us were really good at climbing, which surpised me since Apser was from District 6. He had approached me the day we got to the Capitol before we were sent to Ernesto to get ready for the Chariot Rides. He told me he watched our Reaping and thought I would make a good ally. I had to abmit it was a little weird knowing he had watched meon TV. I know lots of people show me on TV but it was all together different to meet someone who saw you.

"We are both great climbers so we should find some trees," Asper told me. "We can stay up high, see everything that goes on. We can throw weapons at anyone who come near us."

"Sounds good but do you know how to use a bow and arrow?"

"No but we can learn. All we need to do is scare the others off."

"Do you want to maybe find someone who can use a bow and arrow and have them join us?"

"No, we can't trust anyone else. When ever there are more than two people in an Allaince, there is the possiblity of two tunring on the other. Better it is just us two."

"Kay, kay, we can throw knives too. I can use a whip but those aren't very good in trees. Maybe I can swing from branch to branch."

"That's fine. Once we scare everyone off. They will be too scared to come near us. We'll just wait out the Game there."

"Okay, I can steal from the Careers. I am really good at stealing and staying hiden. I'll steal food and supplies."

It seemed our plan was going well. Asper seemed good at stragety and I could steal supplies. We could avoid the Careers since they weren't good at climbing trees, not being from a District that was used to climbing. I felt better having an ally going into the Games with me, since Rowan wasn't intersted in allying with me. He was probably our biggest threat since he was from my District. He probably was good at climbing too. Just a month before the Games, I saw him excecute man from my District for stealing from the Peacekeepers. Everyone in District 7 hated him. A week before the Hunger Games, he was sent out to capture some kids who ran away to avoid the Reaping. He caught them all and killed two who wouldn't come back with him. When you did something wrong, it was Rowan who came to punish you.

Lakota Feah of District 5

So it was pretty obvious that most of the females were allying with each other. I don't know why but it just happen. Each of us had something different to offer to the Alliance. I could swim, climb and do camaflouge and I was good with a knife and survival. Ooan was quiet but she was intimating so we were happy to have her with us. Paola was good with hand-to-hand combat however she was kind of quiet too like Oona. We convinced her to teach us how to fight. Quinoa was good with long weapons like staffs and the scythe that was sitting on the weapon rack. She grabbed that thing before the Careers could take it. She showed off her skill by attacking the targets and cutting the heads of the bummies. Lastly there was Grace from 10. It was good to have her with us because she knew a lot about animals and how they thought.

Our little group was busy showing each other what we could do. Then after we started to teach each other what the others didn't know. Oona and Paola picked up things pretty fast. Quinoa and Grace used their scythe and sword to show each other new tricks.

"Now remember my scythe is longer so I have a wider range of attack.," Quinoa told Grace. "You need to consider this during a fight."

"Yes but my sword swings faster so I can dodge and weave."

"I can also kick you so be careful."

"Okay so while they pratice, let's work on camaflouge," I told Oona and Paola. "Staying hiden could help us avoid the Careers."

I started to show them how to camaflouge themselves. Oona did a little better than Paola. She was pretty good when a weapon in her hands rather than with a brush. Quinoa and Grace were done sparring with each other so they offered to teach us how to use a weapon. I was good with small weapons like knives and daggers, we used those a lot living in the mountains. Paola grabbed a club and started swinging it around.

"Just getting the feel of it," she mumbered.

Oona was also good with a knife but she wanted to learnhow to use another weapon, so Grace started to teach her about swords. I cut up one of the targets with my two knives. I saw Kine with Xavier who had been tormenting Reeba earlier. She had disappared after that and I hadn't seen her since. I was close enough to over heard Kine mention to Xavier that he should be very careful in the Arena, because beisde us there would be other tributes. What? What did he mean by other tributes? Who else would be going into the Arena besides us?

"Kine, there is needs to be an excecution," One of the scientist told Kine. "The broughtsome guy to the Capitol and want him excecuted."

Kine smiled and called over Rowan.

"I have a job for you," Kine wrapped his arm around Rowan. "How about one last excecution before you go into the Arena?"

After Kine left with Rowan, I decided I wanted to talk a little more to my Mentor Amalfi Crescent. She had told me to focus on survival and befriending others with different skills who could help me with survival. I also lived in the mountains, so I knew a lot about surviving. She also told be to put others before me and I was in a big alliance so I think I was following her advice pretty well. Still I had come concerns about others tributes stronger than me.

Conner Machado of District 11

I didn't like the way Xavier as treating Reeba, but I was too scared to help. Xavier was kind of scary. I wished some of the other Tributes, the stronger onces, would have done something but everyone just stood there and watched. I stood there and watched as well. Kine and the other scientist just thought it was all amusing and now Kine was praising Xavier. The Careers wouldn't help someone like Reeba. I was one of the oldest Tributes here, I should be looking after the younger Tributes. Too bad I wasn't good with talking to girls. I suppose I should join an Alliance. Maybe that guy from 10, he seems nice and wasn't a female. Didn't seem odd for our Districts to ally. Or maybe I'll ally with the two from District 12, don't know but I needed to do it fast because we only had the rest of today to train and tomarrow then...

I was really missing my father.

I finally spotted Reeba. Now that Xavier was distracted by Kine, she was moving from one hiding spot to another. I only spotted her because she moved and I so happen to be looking in that direction. I would ally with her but I was scared of Xavier. If I allied with her, he probably kill me. I wanted to live.

I looked around. I was sitting under some kind of wooden platform with a big old axe. These things were a lot heavier than the ones I was used to. This was something meant for killing. I wasn't meant for killing. I looked up and saw Pantxo, who beat me pretty badly during the Testing, standing on the platform where the Scientists usually stood. When Kine left with Rowan, the other scientists wondered off. Pantxo, who I wasn't sure was a scientist or not, was the only one left. He was just standing there with his sword in his hands, using it as a cane. I wished I had his skill then I wouldn't lose the Hunger Games, but I didn't want to kill. I didn't want to kill anyone. Maybe I should ally with someone who can kill.

Then some more movement caught my eye. It was the guy from District 9. He had been pretty quiet and unnoticable the whole time we have been here. He walked passed me and in a flash he flicked out a pocket knife and slit my arm as he walked by.

"Hey why did you do that?"

"I wanted blood..." That was the first thing that guy had said this whole time we had been here.

"Xavier made Reeba bleed eariler," I told me and instantly felt bad about it.

I put my hand on my arm to stop the bleeding. It seemed Craig didn't get me too badly but it still hurt. Craig turned and then sat next to me. I was scared because I didn't know what to think or what to do. I wanted to ask what he wanted but at the same time I wanted to run. Craig flick his knife out and looked at my blood.

"Do you have any more?" he asked me.

I just shook my head. I didn't want him to cut me again. Craig then turned really fast and slid his knife on cheek. I jerked back but was too late. I felt my warm wet blood dip down my face. He smiled.

"You know, you're not supposed to kill people till we get into the Arena," I heard my voice crack.

"Doesn't mean I can't make people bleed before then. I won't kill you till we get in the Arena."

"Okay, I'm going to go now..."

"No, you are going to stay here and bleed for me till I get bored with you." Craig ordered me.

"Okay..." was all I could say.

I looked over and saw where Reeba was hiding this time. This must have been how she felt when Xavier was tormenting her. I was scared but I didn't want to me like Ree! Ah! Craig cut me again on my other arm. Anyways, I didn't want to sit and suffer so I stood up and moved away from Craig.

"Stop it!" I was scared but I had to make him stop. "You shouldn't hurt anyone till we get into the Arena."

"Then you'll be my first kill," Craig said coldly.

"No, no, wait. You'll need someone to help you right? You look like you're pretty well fed right?"

"I'm from the rich side of District 9."

"Then you don't know how to survive right? But I can help you." I didn't want to but I wanted to live.

"Fine then. I'll kill you later. You'll find me tributes to kill and I won't kill you till you're usefulness wears out."

I felt like I had made a deal with the Devil but I was too scared to really stand up to Craig. He couldn't kill me now but he could wait till the Hunger Games begin and take me out during the Bloodbath. Maybe Craig would die early or maybe if it came down to it I could kill him. I really didn't want to. I held the axe close to me. I knew I had to run, run from Craig as soon as I got into the Arena. Lose him and stay away from him, or I would have to find people for him to kill or he will kill me!

Pantxo Nequoia of District 11

I could hear a lot going on. Through my goggles I could see blurry shapes and some bright colors, these were usually all my eyes could make out. Kine had taken the kid from District 7 away. I coudl recognize his voice. I heard the boy from 8 looking for his District partner but she had disappared some time ago. It seemed everyone was talking and making Alliances below me. The Careers were at the Weapon Area as expected and a large group of Females had formed an Alliance as well. I heard another group made up of four boys and one girl were messing with a guantlet that had found and it seemed they called someone by accident. Then I heard Ernesto walk up to me.

"So what do you think? He asked me.

"We have a good bach of kids this year..."

"Where did Kine go?"

"In the other room with the boy from 7."

"You mean Rowan. That kid was the excecutioner from his District." Ernesto told me.

Then I heard Dylan come up from behind us. I recognised his footsteps. He walked with a slit limp from an injury but wasn't too noticable.

"Ernesto, Kine wants you to take Rowan into the Capitol for an excecution," Dylan said. "See if you can bring back the body. I want to take it apart."

"Does he want me to do this now?" Ernesto asked.

"No the excectution is tomarrow. I would go but I need to prepare Kine's little zombies for the Game."

"Kay, but I need to get back. I have to pick out the Interview outfits for the Tribies."

"Dylan, were did the girl from 8 go? I haven't heard her in a while." I asked.

"I don't know maybe Xavier killed her." Dylan respondedin a slight irritated voice.

"No I heard her get away."

"Pantxo, why don't you let me fix your eyes. Then you can see things instead of hear things. Come on, I can give you amazing eyes like that of an eagle."


"Oh crap do you want mechanical eyes? Did George offer some?"

"No... If I could see then I would be blind like the rest of you."

I heard Dylan grunt. He moved away to the edge of the platform to watch the Tributes train. I turned my head in teh direction of the boy from 9 and 11 who were talking. Ernesto asked me what I was listening too. They were too far away from me to hear but by the tone of the Boy from 11's voice, it didn't sound good. Then I heard Kine come back into the room and sent Rowan off to do more training. Kine came over to us, shuffling papers in his hands.

"What do you got there Kine?"

"The schedual." Kine said flipping through the papers. "Tommarow Ernesto you need to take Rowan ino the Capitol to do an excecution. Tommarow is the last day of Training. Seems weird to only give the Tributes three days to train. Then next day is the Private Sessions, then following that are the Interviews. Hey wait..." Kine paused for a second. "I don't want to do the Interviews started with the Capitol kids."

"And why not?" asked Ernesto.

"I looked at the ratings for the Interveiws from past Hunger Games. It seems more people watch the begining rather the whole thing. I think the Capitol and Sponsors only watch the Careerers Interviews and stop when they other Districts start. The Careerers get more sponsors than other Districts Tributes. I want to give everyone a fair chance. We'll start the Interviews with District 13 and go backwards."

Ernesto agreed. It made sense when Kine said it. He could do whatever he wanted anyways. Kine spoke with the other scientist when they came and went to watch the Tributes. Lisa and Young had spent most of the day preparing the Revived Tributes for the Game. George was putting the last finishing touches on the Arena with Snotbubble. After a while, Kine sent all the tributes off to their rooms for the night when Training was over.

"I think I want to give the Tributes one last Dinner Party because we send them into the Arena," Kine said.

Day 3 of TrainingsEdit

Gerald Durrell District 13

Oona Jaina Cree Capital

Frankie Moorland District 10

Reeba Alyce Graver District 8

Craig Albert Corios District 9

Skye Silverguard District 11

Rowan Winter District 7

Ernesto Swift District 14

Gerald Durrell of District 13

Now that I was Reaped again, I was roomed to another area and didn't see Lucas anymore. We each got our own cage to sleep in. The back end had another metal door that opened and closed to let us in and out into the Training Area. Kine wanted us to pratice with our new powers as much as possible and be prepared for Hunger Games. The cages weren't very big, just enough or me to walk in a circle. I pased back and foward waiting for the door to open. They only used the front door, which was barred to feed me or take me intot he medical room which I hated. I was tired of the shoots and the gas mask they put on me. Finally I heard to metal door slide open and I dashed out.

"Emerald!" I yelled.

"Hey Gerald!"

I met up with Emerald on one of the platforms. Out Training Area was made of metal platforms, walkways and had some fake grass at the buttom. There were small buildings and houses on the platforms with wires and tubes. We enjoyed climbing on them. Emerald coated his hands in crystals and started climbing up the side of the walls. I ran up one of the metal sheets that connected the platforms. I jumped over Palmine who was sitting in my way. Oreale was flighting around with Bluestar. Ivi was alwayd at the top where the control center was. Her powers al lot her to connect to anything mechanical. Kine put from wires in her veins some how. When I arrived at the top I found that Alex was already up there with Emerald. Robin was also up at the top. Kine gave him the power to control sand. Emerald roled over on his back and and Alex started to restle with him. I sat down and started chewing on my foot. It was itchy. After I was revived, Kine did something to me so I had animal feet now, and hands and a tail... and little pointed ears! I roled on to my back and started wiggling around because now my back started itch too. John, from District 8, walked up to me. He was more mutated than me after Kine got done with him. He hardly ever walked on tow legs now. He sniffed me before crawling off. I think he was looking for the treats the White Coats hide in here for us to find. John had a good scence of smell by using his tongue.

Then the big metal door the White Coats and Keepers used to come in and out opened. Two keepers with catch poles and a White Coat named Young walked in. This could only mean one thing. They were going to catch someone and take them to the medical area. The two Keepers each went one way circling around. Hanna, Ayaan and Jay ran off hissing and growling. The Keepers ignored them. The first Keeper went for Jackie. She tried to run but she ran intot he second Keeper. He hooked her by the neck with the catch pole and started to drag her out.She went kicking and screaming. The other Keeper went up one of the platform and went for Fabio. He climbed up one of the poles holding the platform up and hissed.

"Come Fabie," the Keeper said. "You'll get a treat after."

The Keeper managed to hook Fabio's foot and pulled him down. He grabbed Fabio's collar, released the catch pole and rehook Fabio around the neck. He drug Fabio out of the room and the door closed. Everyone stayed on guard for a few minutes but once it became clear the door wasn't going to open again for a while, we went back to what we were doing. I turned back to Emerald and Alex.

Oona Jaina Cree of the Capitol

It was the last day of Training. My Escort Ernesto woke us up. Smick was slow to rise and so was I. It was getting boring traing all day but I knew I needed it if I wasn't to survive a few days in the Arena. Ernesto has been trainging verious tributes each day but he left for some reason. Smick went off with his alliance and I joined my own. I was happy to have some friends, figures before we all die I make more than one friend. It sadden me whenever I thought about how I wouldn't see them after the Hunger Games and that I may see some fo them die. I wished we could have had more time and that Josef could have seen me.

"So what do you guys think you will do for the Private Sessions?" Lakota asked. "I'm real nervous about them."

"I was thinking of showing off my skill with a sword," Grace said. "It's all I really know."

"I'll use my scythe," Quinoa started. "I think I will try some other weapons too so show I can do more than one thing. Then the pool that's in here, I may swin through it if they will allow me."

"Paola, what will you do?" Grace asked our quiet friend.

"I don't know..."

"You're good with hand-to-hand combat, try doing that and you are strong so throw something heavy." Grace suggested. "Oona, What about you?"

"Well I am good at running and hiding... I guess I will do that." I said then I thought a little more. "I guess I'll show off my knife skills too."

"The Capitol will go first so you better train," Grace added. "Want to learn another weapon too?"

"I guess so. Maybe a bow?"

I only knew how to swing a knife, but a bigger weapon should be the same just bigger and heavier. I tried the mace and it wasn't that much different from a knife. I wasn't used to it but it was just swinging how hard can that be. None of us in our allaince knew how to use long ranged weapons. I picked up a bow and an arrow. The string gave a long of tention but I was strong enough to pull it back. I aimed and lew the arrow fly. It toally missed the target but was almost close enough to hit it.

"That was good," Grace cheered from behind me.

I tried again to see if I was any better. I aimed again and let the arrow go. This time it hit the side of the target. Well If I hit it the second time maybe I wans't all that bad. I tried again to see if that that was a fluke. However I hit it a little closer to the center. It would be a deadly wound, maybe not kill but it would do some damage. I decided to keep praticing with the bow. I could hear the Careers giggling at me but I was doing okay so why stop. I bet they wanted me to stop in fear I would become good and be a treat. I'll show them.

Frankie Moorland of District 10

I snuck out of the Training room to see the horses in the stable under the bulding. Blossom was eating some oats and Frost was pocking his head over when he saw me. I rubbed his nose. Horses have suck a soft nose. Ally nudged me in the back because she wanted attention. I really missed these guys. I was sad that I wouldn't be able to see my friends anymore after tomarrow. A white horse that lived showed up in District 10 one day had also been brought along. He had a saddle on his back with the name Whitson carved ont he side, so we started calling him that. He responded to it so I think that was his actual name. He was with a female back horse named Renegrade, she had a saddle as well. She was here too and had pulled District 12's chariot with Shadowmare. The big black horse named Shadowmare was the excecutionerand assisan's horse in our District but he wasn't used all the time so I guess Shadowmare was brought along. The horse made me feel a little unconfortable. Derpy was facing the wrong way in the stall. Something was not quiet right with this horse but I loved her anyways. I had saved some carrots from dinner last night and threw them to her.

"It's not that far from here so want to take one of the horses?" I hear a voice which belongs to Ernesto.

I could hear footsteps coming this way so I took off and hide behind some hay. I could see through a small hole in-between the hay. Ernesto came into the stable with Rowan. I didn't want to get caught because Ernesto had told me yesterday to pratice with other weapons beside pitchforks. I didn't want to get in trouble because I wasn't supposed to be down here anyways. Ernesto opened the door to Shadowmare's stall and led the horseout with Rowan. I had found out from Grace that she heard from Paola who heard from Asper when Sleena told him that Rowan was an assisan or excecution or or spy or something from his District. Shadowmare's ears purched up when Rowan appoached him. He was an assasin's horse. Once the left I felt like I should get back to the Training Room even though I didn't want to leave my horse friends. I said good bye to each of them and as I started to leave, I spotted a horse shoe on the ground. I picked it up and decided to take it with me. I started to head back to the Training Room but when I passed a room with the door slightly open, something caught my eye. My curiosity got he better of me and I peered through the crack in the door. The room was white and let into another room. There was some kind of circular room in the middle of this room with a metal walk way around all the way around the room. I didn't see anyone in the room so I went in. I could hear some kind of music coming from the circular room that just drew me in. I looked through the glass and same someone sitting in the middle of the room tapping his figures on what looking like giant piano but it as see though and flashed with many lights. He was dressed in all black, his hair was jet black as well. He had a streak of green on the right side of his head. He was facingaway from me so I couldn't see his face. I just stood there and listened. The music had me locked in place and the lights kept my eyes in place. It was weird but couldn't do anything about it, nor did I want too.

I must have been standing there a while when Snotbubble came over to me. He just stood there for a while before he pocked me with his nail. I turned my head to look at him but when I did he licked my face real slowly with his slobbery tongue before he walked away. I whiped my face with my shirt. His spit glowed green. God I hope I haven't been infected with ssome kind of disease. Snotbubble was called Snotbubble for a reason. However his spit had snapped me out of the trance I was in. Snotbubble's metalling caused me to look up. He was messing with the door that led into the circular room and I bet he wasn't supposed to be doing that. The door opened and he went in. I watched me go over to the guy in the room and he sat down next to him.

"Want to share a cupcake?" Snotbubble asked the guy and held up a pick cupcake.

Reeba Alyce Graver of District 8

No I couldn't take the torment anymore. I was tired of Xavier treatment. I couldn't let me use me for target pratice again. I had to get away. I couldn't let him find me. I ran away from him as fast as I could. Xavier threw something at my feet which tripped me. I got up as fast as possible and ran. I had to hide fro him. I crawled under the Martial Arts Training Area. It was raised up a bit to provide a bounce when people were practicing hand-to-hand combat. I was small enough and thin enough to go under it. Xavier couldn't follow me but he started jumping up and down on the platform.

"Come out, Reebree," he beckoned me. "Come play with me."

I crawled to the other side and exited without him noticing. I hid behind the Weapons Rank. I needed a better hiding spot. The Careers were not my friends. I knew if they saw me they would point me out to Xavier. Rowan wasn't here either. I felt like he would do the same. I looked around. The female alliance were busy training and talking and the other alliance were busy doing something smart. Asper and Selena were back upon the Climbing Area. The others were doing their own thing, Craig was with Conner again cutting him over and over again. I guess I wans't the only one being tormented.

"Hey Reebree, you still under there?" Xavier had now realized I wasn't hiding under the platform anymore.

I needed to escape from him. I looked for a better hiding spot but all the other tributes were ever where and I wasn't sure if they would not tell Xavier where I was if they saw me. I saw that the door out of the room was open slightly. Xavier wouldn't be able to find me if I left the room so I too the opporunity and went for the door slowly. I dashed from one hiding spot to another till I was out the door. We weren't supposed to leave the room but I had to for my own safety. Now I needed to hide somewhere so no one found me. I ran down the hall. I was going to hide in my room but I heard some people down the hall so I went the other way. I went down a flight of stairs till I was on the bottum floor. I kept going and surpsienly didn't run into any one. I hide whenever I heard anyon and waited for them to past by before I kept going. Then I heard something. I saw a door was open and went inside.

When I went inside I stop dead in my tracks. Frankie was in the room too. He turned his head and glanced at me before turning back. I walked over to him because I was curious. There was some kind of strange room inside this room. Inside was that one guy who kept bothering the scientists and Ernesto. He had green hair and drooled green glowing spit. He was sitting next to a guy with dressed black. Wait I think I haven't seen him before.

"What is this place?" I asked Frankie but I didn't expect him to know.

"I don't know," he replied looking around.

I looked around too. This room was square but it had a circular room at the center that dipple a little into the group. There were lots of wires connecting everything. The walls on the outside had computers and high-tech stuff I didn't know what they were for. Then a thump on the grass in front of me startled me. The other guy with Snotbubble had come up to the grass and was looking at me and Frankie. He grinned at us with smile that looked too big for his face. Green drool drippled out of his mouth just like Snotbubble. I didn't know what to do but hold still like as if I were with Xavier. Frankie didn't move either but he didn't seem as scared as I was. He was a lot stronger than me.

"You for the Hungy Games" The guy finally asked and we just nodded. "Kay, kay... You two allies?"

We shook our heads. He guy us an odd look like he was surpised and confused. Snotbubble existed the cicrular room and then I realized that the door was open. This black and green guy could come out if he wanted.

Craig Albert Corios of District 9

I was with my minion Conner and he was bleeding for me beautifully. I could tell he didn't like it but that's well I like it so much. Conner's armed were bloody and he kept bandaging them up. I was pretty happy about thsi pocket knife I was given by Kine. He seemed irriated that I didn't have a token to take into the Arena with me, so he gave me a pocket knife. He said there was no rule against allowing a tribute to tak a weapon into the Arena, as long as it wasn't a gun or anything big, unless it was a weapon that belonged to a Victor relitive. This knife was small and I doutb I could really kill anyone with this thing quicky but why would I want too?

"Can you let me heal a little?" Conner asked me quietly.

"Will you beed better if I do?"

"Yeah, you don't want me to bleed to death and not help you in th Arena now do you?"

"Hmm... fine... I'm bored now..."

Conner looked around for something to entertainment me. He didn't want to go near anything sharp or I would cut him and he was right. He looked over at the camaflouge area and decided to go there. He said we could sneak up on people if we knew a little bit about how to stay hiden. He was right but that was no fun. I like th thrill of the chase but Conner wasn't as strong as me.

"You know how to fight so let's learn how to hide." Conner went on. "We need to hide from the Careers. They are the biggest threat and be hard to kill. So we'll pick them off one by one."

"Do you think I'm weak?"

"No, but if I am to find you tributes to kill, I need you to hide me." Conner handed me a tin-box of paints. "If they see me, they may all attack us."


"I am not as skilled as you are and seven Careers attacking you, you probably die. So I need to say hiden and I'll keep an eye on them and let you know when would be a good time to attack."

I agreed relucantly but he was kind of right. I knew my limits even if I didn't wan to admit to them. Plus the Careers would kill all my lovely bleeders and I didn't want them to have all the fun. I needed to get rid of them first so I can take my time with the others.

Skye Silverguard of District 11

My District partner was with his ally from 9. I was surpised he made an allainced and his ally looked strong. I needed an ally but I had little to offer and it seemed no one wanted me. Maybe it was because of my scars or something. I was good at running and climbing but it seemed a lot of people were good at those things so they didn't need me. I needed to be different so I could offer something to an alliance. I had been trying my hand at a little bit of everything. I discovered again that I could not use large weapons. I could climb but the Asper and Selena had taken that over and spend most of their time talking to each other. I was good at tracking and identifying plants.

I looked over at the large allince made of girls. I dodn't think I wanted to ally with them. Too many people and the girls at my District were the worsed, they picked on me and teased me about my scars at school. I think if I was with a bunch of girls, pretty girl, they just make fun of me. The Careers basicly turned into the bullies and then had laughed and pointed at me already so I wouldn't eventhink about allying with them. I looked over at the other large alliance with one girl in it and the rest were boys. I didn't feel comfortable with a lot of boys, espeically if they were strong boys. It seemed all the girls were joining big alliances. I wished I was more comfortable with people. My District partner didn't seemed to comfortable around me.

Then Kine came into the room with a lot of papers in his hands. He was looked through them and went to the platform where the other scientists usually sat to watched us train. He sat down in his chair. Kine was the Head Scientist and the Gamemaker I think. For a guy who didn't look very strong I was kind of afraid of him. All the scientist were scary, even though they weren't really scary. I crawled under the platform where the scientist sat and listened to their conversations. I had been doing every day.

"What do you got there?" a scientist named Lisa asked. I've learned all their names.

"The Tribies profiles," Kine replied. "What's up with all these depressing background stories? I mean every singal one of them has something sad that has happen to them. Abuse, drugs, deaths, torment, even murder."

"It's the way it is in Panem, Kine," another female scientist named Young told him. "If they don't have a sad story then they are not normal."

"We should have a Depressing Games, who ever has the saddest story wins." Kine commented.

"What about the Careers?" George asked.

"Noami witnessed a murder or something and now she is paradiod..."

"Do you think that Aniju will try and do something like she did last time?" Young asked.

"She probably will but Hell, that makes it fun." Kine repsonded with. "We have her boyfriend after all..."

This was new. I never heard the scientist talk about this before. Normally they just talked about us and the preperations for the Hunger Games like the Arena and the Revived Tributes and stuff.

"Hey have you guys seen my guantlet?" George dasked the others. "It's been missing since yesterday."

"Have you finished the Arena?" Kine asked George, who was in charge of building the Arena with Snotbubble.

"We just put the finishing touchest and hide the Easter Eggs you wanted. Snotbubble finally finish setting up the programing."

"Where is Snotbubble by the way?"

"Oh crap," George jumped up and started to leave saying, "I just remembered!"

"Hey Skye's story seems fimiliar, like I've seen it somewhere before." Kine was talking about me now. "Her story is very similar to Reeba's. Death of mum, papa gone crazy and turn abusive. Brutal beatings and scars and now in the Hungery Games. Haha, do you guys remember that stupid game where if you remembered you were playing, you lost? Glad that things over."

Rowan Winter of District 7

So Ernesto and I rode Shadowmare to the execution area. Shadowmare was a fast horse. I really didn't bother wityh the horses at my District. They were used to pull logs and stuff but I was fast on my feet so I never tried riding one. We arrived at the execution site in no time and once we got there they started with the speeches. I hated the speeches before executions. I just wanted to kill.

"Are you ready for the Execution?" a man asked Ernesto.

"Yes, I guess so." Ernesto then turned to me. "I have something for you to use. Kine gave this to me for you."

Ernesto reach up behind Shadowmare, there was a weapon tooked on to his sable. Ernesto unhooked it and gave it to me. It was a big black axe. This was a weapon used to killing, this was an executioning axe. I held it in my hands. It was heavier at the top where the weight needed to be for a good clean cut. This was a good axe. It almost glowed when I held it in my hands. I loved it.

"Is he the one who will go the execution?" The man asked Ernesto in surpised.

"Yes, he is your executioner."

Everyone seemed surprised that it was me who would be doing the execution. I wasn't surpised. I was used to it when I had to execute people. Anyways, all I knew was President Billy wanted someone killed and I was more than happy to do it. So I got to change into all black clothes because that's how the President wanted it. Ernesto handed me te axe. I went over to the cutting board, this was a Death by Decapitation kind of execution. Ernesto waited for me soemwhere behind me leaning against the wall. Once the speeches were done I was given the signal. I smiled but it was covered by the black hood I was wearing. I held up the axe high over my head so I would get a good clean cut on the first try. I glanced over at the audiance, some of the faces were in horror and in anticipation. Then I let the axe fall hard with a loud thump and the sound of breaking bones and blood gushing out. God that was a good cut! I felt a warm happy feeling inside of me. The crowd made different noises, some were good and some were bad. All I knew was I made the President happy and I hoped I made Kine happy. Ernesto came up from behind me.

"We better get back now," He whispered in my ear. I wanted to stay because after executions at my District I had to deal with the body which was fun. Not this time. Other people came to get the body so I wasn't needed. I cnaged back into my ragular clothes. There was blood on my knees from the splather so they had to wash that. I didn't mind being covered in blood. Ernesto had gotten Shadowmare and he road him back to the building where the others were training. On the way I looked around at the tall Capitol buildings. I noticed we were the only ones with a horse. Ernesto, being in with Kine, probably could do whatever he wanted. I liked being with him because it meant I could do whatever I wanted. When re arrived back at the building, I had to give the axe back to Ernesto. I was sad because I wanted to keep it.

"We're bacl,"Ernesto said as we came back to the Training Room.

"Oh goodie, hope you two had fun," Kine came over to greet us, holding some papers. "So Rowan, how is your sister doing?"

"My sister?" I was taken by surprise.

Ernesto Swift of District 14

I left the Training Room to go work on the Interview outfits. These ones didn't have to be as complicated as the Chariot Rides, thank Gawd. How do they expect me to make costumes in less than a day? Before I would go to the designing room, I decided to stop in the Music Room to see how...

"The Hell are you guys doing in here?" I heard George say.

He was already in the Music Room. I enetered the room and saw two Tributes were standing in front of George. They were the girl from District 8 Reeba and the boy from District 10 Frankie. George then ignored them and went after Snotbubble.

"What are you doing? Get out!"

"I'm allowed in here!" Snotbubble hissed playfully.

While George chased after Snotbubble I turned my attention to Frankie and Reeba.

"So, you two wondering around? Oh are you two sneaking off to have some alone time with each other. Oh Frankie, I didn't known you were such a ladies man!"

"What no! It's not like that? Reeba came in here on her own."

"Oh don't be embarressed," I put my arms around them and leaned them in close. "Listen, you two aren't supposed to be in here, so play along. I don't want George to tell Kine."

They seemed to undertsand. I turned to talk to George. He had driven Snotbubble to the other side of the room. Then he turned his attention to the open door and closed it putting the code back in. It seemed Snotbubble had taken Kine's Key Card again.

"George, don't tell Kine about this," I called to him.

"What? Snotbubble took my guantlet! You don't think I won't tell him about that? He's going to notice when I don't answer."

"I mean about Frankie and Reeba here. They wanted to be alone and gotten lost."

"They're supposed to be in the Training Area."

"I know, but you know how young couples are. I'll deal with these two."

"Fine, tell Kine that Snotbubble has his Key Card and he took my guantlet and won't tell me what he did with it."

"I don't have it anymore," Snotbubble slurred through his smile. "I don't remember where I put it."

"You better find it, Lutin!"

I ushered Reeba and Frankie out of the room leaving George to deal with Snotbubble. I took the two Tributes back to the Training room. Eventually Kine would have noticed they were missing, well maybe he would noticed Frankie's absence. Reeba was always hiding from her District partner Xavier.

"Who was that in that room?" Frankie asked me.

"George is the engineer and Snotbubble is Kine's experiment." I responded with but I knew that Frankie wasn't talking about them.

"I mean the other guy in the circle room?"

"Oh that guy generates the power for the Arean." I firgured there was no harm in tell him, you known, because he wasmost likely going to die soon.

"How does he do that?" Reeba then asked.

"I'm not really sure but it has to do with the music he plays."

"Why does his spit glow?" Frankie questioned me."Just like Snotbubble's spit?"

"Whatever Kine did, he did it to both of them," He said as I sent them back into the Training Room. "He onced lived in District 9."

Private SessionsEdit

Private Sessions for Revived the Dead Games starting with District 13.

Thomas Adrian Parker of District 13Edit

Training was now over. Today when I woke up when my Escort Marxxs came in, I knew I had to remember everything I learned. Today were the Private Sessions. I was scared but as usually my District partner seemed delighted. Sloan was eager to get in there and show Kine and his scientist what she could do, again. I really didn't feel like eating because of my nervous stomach but I knew I would need my strenght. We had an hour to get ready and it felt like it took forever to go by. Soon my name was called. I was the first one. Crap!

"Don't worry, Thomas," Marxxs said to me. "The first one has not prior expectations to out compete."

Maybe that would have made me feel better if Marxxs had shown some more emotion. My eyes went to Sloan who waslooking at me as if she knew I would fail. I headed to the Private Sessions Room which was the same room where we had done the Testing before. The obstacle course was still set up but this time I didn't have to do it all. Igot to choose which area I wanted to show the scientist.

"Hey Kine, what is the District 13 boy doing in here," Dylan asked.

Crap was I not supposed to come in yet? Was it not my turned. I already screwed up!

"Oh I wanted to start off with 13 this time. These things alwaysgo in order but we be tired of seeing tributes by the end of this whole things. So I decided we go backwards and start with District 13."

I felt better after hearing that.

"Saving the best for last?"

"Kind of..." Kine then turned to me. "Thomas Adrian Parker... I like your name. Okay show us what you can do."

I nodded and headed over to the camaflouge area. I figured I start off with this first since it took awhile. The scientists were sitting on a higher level just watching me. This made me feel uncomfortable but during the actually Games, thousands of people would be watching me. This was pratice I guess. I painted my arm so it matched the rocks and showed it to the scientists. Kine seemed impressed but I don't think I impressed the others. Well Kine was the leader so I couldn't ask for better. Then I went over to the weapon area and looked at them. I hadn't mastered any of these but I tried all of them. I picked up a saber and started cutting the dummies. This weapon moves better in my hand and this weapon was meant to be used in either hand, so it worked for me because I was left handed. Once I was done, I pretty much had nothing esle to show them. I hope that was enough. I bowed to show I was done.

"That it?" Kine mutter, oh no did I not impress him? "Did you work on the things I told you too?"

"Yes sir," I politely responded.

"Mkay do one of them."

I looked around. I was actually given a lot of things to do, so I wasn't able to really learn any of them too well. I was fast and I could climb but I don't think Kine would be impressed. I didn't want to ruin my chanced at a good score by doing something I wasn't good at. I went over to the Throwing Area and picked up a small axe. I aimed and threw it. It hit the target but not the center. I felt so stupid like I was a failure.

"Oh that would leave a terrible wound," I heard Kinesay. The tone of his voiced re-asured me that I pleased him. "If the person didn't bleed to death, they wouldnt' be able to survive and defend themself. Very good."

I smiled alittle and was sent out. I did it. It was over. I coudl relax... for now... Interviews were tonight.

Sloan Gardner of District 13Edit

Thomas cam out smiling but he was pale as a ghost. He slopped over in a chair and lean his head back. I could tell he barely survived. My name was calledby Pantxo and I headed inside. I had already ran the obstacle course and did fairly well so I could do it again. Kine directed me that I didn't have to do the course again and just do whatever I wanted. Well I ran straight to the Weapon Rack and grab a blade. I swung it around at some dummies, before picked up a katana and then a sword. I used every signal blade there was and by accident an axe but I got it stuck in the head of the target so hell why not?

"Looks like she's having fun," I heard Kine say. I was having fun. Soon these targets would be actual people but I still be hitting dumbies. I picked up a few smaller daggers and started to throw them at the dummies. Then I picked up some knives and awls. I left so many sharp objects in the dummies they looked like they were porcipines! I was pround of myself. I turned to the scientists tosee their reaction. They were writting things down on thier papers. Better be good scores damn it! I didn't work my ass off for nothing!

"That was good now do something I told you to work on." Kine told me.

What should I do? I was pretty good at everything. Crap! I looked over at the plants that sat on a rack in pots. I hadn't had much time to work on knowing deadly plants. This was all I could think of to do. I could swim, climb, run, kill, I could do everything but plants. I slowly walked over to them. This was the first time I felt an emotion that wasn't confidance. There was a few sheets of paper with the list of plants names and black spaces near a photo. I had to write the correct name next to the photo. I picked up the paper and slowly took a pencil into my shaking hands. I could do this. Could I?

Telav Tibaabi of District 12Edit

After District 13 was done, Pantxo called for me name. I was nervous as hell but I walked into the Session room as if I were confident. I hoped I looked like I was. I started off with the bow and arrow. I was good with this so I decided to start off with my strong point. I shot off a few arrows hitting the target in a few places. I didn't miss once. Then I picked up a blowgun and shot the smaller targets.

"Hey, Tivi," Kine misspornounced my name incorrectly on purpose. "Why does it say on you profile that you are good at takling twice?"

I didn't know how to answer him. During the Testing, I had to fill out a papeer listing my strengts so I much have put it down twice without knowning it. I decided to try and tackle one of the dummies, well one that wasn't full of knives and sword and everything sharp that wasn't a blade. I ran towards a large dummie and knocked it over but I went down with it. Well I hoped that answered Kine's question. I was good at tackling.

"Kya now do someting he told you to train."

What I wasn't goo at? Well they had told me to work on plants and survival in the wild. Slyder had showed me how to make a fire. I went over to the Earth Area where there was a mini nature scene. I put a few small stickes together andstarted rubbing some rocks together. Nothing happened.Okay, what did Slyder do? Oh I know! I rushed over and pulled one of the daggers out of the dummies and went back to my fire pit. Slyder had used a dagger to start the fire. I tried again but this time I hit the rock against the dagger. I hit it a little too hard and chipped the dagger. Ops. Okay this wasn't working. I looked over at the plants. Slyder showed me a few. I went over there after abandoning the fire. I looked at the paper than the real plants. I don't remember what Slyder had said. I started to touched the plant and smelled them. Then my hands started to itch. On this was was poison ivy! Good I figured out out. Good. Man my hands really started to itch!

Slyder Crescendo of District 12Edit

"What happen to your hands?!"

"I found thepoison ivy," Telav told me with a smile on his face.

"Go see if you can get something for that."

"Slyder Crescendo," Pantxo said as he felt a peice of paper.

"I have to go. gte that looked after. You're turning all red!"

Telav nodded at me as I headed into the Session Room. Okay I had to show them what I could do. I started off with the bow and arrows and then used my crossbow. I hit the targets alright. Then I went to the plant are where Telav had failed to remember what I told me. It was a good thing he had me as an ally. I looked at the plants and smelled them but kept my face fare enough away not to touch them. I could tell which one was which and marked them down on the paper. Then I went to Telav's failed fire and lit it. I don't know what he did wrong there.

"Now do something that isn't correcting Tivia's mistakes," Kine said.

I had to do something I wasn't good at. I wasn't good with close ranged weapons. I wasn't strong like Telav but we figured he would take care of that and I focus on survival and all. I picked up a sword and swung it. This thing was heavy. It's weight threw me to one side and I almost lost my balance. Okay maybe this weapon was too big. I picked up the smaller katana and swung it around. It was a lot heavier than a bow but I could managed it. I swung it at a bummie but something tripped me. I corected myself so I didn't fall. I looked down and saw a knife, probably left by Sloan when she was in here. Okay, I kicked it aside and tried again. I hit the dummie but the blade got stuck. I tried to pull it out but it wasn't coming. Okay, stupid thing, get out. I tried again but instead I barely nudged it. Okay whatever. I picked up a small throwing axe and throw it at the stupid dummie that took my sword. It fell over and I kicked it.

"There, it's dead!"

Conner Machado of District 11Edit

Why did it have to be my turn next?

"Do you want to do before me?" I asked Skye. She shook her head.

"Conner Machado," Pantxo called for me.

I got up and entered the room as Slyder stormed out muttering about some stupid dummie. I started with my strenght. I picked up a weight and threw it. It flew for a while and landed by a marker than told me how far I threw it. It went a few meters so I was pleased. Then I went to the Weapon Rack and picked out an axe. It was a throwing axe so I threw it and hit one of the dummies. It didn't hit the head but I had thrown it so hard that the dummie fell over. That was good. I picked up a big axe and swung it at a target. I took it's head off. I was about to climb the wall when Kine asked me to do something I wasn't good at.

"Go into the pool and swim for me," He asked rather nicely.

Swim? I can't swim. Never needed to in my District. Was he crazy? I could drown. I looked at the water then turned back to him.

"Can I show you my climbing skills instead?" I asked.


I went to the Climbing wall and started my way up. I was born in District 11 where you start off climbing before you even learn to walk. Even though I was big I was fast and agile on the wall. I made it to the top in no time. Once I reached the top, there was as slide on the other end to get down. I had to admit I loved going dow this thing. We didn't have these in my District. I was ready to say I was done when:

"Okay now show us your swimming skills." Kine ordered.

I looked at the pool. I can't swim. Water scared me. I would drown. I just looked at Kine with pleaing eyes. I didn't want to do into the water. He just nodded at me and I left the room.

Skye Silvergurd of District 11Edit

It was may turn next nce Conner left the room. He looked sad some how. Was this going to be difficult? I went into the room when my name was called. I went to the Racing Track and started to show how fast and agile I was. There were these jumping poles I had to leap over. I cleared them pretty well even if I was not that tall. Then I started to climb up the wall. When I was down I wanted to show how good I was at making traps. I went over to the supplies area and picked up some wire. I made a little trap but the scientists didn't seem impressed. I decided o show off my skills with the bow. I picked up a bow and shot three dummies, hitting them all.

"That was nice..." Kine didn't seem impressed. "Now go do something you'e not good at."

Well I wasn't very strong and by now I was feeling tired. My low muscel mass and no fat reserves left me tired after I did a lot of running. I didn't feel like swimming and there was no way I could pick up a weight. I went over to the weapon area dn decide to try a new one. I picked up a throwing knife. It had to be like throwing an awl so I figured I could trick the scientists. I aimd an a flesh dummie. The knife felt different in my hands. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I aimed but changed my mind and aimd again. No This wouldn't do. I tried again.

"Just throw it already," Dylan yelled.

I threw the knife and it flipped off into empty space behind the dummie. I messed up!

"Hey how are we scoring these guys?" Kine then asked the other scientists.

"We see what they can do and decide how likely they are at winning the Hunger Games," Young tried to explain.

"That's stupid. We have to take in all the factors, like health, knowladge of whatever they know and the different outcomes that could possibly happen to decide these. Skye would only win if all the Careers got killed first, and if she ran fast enpough, but she could slip on something and fall of a cliff or something. Okay if there were no slippery surfaces and cliff..."

Kine started to go on and on about all the different senarios that could happent o me and how I could die. At some point I would die by a meteor falling through the sky landing in the District 7 causing a climate change to a colder tempature so the grain in District 9 would grow a fungas due to more rains. Then the grain would be harvested and made into bread which would be sent by my sponsor and I would eat it and think I was a werewolf and attack people, eventually attacking Paola. She would fight me back but then would slip on a nut knocked off of a tree by Asper and Selena when Asper lost his sock when the tree was hit by a car. Then I while I was attacking Paola I would become distracted, Frankie would come out yelling "I'm 20% Coolier!" because he found faboulas horse shoes while shopping with Slyder and Telav, allowing me to escape Paola. Then Jake would come over to me and confess his undying love for me, which would make Sandy jealous because he loved me too. Smick would commit suicide because he had a crush on Jake which would set off Selena, Aiden and Chase because they were Smick's allies. The would attack the Careers, during the fight Jake and Sandy would die while Naomi was abucted by alians. Ivory some how would get into a lasbian relationship with Thomas because he wanted a sex change. Chloe would do the surgery but die on the operation table from the sight of what real male organs look like and past out in Thomas' blood. Rowan would save her by giving her mouth to mouth and finish the operation on Thomas. Grace and Xavier would walk in after discovering they were really twins that were seperated at birth. Grace would trie help Xavier, because she thought she could change him for the better. The sight of blood would cause Grace to lose her mind, so Xavier then would leave to prosue his dream of being a race car driver, in order to pay for therapi Grace would need. However he crash into a chestnut three because he was too young to drive. A falling nut would hit Craig on the head and he would have a near death experience with Big Foot. This event would cause him to become relious. He would go to convert Quinoa and Oona to Deadra Worship however Lakota would join the Stormcloaks to fight for Skyrim's freedom. All the while Conner and Sloan would get married after a drunken night at the Winking Skeever Inn. At the wedding Reeba would do a break dance, because she was the bride's main of honnor. I would chatch the boquet and end up marrying Konlok. We would live happily ever after and I would later die of old age.

I don't know but that was what Kine said.

Frankie Moorland of District 10Edit

It was my turned to see the Scientists and they probably laugh at me. I really needed a smoke but this was a no smoking zone. I figured I would show off my pitchfork skills. They actually had to add some in for me to use since the pitchfork wasn't on the list of weapons the Gamemakers were planning on using in the Hunger Games. I picked one up and threw it at a tarfget. It hit it dead center. Well that was awesome. I picked up another pitchfork and threw it at another targte. It hit it right in the neck. I think both of those would have ended in a kill. Then I went over tot he Healing Area and started mixing up some herbs to show that I know how to clean a wound. I anted to end this thing with showing off my strenght. I picked up large heavy weight and threw it. It went pretty far but flew off the range to the side. Ops but I did throw it alright so I don't think it mattered to much. I was about to leave when Kine asked me to do something I was supposed to work on.

I was told to work on running so I went to the track.

"Wait," one of the female scientist interupted. "He has a lung condition, Kine. He can't run."

"What's wrong with him?" Kine asked but didn't sound to concern.

"He has troubel breating. If he runs too much he could sufficate."

"The Hell didn't you tell me this before. Dudes going to die." Kine wrote something down on his papers. "Okay Frankie, go away now."

"I didn't alright in the Testing Session, I can do it." I pleaded. "Give me a chance."

"Okay, but don't die."

I wanted to try at least. If I didn't I probably get a bad score so I ran. Not too fast at first but I started to feel tired. My lungs felt hot and my insides started to hurt so I had to stop. I hope that was enough.

"You're not a fast runner now are you," Dylan said.

"Okay, I've seen enough. Time for 10 girl." Kine shooed me with a motion of his hand.

I felt like I didn't impress them with my running but maybe my strenght would make up for that. And my pitchfork throwing. I really needed a smoke after that but I had to catch my breathe. As Grace went into the room, I gave her warning about what to expect. ent back to my room where I found my Escort Loredo. I asked him if I could go outside on the bacony to smoke. Loredo gave me an intreged look and handed me something to smoke. It was a peice of paper all wrapped up and smelled like some kind of plant. He told me to try this instead and so I did.

Grace Pearson of District 10Edit

I started off with my strenghts first. I wanted to leave a good impression. I picke dup a sword and started cutting up the dummies. I was a lot stronger than the average girl so I wanted to show that off too. I picked up a heavy two handed sword called a claymore and swung that thing at a dummies head. It came clean off. Yes that was impressive. I had been training with Oona, Quinoa, Paola and Lakota so I decided to try their weapons. Knives were small so I threw a few. They hit the tartget but none int he center. When they Gamemakers asked me to try swimming I was a little nervous but I had pratice it. The water was warm thank God so I was able to get in fast. I kicked my legs and moved my arms. I started to move farward, not very fast, but I wasn't sinking. I kept close to the edge of the pool just in case. The Gamemakers stopped me before I could reach the other side. I guess they had seen enough. I was pretty sure I did well. I picked up a towel and walked out. I needed to change into dry clothes now.

"What do you think?"

"She did good." I heard the scientist say as I left. Yes I did good! That's what I wanted to hear!

Craig Albert Corios of District 9Edit

So it was my turn at last. I entered the Private Session room and looked around. What did I want to do? I don't know. I just wanted to hurt someone. I asked if I could wrestle someone. Kine paused for second and then called in a guy whom he called Miles.

"I don't want you to wrestle Pantxo,since he is blind and Ernesto is busy so you can have fun with Miles here." Kine told me.

I looked Miles over. He wasn't Avox, I actually didn't see any in this building but instead there were these other people dressed in dirty brown ragged clothes and had no shoes walking around. They had chains or ropes tied to their armed and feet usually. The did whatever the scientists commanded. A few were resting the Throwing Area because eveyone was used that place. Miles was big and look pretty strong but I could tell he was afraid. Probably not of me but of Kine and the other scientists. Still I could use this.

I tackled him to the ground. He wen down pretty easily but he grabbed me and kicked me with his knew. I hurt but I was okay. Miles was a lot stronger than he looked. He bit me ont he side of the neck. That took me off guard and I couldn't get him to let go. I took my fingures and jabbed him in the side. He hung on still. What's up with this guy? His teeth felt like needles in my neck. I wiggled and finally became free, athough a river of blood oozed down my neck. Okay now I was angry. I stood up and kicked Miles but he didn't feel it. He came at me and knocked me to the floor. I used his weight to throw him off. Then I pulled out my pocket knife Kine had given me. Miles rolled over and clawed my stomach as I stabbed him repeatedly.

"Stop!" Miles called. "Kay you win!"

I didn't listen. My little pocket knife needed to taste more blood. I kept stabbing me as he tried to shield himselt with his arms. He kicked me and punched me a few times. One good blow on me in the neck. Pain shot up the side ofmy head and down my body. It stun me for a second allowing Miles to crawl away. Once I recovered I went after him but then my body stiffened and I fell to the ground.

"Okay, thanks for teh show," Kine said. "Um take him back to his room. And Miles, go somewhere else."

Two of those guys in black came over, one picked me up becaue for some reason I couldn't move, while the other drug Miles off somewhere. I was taken back to me room where slowly I gained the ability to move again.

"Oh what happen to you?" My Escort Arcee said as soon as she saw me. "I'll go get Ernesto!"

Quinoa Soal of District 9Edit

Craig was carried out lifeless, his neck had a gaping wound and a trail of blood followed him to our room. What on Earth happen to him? Pantxo called me in. I slowly entered the room. In one spot was a pool of blood. Some people dressed in dirty clothes were mopping it up. I was scared.

"Okay the girl 9ers 49er, show us what you can do," Kine said.

I picked up a scythe. I sliced and diced the targets to shreds. I spun the scythe over my head and around till all the targets in that general area were knocked over. Then I decided to run. I was pretty good at running. I wasn't the fasted but I could out run anyone even Craig. He had followed me for some reason one day when I was heading to the field after school. I out ran him than till he lost interest and went to find an easier target. That was scary.

"Okay, now go try an bow and arrow please."

I was no good with these weapons. The other girls tried to teach me but really none of use knew how to use these. I picked one up and well let's say I missed every signal time and once the arrow only flew a foot in front of me. I really sucked with a bow. I heard the scientists laugh and then they sent me on my way. I was pretty sure I would be alright with my other strong skills that I didn't need to know how to use a bow.

After I was sent out,  I headed straight back to my room to see what happen to Craig. Arcee had left to go get Ernesto because he was a doctor. Craig was laying on his bed and looked like he was dead, however his eyes shifted towards me when I entered his room. His room had been off limits since we arrive, I didn't really want to go into his room anyways, so this was the first time I peeked in. He wiggled and rolled on his side kind of.

"What happen to him?" I heard Ernesto ask Acree when they arrive back. "Oh he got paralized. Okay, I'll fix him up. You're lucky we have some time before your Interviews. I'll put him in something that will hide his cuts and bruise."

Ernesto started to patch Craig up and slowly he gain movement in his body again. It was a good thing he was paralized so Ernesto could bandage him up.

Xavier Thread of District 8Edit

Finally my turn came. I was tired of waiting for the other lower District to finish. I was sure the Scientists were tired of the lame shows being presented to them. I would give them a show. I went into the room. I was the best at traps. I loved trapping people at my District. I went to the supplies and started making several different traps. I didn't want the traps to kill but to hold the tributes for me so I could kill them.

"Oh this one is smart." Kine said. "I told you I liked this one!"

I smilled. I finished off a few more traps. Then I picked up a few weapons. I wanted to kill something but that would have to wait till the actual Games. Then I go after Reeba. I picked up a saber because I wanted to try it out. I had been praticing with it, when I wasn't tormenting Reeba. I actual liked how fast it moved through the air, a lot faster than a sword or an axe.  I swung it at a dummie and it sliced right in half. I watched as it fell slumped over. I tried to imagen it as one of the tributes with blood and guts.

"Boy reminds me of Lucifer," Lisa whispered but I could still hear her. I didn't know who she was talking about. "He was the only one who used sabers."

"Actually, he was the reason why sabers were added into the Games," Kine told her. "Okay, Xavy! Now, let's see, you aren't good at..."

"Can you bring in Reeba now," I asked. "I want to show you what I can do but I need someone to help me."

"Okay, we can do her Private Sessions too."

Reeba Alyce Graver of District 8Edit

Pantxo called my name and I was wasn't too surpised. Xavier hadn't come out yet so I bet he wanted to torment me in front of the scientist. I don't know if Kine liked me or not, but I wanted to show him the things I could do, even if they weren't very impressive. I went into the room where Xavier was waiting for me. I glared at him because he was talking my time with the scientists.

"Are you sure, Kine," the scientist named Young said. "We have been watching him put this girl through everything already."

"We haven't seen him kill her yet."


"Reeba can show her skills in hiding," Kine pointed out. "She likes to hide."

Kine allowed us to share out Private Sessions, so I guess it wasn't very private. He promised to allow me some time by myself at the endto show him what I could do. I guess it made sense that I would need someone to hide from so I could show how good I was at hiding. I wasn't too happy with Xavier being the one to find me, but he wasn't very good at it. Xavier closed his eyes and covered his ears with his hands. He counted to ten as if we were playing hide and seek. I dashed off to hide. When Xavier was done I was already hiden, even Kine had no clue where I went. This was good.

"Okay Reebree, here I come." Xavier let me know.

I hide for a long time and kept an eye on Xavier. He couldn't find me. Whenever his back was turned I quickly moved spots to where he already look.

"Oh Xavy, she's giving you the slip!" Kine laugher. "Come on, boy. I believe you can do it!"

"Kine, we can't spend to much time, we need to see all the tributes before Ernesto can get them ready for their Interviews."

"Oh fine. Xavier, you did good. Now we need to have Reeba to her thing."

Xavier was sent out the room and I felt like he wasn't done with me. I came out of my hiding place and went straight to the supplies. I gathered some cloth and started sowing some clothes togather. It didn't take me long but I made a pancho to through over me. Kine gave me a smile but said nothing. He wrote on his peice of paper. I was sent out and as I was leaving Kine said, "Now don't get killed too early Reeba. I want Xavier to have fun with you."

Rowan Winter of District 7Edit

I walked into the Private Sessions room. I baiscly did what any Career would do. I sliced and diced the bummies up with a sword and later an axe. I had been praticing with those for a long time. People born in District 7 are basically born with axes in their hands. I picked up a few knives and cut and through a few. Kine already liked me so I just needed the other Scientists to like me.

"Good boy!" Kine interrupted my sessions. "Now you weren't very good with plants, like it matters, but we need to see you do something you're not good at."

I looked over at the plants on the rack. I recognized a few some more District but I didn't know the names of them or what their purpose was for. I knew poison ivy when I saw it. One time I walked through it while on a spying mission for the Mayor and damn it I itchy like Hell! I also recongized the Death Berries, which were an odd purple blue. That stuff grew all over my District, had pretty flowers in spring though. That was basically it. I didn't know the others. All I needed to do was kill during the Game, I wouldn't eat or touch the plants so I figured those things were useless to me. When I was done I left the room.

Selena Kyle of District 7Edit

After Rowan left they had to restock the dummies and weapons. Kine wanted the weapons to be sharp, so they brought in new ones and removed the ones that had been used to be sharpen. I started off with my strong point, I did some martical arts moves to show I can fight. I was very good at hand-to-hand combat. I was also good with a small weapon while fighting hand-to-hand, well then it wouldn't be called hand-to-hand combat. I was also good at stealth but didn't know how to really show that. I picked up a whip and attacked one of the targets. I left deep marks in the target. I was flexable as well so I did some gyimnastics and climbed up the Climbing Wall.

"Okay enough fo that," Kine said. "I think I have seen enough for now."

"What did she need to pratice on?" Lisa asked.

"Why are the two decepive people in an Alliance together?" Kine asked no one in particular.

What? Did he mean Asper? No Asper was very nice and had been kind to me this whole time. He wouldn't ally with me to deceive me would he? No, I knew Asper. I mean I only knew him for a couple of days. Could he have been playing an act this whole time?

"Selena's fault was insecuity," Kine stated and he was right. "Looks liek she didn't improve on that, judging from how she reacted to hearing that Asper was deceiving her."

Kine gave me an evil grin. I wasn't sure if he was lying or not. I didn't know what to think of Kine. I was pretty sure Asper was a good ally and wouldn't betray me. Then again, this could have been a trick.

Asper Dell of District 6Edit

Selena gave me an odd worried look when she came out. I asked her what to expect when I went in, because it was my turn after. She told me to be careful and do my best. So I went in when Pantxo called for me. I started off with the Climbing Wall since that was very difficult for most of the other tributes. I climbed that thing with ease. I was very good with an axe and a mace so I used both weapons on the targets. I threw a few axes at the targets and hit on the sides and in the center once. Probably bleed to death if that was for real. Then I swung the mace at a dummie and hit it's head off. The dummies don't move so it be harder to hit a person in a real fight however the mace was a big weapon. I had a greater chance at hitting a person with it than a sword.  The Scientists had to be impressed with that. Then I picked up a blow gun and climed up the rope net. I aimed from up high at the targets and shot off a few darts at the targets. It hit in several places but I didn't miss any. Not sure if a blowgun can kill without poison, but that would inable a person and hopefully scare them away from me. I felt a little dizzy after swinging the mace. I stopped for a second and it went away. Then I conitued.

"Very good Asper," Kine clapped a few times but it really didn't sound like he was impressed. Sound more like he was amused, like I was providing some kind of entertainment for him. Well they Hunger Games are for entertainment. "Now go swim for me."

"I can't swim," I shamefully replied.

"I told you to practice."

"I can't swim," I insisted.

"Sure you can." Kine jumped down from the plantform and came over to me.

He shoved me along to the pool. I started to resist him but than Snotbubble appeared out of no where and started pulling me. He was a long stronger than he looked. I insisted that I couldn't swim. Kine replaied with "You'll never know unless you try." Like I haven't heard that before. Then Snotbubble pushed me into the pool. The water was a shock, even though it was wamr. I began to panic when my head went unter water. I kicked my legs and waved my arms but it was no good. I was going to drown. Snotbubble hooked me by the collar with a pole.

"Let him do it," Kine said standing over me. "He can swim. Or at least this is a good time to learn."

I spat up water.

"Oh I guess he really can't swim. Well you lucky boy. The Arena isn't very wet. Okay bring in Paola."

Snotbubble dropped to pole to follow Kine and my head when under the water again.

Paola Fernand of District 6Edit

When I came intot he room, Snotbubble was dragging Aspe rout of the pool. I guess he almost drowned in the pool. Snotbubble started to give Asper mouth to mouth.

"I'm okay, stop!" Asper cried but Snotbubble kept trying to revive Asper. "Oh you're slomber! Stop! I'm going to drown again."

"Kine, Asper, is drowning again."

"Keep giving him mouth to mouth then."

"Yeah! More make out, eh, I mean fun!"

Kine then turned his attention towards me. He looked me over carefully as Asper begged for Snotbubble to stop. Then he asked me if I was a female.

"Yes, I am a female."

"You sure? You don't look like a girl, except for those. You had a sex change?"


"Alright, you wanna be female, you can be female then."

Kine went back up to the platform to watch my Private Sessions. It wasn't really Private since Asper was still here getting smuthered to death by Snotbubble and his glowing green spit. I was really only good with brute strenght, so I picked up a club, one with a ring of spikes at the end, and hit the targets repeatedly. I was also good with hand-to-hand combat so I pratice it on a dummer and hit and kicked it over and over again.

"Paola, help... me..." I heard Asper beg.

Snotbubble was sitting on top of him. It looked as if Asper was having another vertigo attack and Snotbubble's kisses weren't helping. I decided to help him even though it took time out of my Private Sessions. I walked over to Snotbuuble but he hissed at me.

"Mine!" Snotbubble began to drag Asper off.

I took Asper by the hands and pulled him towards me but Snotbubble was a lot stronger than he looked, and pulled Asper back. Asper begging for us to stop or we would rip him in half. Then Kine called for Snotbubble to come over to him. Snotbubble instantly dropped Asper's feet and ran over to Kine curling up in his lap. I had to help Asper out of the room because he couldnt' stand up straight.

Chase Pansworth of District 5Edit

Paola had to support Asper out of the Private Session Room. I looked up at Pantxo. He felt the paper he was holding with his fingers and called my name. I entered the Sessions room. Kine and the Scientists were writting things down on their papers while the room was being reset. I went straight to the Track. I was a fast runner and I figured I would survive the Hunger Games I ran down the track and finished it in a few seconds. Then I went to the plant rack. I had been studying the books so I knew a few of them. I was sure I wouldn't get all of them but as long as I got most of the plants correct I would be alright. After I was done with that, I went to the climbing net. I crawled across the ropes to the other side and down. I wanted to finished off with the Climbing Wall. I was up and down that thing in a snape. I worked at a climber at my District, before my brother won and a little after because I needed things to do. I would climp up poles and repair wires or clean out the hight and hard to reach parts of the power plants. I often when on the roofs to chase off the birds that made their nets in the air vets. I was about to leave when Kine called me back.

"You studied your plants, something you need to work on," Kine said as he looked over my profile on his paper.

"I don't think he needs to show us more," Dylan stated. "He's going to die anyways."

"He might win. I like him."

"Kine you like all the tributes." Young pointed out.

"Yeah, they all good. Hope you die in a good way, Chasy. Oh, here you not good with a blowgun or a shotgun... or a knife. Knives are easy to use. You just stab! Stabi stab stab!"

Kine motioned like he was stabbing someone in front of him. Snotbubble hung on to him. I went over to the shotbun because I figured that be the easiest to use. I loaded it with a pebble and aimed. The target was kind of far away. I let the stright go and the pebble flew off somewhere but didn't hit the target. I picked up another pebble and fired again more out fo frustractions. It hit the target on the side. I wasn't really aiming so I think I hit it was accident. I left the room after that feeling liek ai failed even though I did pretty good.

Lakota Feah of District 5Edit

After Chase came out, Pantxo waited for a minute before calling me in to the room. I had been praticing other weapons with my allaince and the climbing net and wall. For being born in the mountains I wasn't very good at climbing. I decided to try climbing first, since I wasn't that good at it. I wanted to end on a strong note with my knives. I went up to the Climbing Wall. Chase was good at this, how hard can it be? I started climbing up the wall. My arms struggled to get me up and I took a long time but I managed to reach the top. Maybe I shouldn't have done this because it took so much time. I slid down and went straight to the knives. I wanted to do something good before my time was up.

I picked up a few throwing knives and started flinging them at the targets. I hit in the bull's eye and the middle ring several times. Kill shot for sure. I picked up a dagger and cut up one of the dummies. T could fight and I wanted to show that to Kine.

"Oh camaflouge yourself," Kine called.

Okay but I wasn't very good at that. The other girls showed me that but I wanted that good or fast. I picked up the paints and started painting my arm. I painted it brown like the dirty but it wasn't right. Maybe some black and green. No that looked stupid. I liked the red paint so I painted my fingure nails red and then added purple and yellow. Blue was a pretty color.

"Aren't you supposed to be camaflouge?" Dylan asked with a slight undertone voice.

"Okay Lakota, you can go now." Kine shoed me off.

Sandy Shipwreck of District 4Edit

It was my turn at last. It felt like forever before the Careers would get to get in there. I would be the first offical Career entering the Private Session, not counting Sloan, but she was not from a full time Career District. I had to leave a good impression because I was from District 4. My District won the least out of the Career Districts. District 1 and 2 usually took home the gold. I started off with my favorite the trident. Everyone knew how to use these in my District basically. I went to teh weapon rack and picked out the trident. I threw in into the chest of an target. It almost broke in half. That's a kill! I pulled it out and swung in around smacking the targets.

"Sandy is a girls' name," Kine had to point out.

I looked at him like you got to be kidding. Didn't he see what I just did? Snotbubble was sitting in his lap and was tinkering with something in his hands. Kine was writting something on a tablet. I was also great a swiming, I was from District 4. I jumped into the pool and swam across it in no time. I climbed out and looked to see if Kine was watching. He was paying attentioned to Snotbubble. I was getting a little irritated but I needed to keep my cool. I picked up a spear and through it into the head of a dummie. Kine still wasn't looking.

"Kids afraid of sharks," Dylan pointed out. "Let's put a shark int he pool and have him swim it again."

I existed the room after that. I wasn't hanging around for that. As I was leaving I hear Kine say, "Did Sandy get eat? Where is he?"  

Naomi Eribach of District 4Edit

I had been watching Panthxo this whole time. I think he was blind. He didnt' look at the paper but felt it with his fingered. I noticed there was a light that flickered on  when the sceintists were ready to see another tribute. I don't think he could see that, it was behind him. He only turned his head when he heard something. I entered the room ather Sandy. He looked angry. Kine and the other scientists were sitting on their platform and wathcing, all except for Kine.

I wanted to show my skills with a spear. I picked on up and threw it into the head of a target. It cut the target down and flop on the ground. I pciked it back up and swung it overmy head at a dummie. I sliced the neck, not all the way through but slit the throat. That personw ould bleed out and die. I was also good with a sword but I thought I be showing the same skills as I had done with the spear.

"I'm hungry..." Kine muttered. "Need a sweetroll... or a carrot..."

"You're from District 4 right? Why can you swim?"

"Hahah what? That's stupid." Kine laughed. "Oh into the pool and show us."

"Remember what happen to Asper, Kine?" Young reminded him. I remember seeing Asper soaking wet. "She'll just drown."

"If she does, we can feed her to the Revivies. Or revive her." Kine paused for a second. "I'm hunry. Noa, you can go now."

I was sent out of the room after that and was happy it was over. It could have gone better and it could have gone worse.

Aiden McFinnegan of District 3Edit

"Aiden McFinnegan," Pantxo said.

I felt a knot in my stomach. I slowly got up and went into the Private Sessions room. The Scientists were sitting on their platform. That little neaon head Snotbubble was with them. I looked around at the room to see what was in here. Well I could run and climb so I tried my hand at those options. I climbed that stupid wall that nearly killed me and Selene. I got up it faster than last time. Then I ran the track. Okay those were good starts. I can escape the other tributes who would be trying to kill me.

"Why is every one afraid of water," Kine muddered. "Noami, Asper and now Aiden."

I looked at the pool. The deeper end made my stomach hurt. I looked down at the blue ribbon I had tied to me wrist. Then I turned to the supplies. I picked a few michanical opjects out and started to build something. As I was working I heard the scientists talking about food. I was too nervous to eat before and I think it be a while before I could eat after my session.

"What do you want to eat?"

"How many more of these do we have to watch?"

"How long is he going to take?"

"Snotbubble sit."

"I wanna see what's he doing."

The last thing I needed was for Snotbubble to come over and ruin things for me. I went over to the weapon rack and picked up a crossbow. I brought it back to my work and attached a string to the crossbow. I was trying to make a trap that would shoot butI didn't knwo how the load the crossbow. I looked at it and tried to put the arrow on it but it wasn't working. Then I heard the worse noise I could hear today. A thump and loud footsteps coming over to me. I looked up but got a face full of green drool.

"You're doing it wrong," Snotbubble drooled on me.

I swippedmy face and conitued my work. Snotbubble leaned against me and breathing down my neck. Could he make me feel anymore unconfortable. I tried to reset the crossbow. I think I needed to twist the arrow and it went int correctly. It snapped it and I set the trap, wiping the drool that was drippign down my head. Hope this was good for my hair.

Selene Davae of District 3Edit

I was called into the room before Aiden had come out. I walked in an got an arrow shot at me. It moved so fast that I couldn't even move but everything looked like it was moving in slow motion. I felt a sharp pain and pressure in leg. I looked down and saw an arrow ladged in my leg. I looked up in shock. Aiden with Snotbubbe on his head, staring at me wide eyed. I felt the blood drizzle down my leg. Then I screamed!

"There's an arrow in my leg!"

"Hahah, she took an arrow to the knee!"

So not the time Kine!

"I'm so sorry," Aiden jumped up, Snotbubble still haning on to him. "Don't move! Apply pressure! I'll go get Ernesto!"

"There's an arrow in my leg!"

"I know!"

"Silence!" Kine yelled. "My phone is ringing."

"Hold still," Aiden told me. "I'll go tget Ernesto."

"This was the best Private Sessions ever," Dylan said.

Konlok Vice of District 2Edit

Aiden came running out carrying Selene in his arms. His hair glowed like the neon green stuff that came out of Snotbubble. I guess it was my turn. I headed inside when Pantxo called me name. The Scientists were getting out of their chairs on the platform. Kine was calling Snotbubble over. I was surprised but went over to he weapon rack. I pickedout some throwing knives.

"Oh crap, there are more tributes?" one of the scientists said when he saw me.

"Oh Konlok," Kine looked at me. "You know what? You're a Career. I'll give you a 10 or something." 

"But I want to show you what I can do?"

"But food..."

"But Weapons..." I begged. "I'll be real fast."

"I've seen people cut up the dummies and shoot arrows. I've seen people run and drown and touch the plants. I've seen it all by now."

"Look real fast," I asid as I started throwing the knives.

"Seen it.." Kine muddered win little emotion in his voice.

I went to the Climbing Wall and cralwed up in as fast as I could.

"Seen it..."

Then I ran down the track faster as if I was being chased by a tiger. I needed to impress him. Kine just looked at me. I felt horrible.

"Oh Konlok," Kine then smiled. "I love you! You did great!"

Kine ruffled my hair on my head.

"Now get out..."


"Just kidding, boy."

Ivory Kranium of District 2Edit

Konlok came out of the room and told me he got a 10. I was jealous but I could do better. Pantxo called me into the room. When I walked in the scientists didn't seem to notice me. I picked up a sword and started swining it. I hit a few of the dummies, slicing them up as I went along.

"So what are you going to do today?" I heard one of the scientist say.

"Pfff sleep," Kine responded with.

Wasn't he going to watch the Interviews? I guess not since he would have seen all the Tributes in the Private Sessions and had been watching us all week. I finished up with the sword and turned to look at the scientists' expressions. They weren't really looking at me. I was a little insulted. I picked up a throwing axe. I had good aim so I hit the center of the target without any trouble.

"Which one of these was your favorite so far?"

"I liked Craig. He was the most entertaining," the scientist named Dylan replied.

"I liked Aiden and Selene's. Hahah he shot his District partner! That's the best!"

"How many more of these do we need to watch?"

I can't believe it. They weren't even watching me? I felt like I was from a lower District that no one cares about like District 8. Those guys are losers there. And the people from District 6 and 9 never win, or an District 5 sucks pretty bad. We hadn't had a winner from that District in a while. Not since Chase's brother won a few years ago. Come on I was from favorite District 2. We always won. There were more Victors from my District than any other. I was so pissed off with the scientists that I didn't even finish my Private Sessions and walked out.

Jake Lehouk of District 1Edit

Ivory came out a little eariler than expected. Pantxo called me in. As I was walking over to the door, Ivory pushed me a little. What's her problem? I went in anyways. Konlok did well maybe Ivory didn't? Not my problem. I went for my favorite weapon, throwing knives! I grabbed a hand full and started throwing the, at the targets. I hit in the critical places. I was a born killer just like my great, great, great, great, great, great... Wait that feels like too many greats. Hold on, my great, great, um... I forget how many greats there are in-between us, but one of my great uncles was in the Second Alliances Games or the 116th Hunger Games.

"Hey, what the Hell?" Kine said. "When did Ivory turn into Jake?"

They didn't even notice that she left? I felt stupid. I was showing them my best and they missed it. I picked up a few more knives and started throwing again. I hit the targets with no misses and got two bull's eyes.

"Hey you had a relitive in a Hunger Game before? Of course you did, you are from District 1. Everyone in that Districts knows someone who wen into the Arena. Haha, the Hunger Games are like cancer."

Why did Kine have to compare the Hunger Games to a disease?

"I had an uncle in the 116th Hunger Games..." I told him. "It was a special Game called the Second Alliance Games. He was partnered with the guy from 12."

"Coolnesses! Okay Jake, you can go now. We're tired of watching people fail miserably with their weak points."

I left the room. I wasn't sure how to feel. I only did one thing. Thinking about people I knew who went intot he Hunger Games, that didn't come back, made me alittle sad.

Chloe Madison of District 1Edit

As soon as Jake came out of the room I dashed in there before Pantxo could say my name.

"Oh carp another one."

I started off with hand-to-hand combat. I picked a dummie and started to hit and kick it over and over again.

"Jacket on, jacket off..."

I did not get what that meant. I beat the crap out of that dummie. Then I picked up a bow and some arrows. I shot a few arrows off at a target, hitting around the center. I think I was the only Career would could use a bow and arrow. That meant I was a strong ally to the other Careers. Throwing knives only went so far. I should know because that was my neck weapon. I threw three knives and hit all three targets. I felt good with my felt. This was going well. Then I smelled something good.

"Holy Crap! Food!"

I looked up to see the servents bringing out some plates covered in food. It was getting close to lunch time and my stomach growled as soon as I smelled the food. The scientists totally ignored me after that. I was pretty much done, nothing else I could so so I left the room. I felt a little sorry for the Capitol kids who had to come after me but at least I did well and that's all that mattered.

Smick Trinket of the CapitolEdit

After Pantxo called my name I walked in nervously. I didn't know what I would do. There were no mines, Kine said he didn't want anyone getting blow up so he removed the mines from the training. I had a feeling there wouldn't be any in the Arena either since Kine had such a strong hatred towards them. I was good with a knife so I figured I would use those. Throw a few and cut a dummie with another. When I entered the room none of the scientists bothered to look at me, aside from Snotbubble. The scientists were busy and the air int he room was filled with the smelles of delious foods of all kinds. My stomach growled. I hadn't eaten all day. Been too nervous.

I picked up a few throwing knives and started to throw them. I actually missed a few time. I felt stupid. I knew I would get a bad score. I looked up and saw that no one, not even Snotbubble, were looking at me. I thought for a second and quickly ran over to the knives on the ground. I picked them up and stuck them into the target. Not in the center of course, I needed to look like I tried.  I shoved them into the outer circle and the neck one over. I wasn't that good with throwing knives and the scientists had seen it. If I was suddenly prefect now, that would be supisious. I ran back to the line where I was supposed to be throwing them and threw another knife. It hit the target.

"Um, hello?" I said to get the scientists' attention and pointed at the target.

"Oh ever good boy," Kine said.

I smiled but felt a little ashamed. I wouldnt' be able to get away with this in the actual Game. Then I picked up a ragular knife not for throwing and started cutting up a dummie with it. Knives were all I knew. It didn't taske me long and when I turned back no one but Snotbubble was watching me. Did Snotbubble even count? I don't think he was a scientists so why bother to impress him? I really didn't know what he did here. I only saw him wondering around causing trouble where ever he went. I looked over to the plan track. I was good with plants. My mother had lots of them. I ran over there and started marking off the plants I knew. After that I was pretty much done so I left the group.Snotbubble waved a goodbye to me.

Oona Jaina Cree of the CapitolEdit

I walked into the room once Smick came out and after Pantxo called my name. The scientists weren't paying attention to me and in a way I liked that. However I needed a good score so they had to watch me this time. I picked up a knife and threw it. It hit the head of the target. I guess if that were a real person they would be dead right now. I felt a little bad because I didn't want to really kill anyone.

"Kine, there's another one," I heard Snotbubble say.

"Oh how many more of these do we need to sit through? Next year we are just throwing them into the Arena and letting them, kill each other. No more of this carp. Which Distrct are you from, 2?"

"I am from the Capitol."

"What, oh you are the last one. Hey wait we missed a few. What happen to District 2 girl? We saw Jake..."

"Jake is from District 1." Young corrented him.

"What?! Damn it..." Kine looked up. "What are you good at?"

"I am good with a knife... And I learned a few things." My brain serously went blank when he asked. I knew I had leanr a lot from am All Female Alliance.

"Okay whatever. Listen I am bored with these so you can just go now."

Gladly. I turned and walked out. I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to be in there anyways. I headed over to my room to get ready for the Interviews. I was also hungry. It was lunch time.


Ernesto Swift of District 14

After lunch everyone had some free times before getting ready for the Interviews. What ever they did with their free time, I don't know. I had been busy all day picking out clothes for the Tributes. I had picked out their clothes and marked them with their District and name before I sent their clothes to their rooms. The Interveiwers were later on in the day at night, so before he started to get dark, the first few tributes started to come into my room in their outfits. I had to help a few figure out how to properly wear their clothes. Some of the guys didn't know how to put on a tie. Reeba was having trouble walking inher heels. I had put her in a jade green dress. It drew away attention from her scars, that Kine actually this time wanted me to not cover up. Skye, the other girl with horrible scars was in a violet dress and Kine yet again didn't want me to cover up the scars too much. I guess I will tone them down a bit but not cover them.

Craig was just in black, it was the only color he really needed to wear. Konlok was wearing a blue grey silver suit and his partner in crime Jake was ina  red suit. Xavier didn't know how to put on hie tie. It was strnage because he was from District 8. I fixed everyone up a bit because starting on the two District 13 tributes. Kine wanted to go backwards like he had done with the Private Sessions. District 13 would be first to be Interviews.

Thomas was happy to put on make and get all dolled up. Sloan just sat there. It was weird because any normal person would figure that the girl would love the make up and glitz while the boy would hate it. Thomas and Sloan were opposites.

After them I worked on District 12, Slyder was happy to put on make-up. Telav's light skin was a little difficult to work with. I had to use the lightest colors I had. I fluffied up his hair. I didn't want it all combed over. I liked his fluffy hair. He was in a silky green suit to match his eyes. Slyder was wearing purple. She looked good in purple.

District 11 people were odd. Conner was very quiet and covered in scratch marks for some reason. I covered up the marks on his face. Kine said nothing about Conner. He was in a blue suit. Boy clothes weren't as fun as the girls. Suits, and more suits. Blah... I put some make-up on Skye to make her look better and put up her hair.

Frankie and Grace were easy. Grace loved the color pink so pink dress for her and green and blue for Frankie. District 10 was one of my favorite Districts. I loves animals, though most animals that lived there were killed at some point.

District 9 Tributes Quinoa and Craig. Well like I said Craig was in black. Quinoa wouldn't take off her hair bane so I dressed her in white to match it. Craig didn't like make-up too much so I just up a toner on his face to even out his skin-tone. Quinoa I kept her with a natural look as well. A little more work on her.

Xavier and his partner Reeba didn't like sitting next to each other. Xavier was in a dark blue suit. I fixed up his tie. He kept undoing it for some reason. I guess it bothered him. Reeba, I worked around her scars and bruises. Xavier had left a few new ones. I didn't want to put any bright or heavy colors on her because of her one blind one. Did't want to draw attention towards it.   District 7 and 6 were simple with the boys. God did Asper look like Dante. Even had Aniju's scar fetish. Rowan from 7 wasn't used to being clean and wearing pretty make-up. He wanted to wear his begger's outfit. Maybe I should have dressed him as the Gray Fox the King of the Theives and Beggers. No, he wouldn't get the referance. The girls I put more effort on. Selena was very pretty although she wouldn't take off her cat ears. I guess I'll leave them. She was in a black dress anyways with silver jewery. Paola was in a green dress to compliment her maroon red hair.

District 5 tributes Chase and Lakota didn't complain much. Chase was in a red and black suit while Lakota was in a soft green flowy dress. I did their hair and make-up. District 4 Sandy adn Naomi couldn't wait for it to be over. Sandy just wanted to get this over with and Naomi didn't want to even go out at all. Sandy was in a baige suit of course to match his name. Naomi was in a purple dress with silver jewery. I kept her make-up dark. Aiden from District 3 was in a black and silver suit. His partner Selene was in a silver dress to match him. Silver and pink were pretty together.

Districts 1 and 2 had a lot to say about what they wore. Konlok wasn't picky but Ivory wanted to wear her hair down. I thought it would get int he way and put it up, but she didn't like me touching her hair. Jake didn't care as long as he looked good. Chleo was just as picky as Ivory about her hair and make-up. Ivory was in an ebony dress because I felt like it. Chleo was in a magenta dress. Wanted her to make Jake but though it be too much red. The Capitol kids kind of already knew who to dress and put on make-up. I didn't like in teh Capitol, because of work, but I knew how crazy the Capitol was about fashion. Smick was in a pink and black suit an Oona was in a red dress with gold jewery. Finally done. I would miss working with these kids.

Thomas Adrian Parker of District 13

I was first like at the Private Sessions. I was nervous. My stomach was full of butterflies. I had to keep calm. Sloan was no help. She was teasing me the whole time. I looked up at my Escort Marxxs. He shifted his purple eyes to me. I shouldn't expect some comfort from him. He had no emotions really.

"You'll do fine..." He told me.

"Okay Thom Thom," Ernesto said as he walked up to me. "You're on! Don't me scared. Kariros is good with people. He'll kep you from looking dumb."

I smiled a little and went out on stage. I sat in the chair as the spot light hit me. The show started and the audiance, made up of mostly Capitol people.

"Our first Tribute today is not what most of you would expect," Kariros, the out interviewer announced. "This year we'll be starting off with District 13!"

I had a feeling I was going to disappoint. Kariros replaced Caesar Flickerman after he got eated by the Beast or something like that. I forget. Kariros had pink hair and usually wore purple.

"Introducing Thomas Adrian Parker, oh long name." Kariros motioned to me. "So Thomas you're from District 13? Have you been enjoying your time in Capitol?"

"Oh yes the Capitol is great! I love the Capitol. It's so amazing and wonderful. I love everything about the Capitol!"

"Well I'm happy you love the Capitol so much."

"Oh yes, yes! I was so happy when we arrived here! The tall buildings, the colorful people, and technolagy is amazing! I enjoy the movies and the food and everyting about the Capitol. I wish I could see more of it."

"Do you like the Hunger Games?"

"Umm no, not when I am apart of it I guess. It's kind of scary. I know how important the Hunger Games are but I made some friends."

"You didn't join the Careers, even though you are from District 13. Do you like the Alliance you have formed?" Kariros asked.

"Yes, my Alliance is not the Careers but we can give them a run for their money," I felt like I should have said that.

"I think you're a great contributor to the Hunger Games this year. Well that's all the time we have for Thomas everyone!"

Sloan Gardner of District 13

"I just want to kill them all," I said when Kariros asked me what I thought about the other tributes. "Except for my allies. We have been getting along quite well, so I think the Careers will be more organized this year."

I knew I had to save that situation in case the others were listening backstage.

"Who's the leader of the Careers?" Kariros asked.

"We all kind of made a decision as a whole. Each of us has something different to offer to the alliance, however we are all skilled fighter so I don't think one of us is really the leader. We will figure things out once in the Arena. Once we start doing our jobs as being Careers."

I knew who exactly wasn't the leader of the Careers but I knew who were my rivals. I had to oust the others and claim the role of alpha. Once we got into the Arena, the Careers would all know who was boss.

"That's good to hear that the Game will be interesting. Now what do you think about your partner Thomas. He was a charming young man. He didn't go into the Careers with you."

"Oh Thomas has always been like that," I actually never really knew Thomas, being he was older than me. I had the guy figured out after a train ride to the Capitol, enough to act like we had been buddies. "Thomas isn't exactly Career materical. He's good at other things beside fighting. His alliance generaly do other things that he is good at so he found his own place where he belongs."

I was kind of speaking the truth there. Thomas wasn't a Career. He was from District 13, which sometimes was a Career District depending on the Tributes. I doubt he would survive the Bloodbath and if he did, it would be out of pure luck.

"We everyone has somewhere they belong. "Kariros continued. "You're the youngest Career we have had in a while. Do you think the others won't take you seriously?"

"I've already proven myself to them. Now I will prove myself to the rest of the Panem. I am just as strong, cunning and skilled as the others. This year most of the Careers are young. There are no 18 year olds as usual. I don't think it matters how old someone is. It all matters how skilled that person is. And everyone in the Careers are strong and skilled in different weapons. Chloe can use a bow! I can use any kind of blade you put in my hands. Ivory is good with axes. We are a pretty scary bunch this year for the other tributes. I don't they can take us down!"

Before I knew it my time was up. I was sure everythign I said wouldn't turn people on me, in my own alliance. Everyone else were probably too afraid of me to even try and I like to see them try.

Telav Tibaabi of District 12

"Telav Tabaabi of District 12 everyone," Kariror so far was the only one who actually got my name right. "I've finally met someone just as pale as me!"

Kariros' skin was about the same tone as my own. I had to clue why I was so pale, I just was. I glanced down at my hands. My Escort Eigg had put something on me to make the itching go away but my hands were still pretty pink some the rash. Ernesto put some lotion on me to lighten the redness and it seemed to me working.

"So Tivi, you allied with your District partner. Do you like Slyder?"

"Yeah, she's cool. She knows a lot of things I don't and I know a few things she does, so we compliment each other. I think we are a good alliance."

"Do you think you have a good chance at winning?"

"Oh yeah I think I could win," actually I didn't think I had a chance in Hell. "Like I said, I am in a good alliance. I am strong too and know how to fight."

I needed to impress a few Capitol people so I can have some sponsors. I didn't want to come off too strong or the Careers may see me as a threat.

"You know what you remind me off?" Kariros asked looking me over. "You remind me of banana cream pie."

I stopped to think. Holy Mother of all that is Secred I do resemble a pie! Serious? I didn't know what he was talking about but I went with it. I laughed and smiled. The crowd chuckled along with me.

"Yes, I guess I do look like pie! And your hair looks like cotton candy." I actually knew what that was. "And you make-up looks like rainbow sherbet! You're making me hungry."

"Hehe okay vanilla boy," Kariros giggled and the whole audiance started giggling. "My lipstick is pink bubble gum. Now you're making me hungry."

"Well this is the Hunger Games," I said feeling a little stupid for referring to what was going to kill me.

"Well with you in the Games, those other tributes beter look out for you. There be srinkles everywhere."

"Candy hearts and bruises will be let in my wake." How did my interveiw tunr into a talk about sweet food?

"There are 31 flavors  of ice cream Telav," Kariros told me. "Which one are you choosing?"

Slyder Crescendo of District 12

Telav's interveiw left me craving something sweet. There was no time to eat anything. It was my turn to be Interveiwed. I sat in the chair and looked at the audiance with there crazy colors schemes then I looked back to Kariros.

"Slyder Crescendo, oh what an interesting name!" Kariros said with a delighted smile. "You're from District 12. It seems that District is filled with many beautiful people such as yourself."

"Oh yes, well I am not used to being call pretty." I said and realized it was kind of stupid. "I don't think I am pretty."

"You are very beautiful and you shouldn't let anyone tell you other wise." Kariros told me and in a way it made me feel a little better.

I sat there with a little smile growing across my face when everyone seemed to slow down to s stop. I looked around. Everyone froze, the audiance the lights and cameras, event he color seemed to stop to a gray. It seemed I was the only one not effected. It was like what I tried morphing that one time. Then a vortex open like a pool of black smoke opened next to me. I grippled the arms of the chair. A figured appeared in the smoke drapped in dark clothing stepped out.

"What the Hell?!" my mouth said without my brain knowing it.

"Don't be alarm Slyder," the figure said in a male's voice. "I was sent to give you a message."


"You have been chosen..."

"Who are you?"

"Not important right now. Now you have been cho.."

"No seriously who are you."

"Chosen to..."

"Who are you? What do you what?" I kept interupting him because I hadn't gotten a chance to say all these dramatic panic stuff yet. If I was going to be talking to some strange guy in a cloak while in a trance, then I wanted to do it right. "Don't harm me!"

"Stop it. Would you let me finish? God I forgotten how District 12 people can be." The stranger in the cloak removed his hood. He had red and orange hair, with the red being a long longer on one side. "There now..."

"Wait you didn't tell me who you where. I didn't ask for what you looked like."

"Bloody hell... I'm Cecil okay. I was born in District 12 just like you. Now shut up and listen. You see this? What I'm doing here with everyone all frozen is really hard to do. You just don't think I can snap my figures and stop time now do you. Well actually time has't been stopped. We are moving so fast it only seems like they have stopp. I pulled you intpo another dimesions and..."

"Okay hold on dude, you lost me."

"Whatever, now I have to give you the short version. Listen, you need to get to District 14. I can't tell you how." I was about to interupt but he put his hand over my mouth. "I'll tell you why later since you took up all my time. Don't tell anyone. Not even, well maybe... no not even Telav or anyone you may ally with. Go into the Arena and get out."

Cecil started to back up and go into the portal putting his hood back on.

"Wait why me?"

"Right now you'll the only one who can. Now live Slyder." Cecil said as he disappared.

I sat back in the the chair as everything came back, movement, color, sound, eveything slowly went back to place. My interview conitued and I pretend like nothing happen.

Kariros Von Monroe of the Capitol

Conner Machado of District 11 was up next after Slyder. I enjoyed talking to her and covered for the brief pause of time. Now Conner was a good lad and had a bit to stay about his District. He was quiet about his ally Craig so I didn't bother to go on with that conversation. His District partner Skye Silverguard was sky. Despite her scars she was lovely in her violet dress. Ernesto was always good with making people look fantastic. After her I interviewed the boy from 10, Frankie Moorland. He sure did love horses. Some how the conversation switch to us talking about a twin ponies that were born to a 9 year female. Everyone loved ponies so why not? There was also an albino horse that lived in his District and sometimes every now and then a strange black horse appeared in the District he said.

"Sometimes in the right light the horse's fur looked red," Franki told me. "Most people stay away from it. But I befriended it. It's name is Byron."

"How do you know this?" I asked.

"That's what it said on it's sattle so that's what I have taken to calling it."

Grace Pearson had more to say about other thinsg none horse related. She was talkive, maybe a little too much but I think the crowd was please with her. Craig on the other hand just talked about killing and how fun it was. He seemed to be the quiet type but once I got him talking about the Hunger Games, he wouldn't shut up about killing people. Quinoa was a nice chance. She talked about things she likes mostly but was a little quiet. Both tribute from District 8 were like night and day. Xavier just talked about how he looked forward to the Games and hunting his District partner Reeba down. Boys determine. Reeba was quiet at first but started to talk about her life in her District which I knew was a lie but the audiance wouldn't know that. 

Rowan talked about his sister Tree for some reason. His partner Selena kept talking about how great being in an allince with Asper was. She talked more about him than herself. Asper didn't say much about her other than the fact that she was a good ally. He mentioned he was seeking revenge but said nothing more. Paola was quiet and answeredevery questioned in short sentances. Chase from 5 talked about how great his brother was in his Game which was a few years ago. I heard that he died. Lakota Feah told me a story about how she survived in the wilds and once saw a white deer. She tried to catch it but he got away from her.

Finally whatever one was waiting for, the Careers were next. Both tributes from 4 just talked about how strong they were. Naomi kept looking around as if she was expectting an attack. Aiden was quiet and mentioned having a younger sister. He finally opened up at the end when he started talking about machines.

"There's this legend of an old ruin beyond District 7 in the wilds where there are robots." He told me. "They guard the place and it's secrets. I heard that there is something powerful filled with more treasure that anyone can imagen hiden inside. Maybe if I win I would like to one day go find this place. The greatest treasure for me would to to take apart those robots. I love unscrewing the parts and untwisting the wires to see how they work. Then I like to put them back together."

He reminded me of Snotbubble, but a more tolerable version. His partner Selene Davae was quiet, very quiet. Both tributes from District 2 were the usual Careers and their interveiws in my opinion were boring, just talk about killing, how hard they train and that they were the best. District 1 was about that same other than the fact that Jake talked about his great uncle who was in the 116th Hunger Games or the Second Alliance Games. The Capitol kids didn't really talk about their lives. Since they lived here anyways there was no point. Smick quickly answered the question about his parents and moved on. And with that the Interveiws were over.

The GamesEdit

Have begun...

Konlok Vice District 2

It was dark for a long time. I don't remember what happened, but all of a sudden I was aware of the world's existance. I could hear, but nothing I could make out made sense. My brain wasn't ready to comprehend what I was hearing. It felt like it had been days before my eyes opened.  I felt their hands on me and whatever they were doing to me. During that dark time one voice I could make out that I knew. It was Kine's. When my vision became more than blurs I saw nothing different. Nothing was wrong with my body, however I couldn't see my body entirerly because of a blanket covering my body. Every now and then, probably hours apart, that seemed like minutes, someone would cast a shadow over me to check on my condition. They would shinned lights into my eyes and checked some machines that gave my vitals outside of my line of vision.

The first thing I could remember experiencing was Kine standing over me. He was talking to me about something while he was doing something with his hands under my blankets. He said he had to check on a tube that was keeping me alive. I needed new organs since my original ones were eaten.

"I'm happy you came back to me." Kine whispered. "We thought you wouldn't come back since you are missing your vital organs. Thank you for coming back to me."

Kine rubbed his fingers across my head into my hair. I couldn't talk because I had air pummed into my lungs from a machine of some kind. I wasn't sure how I was still alive. I hadn't eaten in what I think were days, or maybe it was hours. I don't know.

Conner Machado of District 11

I woke surrounded by murderers. How did this happen? I would have never guess I be in an Alliance, or I think we can call this an Alliance, with the three most insane people in our Hunger Games, beside Kine I guess. No one is more insane than that guy. Craige had been snuggling up to me all night and now he was laying across my stomach. On the other side of Craig, our two new Alliance from District 7 and 8 Rowan adn Xavier were sleeping. I glanced over at the door. Rowan and Xavier had pushed some chairs in front of the door so it couldn't open so easily and made a lot of noice. The only way to kill these two probably would be to take them out in their sleep. Sadly if one dies, the others probably would wake up and kill the attacker. I probably could make a run for it, but Craige would come after me.

"Good Morning my little play things!" The TV flicked itself on. Oh Kine, what now? "Get up! Come on I see you. Aiden get up!... Don't you look at me like that. They hell yout wo been doing? Oh look my favorites!"

Rowan and Xavier sat on, their hair a mess and their eyes were groggy. Craige snuggled up agaisnt me and bit me on the neck. I winsted in pain and than Craige kissed me where he had bit me, like that would make it better. The only thing he was good for was he kept me warm at night.

"Aiden get up. Alrighty I'n tired of waiting. The Capitol may love this blood sport but I'm tired of waiting. I am sure your families won't be able to take much more of it. I am sure I would freak and be murdering if my baby ended up in one of these Games. So I will end this all today. You, every singal one of you, all must die!"


"Kiney Kine," The little neon head came into view on the screen and tugged at the mad scientist's coat.

"Hold on little one," Kine made a sinister smile. "Oh my little experiments. Be good little children and drive you still living brothers and sisters into the main platform for me sweeties."

There were several ghoulish howls from the rest of the Arena. A smile creeped across Craig, Rowan and Xavier's face.

Aiden McFinnegan of District 3

It wasn't long before Kine's revived tributes drove us out in the open right in front of the Pillar. Smick and Thomas were close behind me when we came out in the open. Out of no where Smick let out a cry. Had seconds to duck down as a knife flew past my head becoming lodged in the wall behind me. The Careers had showed up at the same time as the "Little Amazons" whihc now consisted of two members. Sloan, Jake and Noami had their eyes on us when Reeba and Skye appeared flewing several Revived Tributes. Noami turned away to follow the girls as Slaon and Jake came for us. Smick now bleeding from his arm dashed for the door to the Pillar but the revive from District 8 stopped him. The revived tributes crowded around us and it seemed they wanted to keep us in one place. There was no where to go. Jake was blind sided by Rowan and Xavier the two sociopaths and out worse fear, Craig was with them. It was clear the worest thing had happen, they had joined forces. I had no hope of living now. Xavier flipped out on Noami who had gone after Reeba.

"She's mine!" Xavier yelled. "I'm the only one allowed to kill her!"

Xavier began stabbing Noami over and over again. Jake and Rowan were busy locked in combat. Wait, where was Sloan? I looked around and my eyes fell on Smick's bloody body. Thomas was wailing his head off. Sloan in cold blood sliced Thomas' throat open.

"You make too much noise!" She said coldly.

I stood there for a sec unable to conprehend what had happen even though I knew there would be no saving him or Smick. My alliance, my brothers in arms. Some kind of feeling that started warm in my gut krept up my body growing hotter till it reach my head filled my body. With out thinking I threw myself at Sloan. I took her off guard knocking her to the floor. I grabbed her head and started banging her against the floor as hard as I could. As any true Career, Sloan fought back, cutting my arms open and slicing my chest but I didn't care. I couldn't feel anything. She kicked me in the jaw, the force threw me back for a sec. Behind me I was aware of some screams but I could only focus on what was in front of me. Sloan started to craw away from be and somehow got to her feet. Although I was a lot bigger than her and probbaly stronger, I didn't stand a chance against her fighting skill. She came at me with her little knives out or whatever they were. I threw my arm up that was covered by the guantlet just in time to block Sloan's knive. The gauntlet cracked and sharder a little bit flying into Sloan's eyes. I picked her up with her kicking and beating on me. Letting out a loud cry I threw Sloan off the platform. There was a small scream and a loud thump sound followed by a crack. Everything started to move in slow-motion after that as I realized what I did. I just killed someone. I stood there with a stupid look on my face as everyone behind me were slauthered. Finally I turned towards Smick and Thomas who died beside each other. I started to stumble over to them in a daze as Graig came charging at me with the look of a devil. I had no time to move as he came at me with full force, but then the sound of a door opening and I was pulled away from him. Everything flashed bright purple and I found myself on the floor in a dark room. The hell just happen? Snotbubble climbed on top of me drooling all over my head.

"Lutin Snotbubble Blackberry!" I heard the fimiliar sound of Kine's voice. "What did you just do?!"

I turned with Snotbubble clinging to my head to see that crazy scientist. Behind him was a wall of different screens that showed the Arena in different angles. "Snotbubble," Kine said in a softer voice that I never heard him use before. "Why did you teleport Aiden head out of the Arena?"

"I didn't want him to die," Snotbubble said.

"But this is a Hungry Game, he's supposed to die."

"But Daddy I love him!" Snotbubble cried wrapping his arms around me.


Kine signed and thought for a second before speaking. "Fine you can keep him. Craig was going to kill him anyways. He can be your nanny!"

"But Kine," the scientist named Young spoke up. "We aren't supposed to save anyone in the..."

"It doesn't matter," Kine cut her off. "He was removed from the Arena, there for he can not effect the events that take place within the Arena. The dead can not effect the events that go on in the Arena... besides my Revivies. So it's as if he is dead."

"My guantlet! What did you do to it?!" The other scientist named Goerge pulled my arma way from him as Snotbubble snuggled up to me.

"Awe it's over..." Kine moped. "I missed it! Awe now we have to have another Gunger Hames so we can do it again..."

I stil wasn't sure what was going on. Gunger Hames?

Craig Albert Corios of District 9

The finale was here! I was waiting for this since this whole thing started! I never felt so alive as everyone else were dying! Rowan had layed claim to Jake and Xavier was going mental on Noami so I went for little Skye. She and her ally Reeba were stopped by the Revived kids who had circled around us, herding us like little sheep. I kicked Reeba out of the way because she was in the way. Skye screamed as I took her by the head and forced my knife into her back. This was more fun that rolling around in the wheat fields' crop circle that sometimes appeared. Reeba punched me but I think it did more damage to her than to me. I turned slowly and gave her a grin. However that grin slowly left me face. I dropped Skye and ran over to my Conner trampling over Reeba. He was bleeding from a wound in his side.

"My Conner who did this to you?!"

He did say anything as his body went limped and his eyes rolled back in his head.

"Conner! Don't leave me!" As I was begging Conner to not leave me I became aware of some strange feeling I didn't know existed, or that I was capable of feeling. Other people cried, other people cared about others, other people loved. I didn't do that. Not to my parents or to anyone.

I stood up. There was nothing I could do for Conner. I only knew how to kill, not save. The sounds of someone wailing triggered a rage in me. I turned to the closest person next to me which so happen to be Quinoa and I stabbed her right in the eye before pulling out my pocket knife. Lakota stabbed me several times, but I didn't feel it. I elbowed her off me before finishing off Quinoa. He body fell to the floor. I then turned on Lakota and began kicking and stomping on her head and body till she stopped moving. I looked over and saw that Rowan had killed Jake finally but he had taken a fatal stab to the chest. Nothing I could do for him like I couldn't do for Conner. Xavier had killed Noami, but he had taken a pickaxe to the head from Frankie, totally forgot about him. My whole alliance was dead now. Oh there was hell to pay! I didn't care much about Rowan and Xavier, people had to die so someone could win this, but my Conner didn't need to die!

I grabbed Frankie, he was strong and managed to break free some me. I heard a scream some Sloan but I didn't care. Frankie tried to retreavehis pickaxe from Xavier, but the sight of the dead body freaked him out. The Revive Tributes were drawing closer to us, shrinking the circle around us. Frankie grabbed one of Xavier's knives and threw it at me. I didn't bother to move and let it hit my shoulder before walking towards him. Panicing Frankie reached down, putting his foot on Xavier's backa nd pulled the pickaxe out of his head. He swung the pickaxe are me and it slid across my chest. He swung again but this time I caught the pickaxe and pulled it away from him. He backed up to the edge of the platform. He looked at me then looked down before looking at me again. Then he jumped off.

I heard a splash and peered over the egde. It seemed the Arena had flooded a little. The male Revived Tribute from 4 was down there. He had been mutated into a shark like humaniod. Damn Kine. Frankie's blood stained the water and the guy named Pirate swam over to him. There was a splash and a water horse appeared from under Frankie kicking it's legs out driving Pirate away. Then the horse and Frankie went under water and didn't come back up again. Whatever... I looked over and saw a blood stain around Sloan's body, she had landed on one of the walk ways that hadn't flooded. If she only landed two more feet to the right she would have landed in the water. I turned my head and saw that guy from District 3 walking in a daze. I became irritated that one was still alive. I charged at him, he looked at me with a stupid depressed look on his face. I was almost to him when behind him a black and purple whole in space opened. I skid to a stop as arms reached out and grabbed Aiden from behind. Snotbubble pulled Aiden into the blackness and disappeared. It shrunk and closed before disappearing. Well that was that then. I turned and looked around

The Revived Tributes had broken away from their circle and were tearing into the dead bodies. I walked over to Conner's body and kicked the Revive Tribute from 12 off of him. They would eat the others I didn't give a crap about them. I collapsed, my body was finally aware of the damage I had taken. I was bleed uncontrolably and my vision was fading. My legs stopped working properly, so I had to pull myself forward to Conner till I was laying half way on top of him like how we used to sleep. He was my pillow. I rested my head on his head. There was nothing this time. I tapped my fingers on his chest as it that would kick start his heart again. I felt my throat tighten and my eyes became watery blurrying my vision even more. Some how I was able to make out movement beyond me. It was Reeba. She wasn't mine to kill. Xavier was supposed to kill her and I couldn't take that from him. I lifted the pocket knife Kine had given me and slice my throat with it. I wasn't going to leave Conner.

Reeba Alyce Graver of District 8

"And we have a winner!" A loud booming voice thundered across the Arena.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when someone from behind me grabbed me and picked me up. It was that guy from that room I and Frankie went into.

"Bass up, through the top, I like the beat, get ready to rock. Supadupafly!" He began to sing as hespun me around.

I hears the sound of some doors opening and the clean up crew walked around of them. The began to drive the Revive Tributes off of the dead tributes by socking them with poles. The guy put me down and I stumbled away from him dizzy. I ran into Kine and he took me by the arms and started jumping around excitedly.

"You won, you won! I can't believe you won! Everyone else is dead! This is so Sunshine Smiles and Rainbow Dust!" Kine swung me around without much effort on his part before he brought me back for a hug. He crushed me but I don't think he meant to do that. "I'm so happy you won! Wanna know why? Because you're absolutely useless!" What a thing to say to the Victor...

"You can do anything! Beside make clothes and stuff. No I don't want you. If you had died, I probably wouldn't have bothered to bring you back to life... Put him over there." Kine said to one of he clean up crew. "Oh maybe I would have made you a spider hybrid so you can spin a wed and make clothes or something stupid like that. No I'm so happy everyone else died and you lived. They're all mine now, he-he..."

Kine finally let got of me and I fell over.

"Now we have to get you ready for the interview because for somereason the Capitol likes to interview the victor after they watched all their friends and enemies die in cold blood. You'll need therapy for years! Oh you father comitted suicide by the way."

I was taken from the Arena to a cleaning room. Ernesto rushed in and hugged me for a long time. He got me ready for what would happen after the Hunger Games. I don't think the Capitol was too happy I was the one who won. Kine commented that I "Foxfaced It" which became attached to me on all the articles. When I went home, there was no one waiting for me, the District was over oyed they had a Victor finally but I had no family. My father had killed himself after I was reapped which no one told me about. I moved to the Victor's Village. Life was very different after, but it wasn't totally better for a long time. The Victor's Tour came and went, Kine took me to his lab to so me what he had done with the other tributes that were in the Arena with me. Xavier definently remembered me. I was surpised to see that Aiden was still alive and well as well as Frankie who drowned by Snotbubble revived him by giving me mouth to mouth. Aiden was tasked with caring for Snotbubble while Frankie was in charge of the mutant horses that were to be feathered in future "Gunger Hames" Kine called them.

After the Victor's Tour, life didn't change much other than I wasn't beaten to a palp and I was no longer starving. By the following Hunger Games, everyone had forgotten about me. I mentored many tributes after that, but only two were Victorious. It wasn't till I was in my thirthies when I finally met a man and got married. After that life finally took a turn for the better for me. 80 years later...

It was a warm spring day, the air was clear and the sun was out. Kine had really cleaned up the District. It irritated him about how polluted it had been. I was sitting outside my house on the swing under the porch. My vision had gone many years ago but I could hear my grandchildren playing no too far off. A glass of my daughter's ice tea sat on the table net to me with a vane of flowers my son's children had brought me. I was now the oldest person in District 8 at the age of 95. I no longer had to mentor tributes... One of my grandchildren was reaped this year and had died inthe Hunger Games...

I heard the wooden planks that made up the stairs creak and I became aware that there was someone standing beside me.

"It's time Reeba." I fimiliar voice said but I couldn't recall where I heard it.

"I'm sorry I don't think I know you, child..." I responded with. "Maybe see my daughter. She will be more hepful than me."

"I think you know me. You've always be mine."

"Oh I remember now."

"It's been a long time. We would love to have you with us. So we can all be togather again." He said softly.

I turned my clouded gaze to the sound of my grandchildren playing in the grass.

"Don't worry about them. They will be fine."

I nodded. "I'll go with you. I was always you'reafter all." I said as I closed my eyes for the last time. "I'm ready Xavier."

We Rowan and I didn't really care too much about Conner. Plus we knocked off our biggest threat off our list. The Careers were in for it as well as anyone else that stood in our way. We settled into our new Alliance, Conner kept closed to Craige and I noticed he had a lot of bandages on his arms and face.

Careerers are located in the Church. Jake found a 5 throwing knives and some bottle water(3). Noami managed to find a mechete. Noami had Sandy's tridend. Sloan has a knife, 5 stilettos, has a full backpack that containds water, dried fruits and nuts, a sleeping bag and rope. The Careers are low on food and have used up their limited medicine reserves and need more.

Those Other Guys are still in the Clock Tower. They have no food now and only knives a weapons. Telva has a backpack, 2 bottles of soda, a water contain that is empty, a knife and a bow and arrow(10). Slyder has a sleepbag and a blanket, rope and a hunting knife. She has Cecil's crossbow(10).

Selene's Harmen remaining three members have regrouped in one of the buildings. Aiden a hunting knife and George's gualtlet (Which is like a phone/computer/teleporter shapes like a metal glove). Smick has a backpack with a water container, some bandages, rope and a small hunting knife and an axe. Thomas has a backpack, a sleeping bag, boots, a water container that actually had water in it and a sword. They are low on food and water.

Little Amazons are still inside the Amusement Park. Lakota has dagger and Paola's bat. Grace has a sword and a staff. She also has a sleeping bag. Quinoa has a first aid kit, some rope and throwing knives(5). They have no food.

76 are in South Park. Asper has a backpack that contain a sleeping bag, and had a hunting knife. Selena found some rope, a water container. She had a small hammer as her weapon and some wire. They have no food and are running low on water.

Lones are scathered through the Arena. Rowan and Xavier have allied and are staying in the building outside of the Amusement Park. Rowan has a backpack filled with rope, 5 knives, a water bottle and the Fire Axe. Xavier has a sleep bag, wire, and a mechete. Skye and Reeba have allied. Reeba has a backpack, a sowing kit, some wire, dried fruit and meat and a water container. Skye has a sidepack that contained some rope, water, a hunting knife, a pocket spy glass, some bread and a jar of jellybeans. Frankie has a pickaxe, a blanket and a first aid kit. Frankie is dying and needs medicine badly. Craig and Conner are together. Conner has a wooden axe, a sleeping bag, a pair boots, some medicine and bandages to help him survive Craig's cutting habit. Craig has 3 throwing knives, a cloak, some wire, water, some bags of food and some medicine.