Orinoco Sundance is the Male Tribute for District 4 in the 101st Hunger Games.

Orinoco Sundance
Gender Male
Age 13
Basic Info
Alliance(s) Careers: Nora Press


Orinoco's history is a mystry. He hails from a town in District 4 called Riverwood but moved away for an unknown reason and started living by himself in the Lighthouse. Most people avoid him because of his pale skin and silvery white hair. Orinoco is an albino. He made a living working at the lighthouse keeping it lit at night and turing it off in the day. He hardly ever came into the town, only to buy supplies, and mostly gathered his own food. The only time anyone really ever saw him was at reapings because he wasn't enrolled at the school. People could hear him coming by the bell he wears around his neck. Whenever Orinoco is around, bad luck seems to follow him. All that is known about Orinoco is that he has a younger brother named Karim that he talks about a lot and sometimes visits him.


Name: Orinoco Sundance

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): Slingshot and wooden spear

Strengths: Oricoco knows a lot about animals and plants and he can see things others can't.

Weakness: Orinoco is small, shy and seems to have the case of bad luck

Token: Bell he wears around his neck


  • Orinoco is named after a meerkat born in the Whiskers. He was born in a litter of five, two of his litter-mates were Sundance who played Blossom on Meerkat Manor and Alonzo Mourning.
  • Orinoco the meerkat's ID Code was 101 and he was named after a river.