Nightshade Silverstar is District 1 Female Tribute for The 101st Hunger Games.

Nightshade Silverstar
Gender Female
Age 17
Basic Info
Alliance(s) Careers


Nightshade was born in District 1 along with her identical twin sister, Aconite. Her and her sister where inseperable and trained for the Hunger Games togather. Her sister Aconite gave Nightshade the nickname Shay and Nightshade nicknamed her sister Ace. Nightshade always wore pink and Aconite always wore blue so people coule tell them apart. They both did well with traininf an became skilled in various weapons. When they where 15, Aconite volenteered as tribute. Nightshade was confident that her twin would return but on the sixth day, Aconite killed the other tribute from District 1, dying in the process. Nightshade was devistated by the lost of her twin sister. Not long after two drunken teens who had wanted the District 1 boy to win killed Nightshade's mother. Nightshade and her father moved away. From then on Nightshade started to do poorly in school and training.

Hunger GamesEdit

Nightshade was reaped for the 101st Hunger Games. She believed with was faith and volunteered for herself so n


o one would have the chance. She didn't want to kill anyone, but she planed joining the Career group anyways to better her odds of survival. She believed she could please her sister and mother.


Name: Nightshade

Age: 17

Weapon(s): poison throwing knifes

Appearance: Dark skin, black eyes, black hair died pink at the ends, pink heart tattoos on her face, average size

Personality: Helpful, friendly, isn't quite sure about death, different from the careers.

Strengths: Plant identifying, combat, has a good eye, can hunt

A juju knife made for Nightshade.

Weakness: navigation, defense, is timid

Token: a pair of gloves, one blue, one pink.


  • Nightshade's twin sister Aconite Silverstar was District 1 Female Tribute for The 99th Hunger Games.
  • Both Nighshade and her sister are named after poisonous plants.