Merlot Mohandas is District 5's Tribute Shiraz's split personality.
Merlot Lunaii



Merlot is the solfer, social and sane side of Shiraz, as if she was her twin. Merlot enjoys music, art and animals. Merlot's favorite color is purple. Merlot keeps Shiraz in check and advices her on what she should do. Merlot's calm and thoughtful personality allows her to put herself in the foots of another. She doesn't like to do harm to others and rather avoid fights. She prefers to sovle her problem with works and thought than with brute force or violance. Merlot is good with making traps, and figuring out stratagies for Shiraz.  Later Merlot and Shiraz were sent to Equestria along with Nabby and Kodiak, she was transformed into an Earth Pony.


  • Merlot was named after a female meerkat in the Frisky, whom was Shiraz's sister. Merlot's last name come from another female meerkat from the Godzilla Mob, named Mohandas.


Shiraz Mohandas