Marxxs McGee is the Escort for District 13.
Marxxs McGee Lunaii

Marxxs McGee


Marxxs is the brother to Enili McGee who won the 121st Hunger Games. Although he works as District 13 escort, he is not from the Capitol or District 13. He hails from District 7 and became an Escort after his sister became a Victor. He is odd, quiet and mysterious in a rather nonconforming way. He is also straight forward and blunt about topics. Marxxs has the habit of pointing out the negative things in life, however he will also see the silver lining. District 13 seems to find him odd and his Tributes he reaps find him even odder to work with. He is referred to as the "Reaper" by the local kids when ever they see him, because of his choice outfits and how he comes to take the children away. Marxxs actually spends part of the year living in District 13, on his vacation, because he doesn't enjoy the Capitol. However as an Escort he is required to live in the Capitol. None the less Marxxs seems to enjoy freaking people out, even though he won't show it often.


  • Marxxs is named after a male meerkat from the Whiskers. His last name come from the meerkat's older sister McGee.
  • Like all the Escorts for the Revive the Dead Games, Marxxs was named after a still living meerkat, however his sister McGee had disappared.