Lutin Blackberry commonly known as Snotbubble is a member of the DeathTone Organization.
Snottbubble Lunaii



Lutin has neon green hair, green eyes and mosly wears purple. Lutin constandly drools green liquid from his mouth and nose which gives him his nickname Snotbubble. He is imcrediblly intelligent but he is also a little insane and spastic. Snotbubble likes to take things apart to see how they work, even things that do not belong to him. He has the habit of taking things that are not his and has a collection of random stuff in his room. Snotbubble was experimented on, with a similar method that Dante went through, so they have similar abilities. Snotbubble and Dante were the only ones to survive the experiments. Lutin enjoys music, especially tencho.

Snotbubble is Kine's son, however, he refers to Kine by his name. Their relationship is different from most parent and offspring but never the less is an affectionate one. Kine allows Snotbubble to do whatever he wants basically which allows Snotbubble to get away with a lot of things he does. The other scientists may restain from punishing Snotbubble but they do show their dislike for his habit of getting into trouble. Both Kine and Snotbubble show their affection in their own ways. Snotbubble lives mostly on District 14 but during the early events of the Hunger Games, Snotbubbls moves to the Captiol with Kine and the other scientists.

Hunger GamesEdit

Despite his unstable nature, Snotbubble helps work on the Hunger Games. He helps set up the technical work for the Arena. He also sometimes helps with revival of tributes and experimenting on them.


  • Lutin is named aftertwo meerkats, a male born in the Pandora Mob and a male born in the Whiskers.