Kovu Machungwa Moorland is the main and narating character of The boy who escaped. He is the first-born child in the Moorland family, having siblings Awzuh, Khleo, Av and Tavor.


Kovu has dark, carmel colored skin like his dad and black hair. His eyes are a dark green. He has a bony, small build and is sly and can sneak around easily. He is overworking, protective, and antisocial.


Kovu was born into a poor, district 10 family who worked on a farm owned by a woman named Mrs. Omritte so they could live there. Tragicly, his mother died in childbirth with his younger brother Aviv when he was 4. His father ran away out of the district afterwards, and his uncle Frankie moved in with them, even though he was only 12 at the time. He taught him how to ride horses and work on the farm. Six years later, Frankie was reaped into a special Games called Revive the Dead Games. Thus, Kovu took over the family. 


  • Kovu's first name was derived from the main lion in "Lion King 2" named Kovu also. His middle name means orange in Swahili.