Kodiak Flasheart is the male tribute for District 4 in the Super Games.
Kodiak Flasheart

Kodiak's lunaii


Kodiak is different from most District 4 people. First off he is very quiet, he hardly talks but when he does it is usually few but very important words. Kodiak comes off as being very intimiating towards other people, so most people expect him to be a very scary person. However Kodiak is not and is far more nicer than most people from his District. Kodiak has a good scene of morals and has a soft spot for those weaker than himself. His origins are unknown because he was found one day by fishermen out at sea on clinging to a peice of drift wood and adopted by the family in District 4. Kodiak likes thunderstorms for some reason. Kodiak has long jet black hair and blue eyes. Kodiak is very tall and muscular as most people fo District 4 are, he looks a lot older than he really is. Kodiak has a lot of piercings.

The Super GamesEdit

Kodiak was reapped into the Super Games and given the power of Electrocution. He secretly planned on forming an Alliance with other people to kill off the Careers. Then join Careers but lure them into trap with his Secret Alliance and kill Careers.

Kodiak joined the Careers but secretly unknown to them, he formed an alliance with Kronice Hays from District 3, both tributes from District 6 Daniella Permanganese and Hadix Maven, the girl from District 7 Mia Wintery, Brick Hein from District 9 and Lutrius Sommerville from District 10. Sadly only two of his alliance survived, Kronice and Mia. Later Kodiak's District partner Megan joined the group. Kodiak was sponsored some poison which he used to kill Olivia, a member of the Careers.

Later Kodiak was sent by Aniju to go live in Equestria along with Nabby, Shiraz and Merlot, and was transformed into a Pegasus.



Kodiak's Chariot Ride outfit

Name: Kodiak Flasheart

District: 4


Gender: Male

Appearance: tall, muscular, jet black hair, piercings and blue eyes

Personality: Quiet, kind and gentle

Weapon: Scythe

Strenghts: His strenght, ability to swimand his lighten

Weaknesses: Can use lighten in water

Token: His scarf and piercings


  • Kodiak Flasheart is named after two meerkats, a male Kodiak from the Sequoia Mob and another male meerkat from the Gozilla Mob.
  • It is unknown to Kodiak but he was born on Hawaii which is outside of Panem.