Kine Blackberry in the Head Scientist and leader of the DeathTone Organization.
Kine Lunaii



Kine is a young tall slender man with black hair and blue eyes. He generally wears his white lab coat and carries a black cane around. Kine is a little odd but incredablely smart. Kine enjoys learning, anything he can, whatever interests him. He enjoys taking things apart to see how they work and putting them back together again. Kine is not from the Capitol, in fact he keeps his origins and information about him a secret veiwing it as not important for others to know. Kine is mostly calm and collective most of the time, however he will become excited when he seeings a new opportunity to learn something new and interesting. Kine doesn't mine others under him seeking out their own personal goals, as long as it does not interfer with his own.

Kine and the other main scientists originate from a planet called Ukiria. His home town was the main city Xutron. There he worked as one of the scientists but always craved more. His weird experiments were not considered acceptable on his planet so Kine left, taking a few others with him and slowly formed the DeathTones.

It is not widely know, but Lutin, also known as Snotbubble, is Kine's son. However Kine doesn't refer to Lutin as his son and Snotbubble does call Kine by any parent name, rather refering to Kine by his name. Kine none the less loves his son.


Kine founded the DeathTone Organization when he was bored and desired to seek out new knowledge which caused him to leave his home. Others later joined him growing the orginization. For the most part Kine payed for everything himself till the new president Billy took power, then she started to fund Kine's experimence. Kine started experimening on the dead tributes more for fun than anything but later discovered how to revive them with the help of Dylan and Young, and Snottbubble's metalling. He revived all the tributes for the Vengance Games but was left with a lot of Revived Tributes after the Reapings. When Kine got bored he started to experiment farther on the Revived Tributes seeing what he could do. He used gene splicing to morph some of them into mutts so they could be use in other Hunger Games. Eventually he started to give them powers base off of their natural skill and how they met their demize in the Arena.


  • Kine is named after a male meerkat who help form and was the dominant male of the Rascals Mob.
  • Kine also gets his last name from a rabbit featured in the book Watership down.