Kenia Briesmut is District 11 Female Tributes for Revive the Dead Games.
Kenia Lunaii

Kenia Briesmut


Kenia is kind, thougtful towards others and she is extremely selfless. Kenia is very sharing and considerate of other's feelings. However she is no push over, Kenia is though often brave enough to mouth off someone who deserves it and willing to defend those weaker then herself. She'll stand up to a bully bigger than herself.

Before she was Reaped Kenia had jet black hair that was curle. Her skin is dark and her eyes are brown. When she arrived at the Capitol, Ernesto dyed purple streaks in her hair to make her more appealing and dressed her in purple.


Kenia real parents died leaving her and her brother and cousin, so they went to live in the orphanage. There were three other children at this orphange and they were looked after by a mean old lady Viv'e and her kind young granddaughter Audrey. Everyone hated Viv'e and wished she would just die but loved Audrey. One day Kenia's older brother Leaf planned an escape. The saved up some money and one night Kenia, Leaf and their cousin Nulli attemped an escape from the Orphanage but Kenia and Nulli were caught. Leaf managed to escape and hired the assians to kill Viv'e. Leaf returned after Viv'e was dead and Audrey took over the Orphanage.

Hunger GamesEdit

Kenia was Reaped along with Conner Machado into the 228th Hunger Games.


Name: Kenia Briesmut

District: 11

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Weapon: Staff

Strenght: Hiding, stealth, climbing and foraging

Weakness: Kenia can't swim, not very physically strong

Token: Bracelet with a glass green stone in the shape of a bug


  • Kenia is named after a female meerkat from the Sequoia Mob. Her last name comes male a male meerkat, Kenia's younger brother Briesmut.
  • Kenia is the only Tributes, besides the missing District 9 male, to not be actually mentioned during the Reapings.