Jasper Huddleston is the Male Tribute for District 7 for The 101st Hunger Games.

Jasper Huddleston
Gender Male
Age 17
Basic Info
Alliance(s) TBA


Jasper grew up in District 7 with his sister, father, and mother. During a forest fire when he was seven, half of their neighborhood was destroyed. His parents died, and most of his friends, after which Jasper then became less talkative, and more shy. He and his sister started lvining in the woods nearby hunting and foraging for food. They've become skilled in archery, and are pretty strong.

Hunger GamesEdit

Jasper was reaped to be District 7 Male Tribute for the 101st Hunger Games. His Mentor became Cedar Chase and his uncle Steven Huddleston.


Name: Jasper Huddleston

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Strengths: Tree Climbing, Hunting

Weaknesses: Swimming, Speed

Appearance: Short coffee brown hair, Green eyes, Pale skin

Personality: Quiet, A bit shy, Not too talkative

Token: Small twig to remind him of District 7


  • Jasper is the nephew of Steven Huddleston, Victor of the 91st Hunger Games