District 13 is one of the districts of the nation of Panem and it specializes in nuclear warfare.
District 13 Seal

District 13 Seal


District 13 was once reseeded from the nation but later rejoined. Unlike most of the Districts of Panem, District 13 is slightly more free, keeping a finger on the missile button, and are treated better than the other districts since it rejoined. The District was the first to start the rebellion and later gain freedom, before going underground to hide. After the District rejoined the nation under its own pack with the Capitol, allowing this District to have more freedom and be allowed to do what they wanted, District 13 joined the Hunger Games, forcing the Capitol to join as well. The District slowly started to move above ground again once the earth had recovered from the bombings. The people have recovered from a pox epidemic and after several years regain it's infertility when the few infertile survivors had children who grew up and with then had children of their own. Most children of District 13 are well trained and very skilled in hand-to-hand fighting styles and weapons, making them sometimes Careers in the Hunger Games. District 13 has more say in the nation's politics threatening to bomb the Capitol if they don't get their own way. According to Logan, Victor of the 100th Hunger Games, the Victor Village was the first few buildings to be built above ground. District 13 also willingly joined the Hunger Games, acting much like the Careers.


  • District 13 in a way is now in charge of the nation of Panem forcing the Capitol to do what it wants at times.