The DeathTone Organization was founded by Kine and slowly took over Panem.


The DeathTone Organization was originally made up of a group of scientists that followed Kine when he left his home planet of Ukiria. Later others slowly joined the Organization as they travels around the Universe. Kine's main goal was to learn new things, so the the Organization travels from planet to planet so Kine could gather ne knowladge. Eventually the DeathTone scientists came to live on what once was Hawaii near the nation of Panem. Over time the scientists ane other inhabitance of Hawaii started to immigrate into Panem and slowly took over the goverment.

Since Kine's only goal is to learn, he allows his suborinates to seek out their own personal goals. Everyone follows Kines orders when he needs them. Kine helped the current president gain her position, something he could have had but didn't want. However Kine has just as much power as President Billy since he slowly has been making approvements in Panem with the help of the others.


  • The organization was named after the rock/alternative band named the DeathTones.
  • Scine Kine and most of the members of the Organization resemble humans, they don't mention their origins and consider it irrelivant for others to bother knowing.