Cantona is an traveler that wonders around the Nation of Panem.
Cantona Lunaii



Cantona's past is unknown as there are no records of his existance. In fact he named himself. Cantona never lived in one District, he instead travels around from District to District looking for work. Thus he became an Outskirter, a person not attached to a District is known as an Outskirter. Despite not being apart of any District Cantona however would sign up for the Hunger Games, because he was told to. He would sign up for whatever District he was currently in at the time. The Capitol left him alone, since he never caused any trouble and always showed up for Reaping. Despite not really being apart of any District, since Cantona had the ability to move, and only needed to support himself, he always had enough to eat. Whenever Cantona wouldn't be able to find any work, he would just go into the wilderness and survive by foraging for food or hunting. For some unknown reason Cantona won't stay in one District. He may stay in a District for a few days to a few months depending on how long his jobs last or whenever he feels like leaving. Along the way he made a lot of friends and sometimes shows up t a District for seasonal jobs. Since Cantona worked many odd jobs, he learned many different traits and has a tone body.

At first Cantona is a little quiet, but once someone he gets to know someone, he'll warm up to them. He is extremely friends and always wants to help, sometimes putting the needs of others before him. Cantona is a lot smarter than he lets on, but he is extremely obediant to his higher ups, unless he is in charge. Cantona can sow and make his own clothes after spending some time in District 8, however he is perfectly fine walking around with few to no clothes on at all.


Name: Cantona Yardies 

Age: 15

Gender: Male

District: None (Travels around)

Appearance: Cantona is tall and fit, his body is tone, very pale skin, pale golden hair and pale blue eyes

Strenghts: Cantona has knowladge about different things, he can hunt, forage, identify plants and animals, he can climb and swim, he can run fast, good direction and tracking

Weaknesses: Cantona has a fear of cats, Cantona has made lots of friends in the Districts, so he would be unable to kill any of the, if they are Reaped. Cantona is awkward around girls.

Token: A silver necklace with a white daisy

Hunger Games: Pending


  • Cantona was named after a meerkat from the Toyota Mob.
  • His last name comes from a mob known as the Yardies that Cantona the meerkat helped form with his brothers.