Bruno was the uncle of Sprinkle and Scythe and he competed in the 32th Games.


Bruno is more of a lover than a fighter. He is a romanic and a ladies man at heart. He thinks the women of the Capitol as nice and pretty in their own way but he really likes the girls from his own District better, staying a women who can work is stronger than one of those pretty soft women from the Capitol. Believing that District people really know the true meaning of love rather than the Capitol who just like the idea of love. Bruno isn't too smart and can become distracted by pretty wemon. He is friendly towards other males, preferriblely from the lower Districts like 11 that share some things in common with District 9. He is more willing to form an alliance with anyone and cherishes friends greatly, something that is painful in the Games.


Bruno is very muscular from working the fields all his life. He has dark hair and deep brown eyes. Bruno has a scar on his left cheek he got one day while courting a girl from his District, apparently her brother did not approve.

Hunger GamesEdit

Bruno was reaped into the 32th Games, at the age of 18. No one volunteered for him and it was how he wanted it as he could not see anyone die for him.


  • Bruno is named after a fictional meerkat like more of his creators' characters. He was from the Barbarians.
  • Bruno was the oldest of four siblings, he had one brother who was his best friend in the world and two younger twin sisters. Bruno is also the uncle of Sprinkle and Scythe.


The 32th Hunger Games