Billy Helsing is the Current President of Panem.


Billy is a cold, ruhtless woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Now that she is the President nothing will, but a few rebels here and there provide some enterantment. Billy supposes the DeathTone Orginization and allows Kine to do whatever the Hell he wants. A big fan of the Hunger Games, since Billy took charge the Hunger Games seem to have gotten stranger because she allows Kine to run them. Billy doesn't really care much about pleasing her citizens rather than pleasing herself but never the less she has managed to keep Panem stable. Billy hides a lot of secrest from the Capitol and doesn't really live in the Capitol most of the time because she is rather paranoid. The majority of the people who kept excecuted or sent to District 14 are because of her. She allows Kine to use the people of District 14 to be experimented one particular for diseases or curse Billy may need if she were to ever become sick. That is untill Kine got born with them so she allowed him to experiment on the deceased tributes.


  • Billy is named after a female meerkat from the Whiskers.
  • Although she believes she has more power than Kine, the other are probably more equals hwoever Kine has more friends who would be willing to side with him if the situation were to ever arrive.
  • Billy is Cecil's aunt, the younger sister of his mother Flo.
  • Billy was originally from District 10.