The Arena Islands is where (in District10male's stories) the arenas are built for the Hunger Games. It is located in the islands of Northern Nunavat in Canada

The arena islands are in orange.

Geography and ClimateEdit

The Capitol wanted to keep the arena's location a secret from the rest of the districts i ncase they tried to rebell, so the put the arenas in the most northern and dangerous place they had. To get there, you have to go through blistering-cold mountians, active volcanoes, and shark-mutt filled waters. Even though Nunavut is very cold,  the arena islands have special bubbles around each arena to control the temperature. If you are walking on one of the islands, you can see bubbles as far as the eye can see. THe bubbles each hold a different arena for a different temperature. 

The major islands are Baffin, Banks, Victoria, Southhampton, Melville, Elesmere, and Greenland. Devon island is "the capital" of the islands, and there is a small district-like city there for people who work on the arenas and a place for the Gamemakers to stay.


SPOILER! you have been warned....

Kovu remembers sneaking onto the plane when Aviv was kiddnapped and being put into his arena. He remembers hearing that the arena for this hunger games was on Banks Island. When he attacks the security gaurds and tries to rescue Aviv, he fails and ends up falling into the arena himself.

You were warned.


  • Devon island is the capital of the islands because a kid at District10male's school clames to "have his own island"