Arcee Lebowski is the Escort of District 9.
Arcee Lebowski Lunaii

Arcee Lebowski


Arcee is a little odd, she talks alot and spaces out. Arcee is a little hyper especially when she is nervous. She not actually being from the Capitol but like all the Escorts was chosen by Kine to be an Escort because of her spunky personality, he hoped to liven up District 9's reaping. Dresing in purple and green and coloring marks on hedr face, the Capitol don't really like how she dresses, however the President and the DeathTone Orginization love her so she was able to keep her job.


  • Arcee is named after a sister and brother from the JaXX Mob.
  • Like all the Escorts for the Revive the Dead Games, Arcee was named after a living meerkat, however her brother Lebowski had disappared.
  • Arcee's meerkat's ID Code is VJXF019, so being the only living meerkat with a 9 in her ID Code,as all other  9 ID Cdoe meerkats are gone, she became the Escort for District 9.