Alonzo is the Dristict 10 Tribute for The 90th Hunger Games.
Alonzo Mourning



Alonzo is friendly and he seems to get along well with others, however he hates bullies and people think they are better than everyone else. Alonzo has a soft spot for the weak and he has a righteous heart, causing him to protect and defend the helpless. He has a ladies man and often flirts with the pretty girls which sometimes can be his weakness. Alonzo is very strong and tall however despite his size, he is more of a thinker. He is a lot smarter then he looks. Coming from District 10, Alonzo knows a lot about animals and he quiet good with them. Alonzo has brown wavy long hair and light blue eyes.

Hunger GamesEdit

Alonzo was reaped into the 90th Hunger Games along with Amira George, a girl from his District. During training Alonzo was inujred by a poison dart however he was able to survive it and recover. Alonzo made an alliance with Aira Velinose from District 3 but sadly she died on the second day in the Arena. Alonzo lived a little longer and went to the Feast on an Island. He was unable to leave the Island and woke up in District 0.

Dead GamesEdit

Alonzo made himself right at home in District 0, living with Aria. Strangely he was unable to find Amira. Alonzo worked his way up in rank becomign a Captian of the Hell Katz and a Commander of the Traing Squads. Later on he even met and trained Lucifer. Alonzo helps Logan out on many occasions.


  • Alonzo Mourning is named after a male meerkat from the Whiskers Mob, that later joined the Aztecs mob. Alonzo Mourning had a neice named Amira, who played Rita in Meerkat Manor. Alonzo Mourning also had a sister named Flo who's ID was 90, main reason for his creator for joining the game. Alonzo Mourning's ID Codes was VWM100, thus he is from District 10 because of his 100th ID Code.
  • Alonzo has a greater immunity to poison because of his meerkat name sake.
  • Alonzo is probably one of the tallest Tributes in the 90th Hunger Games.